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200 Gaming Names For Boys And Girls You Should Use Right Now!


Looking for gaming names that fit your playing style, character, and personality traits? Check out our list of the best gaming names!

- Updated: 16th May 2023, 18:23 IST
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    How to choose a gaming name?
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    Best Gaming Names For Boys
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    Best Gaming Names For Girls
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Considering the craze of gaming in India today, you’ll find plenty of gamers playing online games. Whether it’s on their smartphone or PC, Free Fire MAX, or Valorant, everyone’s trying their hand at this vertical. However, when you’re creating your new character for an online game, you’ll find that most of the names have been taken. Moreover, when you are choosing or creating your gaming name, you have to keep your character’s personality and your overall playstyle in mind.

Since this can be quite time-consuming, we’re here to help. We’ve chosen some of the best gaming names for both boys and girls that you can use today. If nothing else, you’ll be able to take inspiration from them and create something similar for your character. Before we dive into the list of names, though, let’s take a look at how you can choose a cool new gaming name!

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How to choose a gaming name?

There are a few things that you have to bear in mind when choosing your gaming name. Here, we will have a look at some of the most essential points to consider for your character’s cool name.

  • Personality – Your game avatar or character’s gaming name should stem from your play style. If you’re playing Free Fire MAX and like to play aggressively, choose a username that reflects this. Your gaming name should give your online buddies and opponents a fair idea of who you are as a player.
  • Other games – It’s not necessary for you to choose a gaming name that’s based on the game that you’re playing. For example, you can use your personality traits when playing Valorant or Free Fire MAX when you’re creating a username on FIFA 23. This will also render the name more unique.
  • Pop Culture – Gaming is a massive part of the current line of pop culture. You’ll find plenty of movies and series reference video games and vice versa. So, if these big-budget productions can do this, why not you? Use references from anime, movies, books, and even older games when creating your username.
  • Name Generators – Nowadays, you’ll find plenty of name generators online. These are websites or apps that take very basic information from you, such as a keyword, and generate random and unique names around that specific keyword. While you may not like all that the generator provides, you may find some excellent options that you can utilise to your advantage.

Now that you have a basic idea of how to choose your gaming name, we can dive into the list of names.

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Best Gaming Names For Boys

Below, you’ll find quite a few unique gaming names for boys that you can take inspiration from. Either use them directly or add a few adjectives and numbers around the name to make it yours.

  1. Fire-Bred
  2. Titanium
  3. Hurricane
  4. Ironsides
  5. Shoot2Kill
  6. Zero
  7. Steel Forge
  8. Pursuit
  9. Steel Foil
  10. Trilemma
  11. Marling
  12. MoonMan
  13. AtomicX
  14. Mystique
  15. AnarKiss
  16. NumbLeg
  17. Nomadiction
  18. Ouster
  19. WillHunting
  20. Slyrack
  21. CatInHat
  22. Crucifery
  23. Protesian
  24. Robotik
  25. BlusterBestir
  26. BoyleTopsoil
  27. HaremHardtop
  28. HaremHarper
  29. HelpfulJohn
  30. HumanWick
  31. Johnes
  32. Johnketn
  33. JohnLatest
  34. JohnShun
  35. MoldsMollah
  36. MusicJohn
  37. NycJohn
  38. OffenseIncense
  39. PillaretPillaging
  40. PranksPrana
  41. RanksPranks
  42. ShabbyWick
  43. SickWick
  44. SicWick
  45. SurfboardJohn
  46. CrippleScripture
  47. InningsTeachings
  48. InterviewProphet
  49. KeeperProphet
  50. OProphet
  51. ProphecyProphets
  52. ProphecyTrophy
  53. Prophet
  54. Prophetal
  55. ProphetCountry
  56. ProphetExclusive
  57. ProphetHerald
  58. Prophetin
  59. ProphetJide
  60. ProphetLedger
  61. ProphetMessages
  62. Prophetri
  63. Prophetru
  64. ProphetSkillful
  65. ProphetsPropr
  66. ProphetSpunky
  67. ProprProphecy
  68. PropylProphets
  69. ScriptureMixture
  70. SoffitProphet
  71. Pelfox
  72. ImpPlant
  73. BlueLagoon
  74. Succotash
  75. Klaxxon
  76. Picaresque
  77. TechCluster
  78. AstroBoy
  79. InvasionDivide
  80. Dragontry
  81. HaelSturm
  82. Bacterigerm
  83. Megalith
  84. Maradonner
  85. ElectricEel
  86. Demonologist
  87. FrenzyMan
  88. Gigadude
  89. NarrowVictory
  90. KnuckleDust
  91. Oxonomy
  92. PrivateWolf
  93. Slaughterhaus
  94. PrincePle
  95. RingRaid
  96. Belizard
  97. Haliburton
  98. BigDip
  99. Pharos
  100. ParaEagle

