Garena Free Fire is played by over 150 million players. While finding a name to use in the game is difficult, we’ve brought you the best Free Fire names to use in-game. This hand-picked name shortlist from Cashify covers many untaken and unreserved name choices, to help you choose the best name, whether you are…2022-03-23 15:40:42Best Free Fire Names That You Can Reserve Today

Best Free Fire Names That You Can Reserve Today


This listicle covered comedic names like Boingboingboing, BananaFight, and MaximumRekt, and also pop culture reference names like SelenaHolic, DoomSlayerrr, OptimusStrike, and BruceWayyne. Others were more generic but iconic in their own ways like FreeFireQueen and FreeF1reBoss.

Updated: 23rd Mar 2022, 15:40 IST
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    Which are the best Free Fire Names for You?
    • DoomSlayer
    • ReaperDestroyer
    • BananaFight
    • OptimusStrike
    • RaidenxScorpion
    • RoyaleRoyal
    • Callofdutyrocks
    • SelenaHolic
    • FreeFireQueen
    • BoingBoingBoing
    • BruceWayyne
    • DEDP0OL
    • FreeF1reBoss
    • MaximumRekt
    • Krat0s
    • N3rO
    • Padavvan
    • R1ckR0ll3d
  • 2
    How to Change Nickname in Garena Free Fire
    • Here are the steps to change the nickname in Garena Free Fire:

Garena Free Fire is played by over 150 million players. While finding a name to use in the game is difficult, we’ve brought you the best Free Fire names to use in-game. This hand-picked name shortlist from Cashify covers many untaken and unreserved name choices, to help you choose the best name, whether you are creating a new account, or want to change your name to something cooler and use that name change card that you have in-game.

A gamer name is a deeply personal choice, and while there are many names based on pop culture references, likes, and iconic characters to choose from, many opt for a more individualized name containing their name or initials.

Which are the best Free Fire Names for You?

There are plenty of Gamer names that are based on existing characters, like characters from other games or movies, and generic ones that convey style and cool. All of these names can be put into any ‘fancy name generator’ online for an added layer of custom style via fonts.

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Without further ado, let’s begin our list of Free Fire Best Names:


The iconic protagonist of the DOOM series, the Doomslayer is a classic FPS fan favourite that kicks back in the latest Doom Eternal series instalment. You will have to do with 3 “rrr”s at the end, as most other alternatives to this iconic name are already in use on Freefire as of today!


Taken from the Grim Reaper, and also found in the giant Reaper Destroyers from the Mass Effect series (a must-play), this name is a modern classic that is just waiting for you to reserve it for your FreeFire character.


If you want a wacky name that stands out, or just like bananas, pick this one. Alternatively, you could go with BananaThrower or BananaLauncher. All of these names have not been taken at the time of writing this article.


Transformers? Big red, blue, and metallic robot? The celebrated Optimus Prime. Let your game identity reflect your love of the Autobots with this iconic name.


Two characters featured in the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal trailer, they are two-decades-old fighting game fan favourites. Assert your melee dominance and love of fighting with this classic reference name.


Are you a self-proclaimed King of the Battle Royale? This may be the Best Free Fire name for you! Share your love of the game mode and look royal with this untaken nametag.

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Griffyndor, Griffyndor! One switched alphabet, and a timeless Harry Potter reference can be your Best Free Fire Name Gamertag.


Seriously, it does. If you like FreeFire, you’ll love Call of Duty Mobile. If you’ve played it, you can still take this name just to show those small data-size loving FreeFire players who’s boss on their own game with this troll name.

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Steal this pop star classic and pay homage to Pit Bull and this iconic phrase with this unreserved name. Note that the 0 is Zero, as the other one was obviously taken, given PitBull’s popularity.


Can’t get enough of Selena Gomez? Grab this name and assert your fan dominance. Alternatively, you could add “holic” to just about any celeb name to make a fan FreeFire Name.


For the lady who grabs this unique unreserved name first, it is hers to keep.

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Another wacky name to make your own in FreeFire. Something simple and random might be the Best Free Fire Name for those of you who like the random humour.


Batman fan? This iconic untaken Free Fire name will make you and other players read Bruce Wayne in their heads with a little extra swag.


Inspired by Deadpool, this specific name is in use by tons of players in Freefire, but this clean variant with DED and P (Zero) OL is still up for grabs.


Assert your dominance with this unreserved boss level name.

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If you’re from the gamer generation that used to say “Get rekt, noob”, you would have chuckled by now. Take this dank Freefire username and become a living meme, before someone danker than you comes along.


Taken from the epic game that is God of War, this name will strike fear into the hearts of your online opponents. Kratos is absolutely brutal in the games – just how you should be when you’re playing Garena Free Fire.

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If you’ve played the Devil May Cry series, you’ll be well aware of Nero. The demon hunter is one of the most powerful protagonists in the gaming franchise. While you can’t bring in the Devil Trigger to finish off your opponents here, you can bring in the same “devil-may-care”, nonchalant attitude. In our opinion, this is one of the best Free Fire names you can use.


This stylized rendition of the “padawan” title in the famous Star Wars series is great for beginners. Just like a young Luke Skywalker, you take your first steps into a massive online world and community, hoping to make your mark. May the Force be with you!

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It’s been a while but Rick Astley’s 1987 song, “Never Gonna Give You Up” is still used for trolling people online. This is a classic meme situation and you could use this name to troll people in the game. Fair disclaimer – many people don’t enjoy being Rickrolled. Maybe you could use that to your advantage!

How to Change Nickname in Garena Free Fire

When you’ve found the best Free Fire names to use in the game, all you need to do now is change your nickname in-game. But wait! It isn’t that easy. While there isn’t any limit to the amount of times you can change your nickname, each change will cost you 390 diamonds. As this currency isn’t that easy to come across, ensure that you’ve got the resources to spend.

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Here are the steps to change the nickname in Garena Free Fire:

  • Go to the in-game lobby and click on the profile banner. You’ll find this at the top-left of the screen.
  • In the next window, you’ll see your current name. Right below this name, there will be an icon for changing the name. The icon’s colour is yellow. Click on it.
  • The new window will allow you to change your nickname. Enter any of the best Free Fire names we’ve listed here. Make minor changes, if required.
  • Click on the button below the text space, after you’ve entered your new nickname.
  • Your new Free Fire name is now in use. Ensure that you do justice to it!

These were some cool and unique choices for the best Free Fire Names guaranteed to be up for grabs right now. If you can’t select any of these names, our readers have likely taken it, try one of the others! Thanks for reading, follow us for more gaming articles!

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Highlights of the Story

  • A fresh, hand-picked list by Cashify that helps you choose the best name for FreeFire, whether you are creating a new account, or want to change your name to something cooler and use that name change card that you have stored in-game.
  • A cool name may be essential to you if you are looking forward to ranked tournaments and eSports with Garena Free Fire, and you now have more cool name ideas than you had before with this article.

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