Best Gaming Names For Girls

If you’re a girl or woman who’s not finding the perfect gaming name, we can help. The logic behind this remains the same. You can either use the username provided here, or take inspiration and change it slightly to suit your personality and playing style. Now, let’s check out these names!

  1. Mildewed
  2. BizzyBee
  3. Scapula
  4. SableCat
  5. RobbingHood
  6. RadishRush
  7. YeargLitch
  8. Reed Lady
  9. Candy Butcher
  10. Capital F
  11. Captain Peroxide
  12. Celtic Charger
  13. Pursuit
  14. Psycho
  15. Scoundrella
  16. Backrod
  17. OwlChick
  18. NemeanLion
  19. DriveTime
  20. MuscleMa
  21. AstraGirl
  22. Prysm
  23. Rubrick
  24. Commandame
  25. Myopia
  26. MacroMadam
  27. CrystalRage
  28. Treecher
  29. Midgeabean
  30. SaffronYellow
  31. SappySue
  32. JossStick
  33. Opally
  34. SalvoStrike
  35. WrittenWord
  36. RichterScales
  37. LlamaDrama
  38. Heliotopia
  39. TrueFate
  40. Miniscus
  41. Rogue
  42. Shadow
  43. Enigma
  44. Siren
  45. Countess
  46. Roulette
  47. Enchantress
  48. Femme Fatale
  49. Stiletto
  50. Mannequin
  51. Belladonna
  52. Tattoo
  53. Geisha
  54. Temperance
  55. Thunderbird
  56. Infinity
  57. T-Back
  58. Goddess
  59. Minx
  60. Beretta
  61. Mirage
  62. Firecracker
  63. Ultra
  64. Insomnia
  65. Vanity
  66. Ivy
  67. Antimatter
  68. Axis
  69. Abomination
  70. Altered
  71. Away
  72. Arrowhead
  73. Annihilation
  74. Axross
  75. Arceus
  76. C-minor
  77. Chord
  78. Chromium
  79. ChromeBlaster
  80. Chorus
  81. Dredd
  82. DriftManiac
  83. Drifter
  84. DarkMoon
  85. Endermen
  86. Endangered
  87. ExoticCactus
  88. Eren
  89. Estrix
  90. Emblem
  91. Fennel
  92. FrozenGod
  93. Flint
  94. Flinched
  95. Flipper
  96. Flopster
  97. Heatstroke
  98. Hintex
  99. Hexross
  100. CrosStorm

Now that you have quite a few gaming name ideas for both boys and girls, you should face little to no issues when creating your own username. Just remember that it should be unique, otherwise it won’t be accepted on the game’s servers!

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With this, we come to the end of our list. Thanks to online gaming name generators, there’s no limit to the number of names you can find for your character online. All you need to do is choose gaming names that fit the character, your playing style, and your online personality. If you have any more ideas for gaming names for boys and girls, drop them in the comment section below!

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