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Top 10 Best Google Gemini Prompt You Should Try Right Now!


Google’s Gemini succeeds Bard in its quest to take on ChatGPT and the crown for the best AI tool. Here are 10 of the best Gemini prompts out there that you should try in order to fully utilise the LLM based chatbot.

- Updated: 30th Mar 2024, 16:16 IST
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    Top 10 Google Gemini Prompts You Should Try!
    • What is Google Gemini?
    • 1. Translation Techniques!
    • 2. Image Generation
    • 3. Deciphering Images: Complexities Away
    • 4. Coders Galore “AI Coding!”
    • 5. Summarising Videos: Boring Lectures, No More!
    • 6. Analysis Tasks Made Easier, with Gemini
    • 7. Get Those Boring Emails Out of the Way with Gemini!
    • 8. Researcher Gemini!
    • 9. Stories by Google
    • 10. Writing Research Papers

OpenAI’s GPT-4 is a Large Language Model that takes both text and images as input and generates text outputs. Some of the powerful AI platforms like ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Copilot are being powered by this model. However, a new contender has emerged recently, and this one is from Google and is gaining traction.

Launched in February 2024, Google Gemini has quickly generated buzz within the AI community. Here in this article, we discuss Google Gemini, how it works and explore its capabilities. We also list some of the best Google Gemin prompts that you should try.

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Top 10 Google Gemini Prompts You Should Try!

Before we start with Google Gemini Prompts, let’s first understand what Google Gemini is.

What is Google Gemini?

Gemini is Google’s Generative AI large language model (LLM). LLMs are the backbone of many AI tools you encounter online. For instance, ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI’s premium chatbot, is powered by GPT-4.

But Gemini goes beyond being just a model which is deeply integrated into all Google services such as Gmail, Docs, Search and more. Gemini is a suite of apps, services and Generative AI models. It’s also the successor to Google’s previous chatbot, Bard. Google has streamlined its approach by unifying the underlying technology and chatbot interface under the “Gemini” brand name.

The method for interacting with Gemini depends on the specific version and how it’s integrated into different products. You can visit the Gemini website or opt for the dedicated Gemini App for Android devices. Alternatively, you can even replace Google Assistant with Gemini on your Android phone. For Apple devices, access Gemini functionalities through the Google app.

Gemini in theory can perform a bunch of multimodal model taska such as interacting with text and images. Similar to ChatGPT you can interact with Gemini using prompts and here are some interesting and useful prompts that can be used to interact with Gemini.

1. Translation Techniques!

Google Gemini Prompt to translate text

Google Translate, despite being quite popular, but the downside being it can sometimes fail to undestand the context.

Google’s new AI model, Gemini, aims to address these limitations. Trained on vast amounts of text data across languages, Gemini understands context and nuance. Technical papers suggest it even outperforms Google Translate in standardised tests. So, next time you face a complex language translation, like translating any text or signs in a different language, consider giving Gemini a try.

Google Gemini Prompt: Translate the following text to English

2. Image Generation

generate images using google gemini

Google’s Gemini offers a unique feature that allows you to generate AI-powered art. While the technology is still under development, it excels at creating fantastical and artistic visuals. This makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to explore their creative side. Plus these images are somewhat replacement to stock images that can be useful for content creators or content writers like us.

Compared to other AI image generators that often require a paid subscription, Gemini presents a convenient and free alternative. To unleash your inner artist, simply craft a Google Gemini prompt starting:

“Create an image of…” followed by a detailed description of your desired artwork. 

The more specific and detailed your description, the higher the chance of generating an image that aligns with your vision.

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3. Deciphering Images: Complexities Away

Ever find yourself captivated by abstract art, yet unsure of its deeper meaning? Or found an image online and can’t understand the context of that image? These are some scenarios where Google’s Gemini has proven itself a valuable tool.

Gemini’s power lies in its multimodal language model. Unlike traditional language models, Gemini can interpret not just text, but also visual content like images and videos. This sets it apart from most competitors, with only OpenAI’s GPT-4 offering similar reverse image search like functionality. This capability locked behind a paywall in their ChatGPT Plus service. Thankfully, Gemini offers its image upload features to both free and paid-tier users.

Unlocking this functionality is simple. Within the chatbox, click the “Upload Picture” icon to attach an image into your prompt. Once uploaded, ask a follow-up question for Gemini, such as “What is the artist trying to convey in this piece?” or “Offer suggestions for redecorating this space without purchasing new furniture.”

With Gemini interpreting the images alongside your text, it can provide insightful interpretations of any image or abstract art and generate design recommendations.

4. Coders Galore “AI Coding!”

Google has made significant improvements with Gemini’s ability to handle code. A recent update allows Gemini Advanced subscription to directly run Python code within the user interface. This powerful feature streamlines the coding process. And users can ask Gemini for assistance and experiment with the code and see the changes in real time. Users can use advanced coding capabilities to generate code templates and troubleshoot errors in code.

The new update that allows Edit and Run code on the go allows coders/developers to code directly within the chatbot. This is an interesting feature that allows students to learn with a guided assistance. And provides a better user interdace for developers to debug code and make changes before pushing the code into production.

Google Gemini Prompt: I’m getting this error in my Android Studio project: [insert error message]. Here’s the relevant code section: [insert code]. Can you help me debug this issue and suggest a fix?

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5. Summarising Videos: Boring Lectures, No More!

summarize videos using Google Gemini

For those who prefer the reading text over watching a lengthy video, Google’s Gemini offers a valuable tool to transform video to text. If Encountering a lengthy video online? Simply copy the URL and paste it into a new Gemini prompt. You can then request the chatbot to summarize the content. This comes in handy if you encounter a podcast that is hours long and you can ask Gemini to summarize the content for you.

This functionality extends beyond summaries. Let’s say you’ve already watched a video but need to revisit a specific section of the video. You can craft a question based on the video’s content, and Gemini will make use of the available transcript (either auto-generated or user-uploaded) to answer your query. 

Google Gemini Prompt: Can you summarize this YouTube video for me {Paste Youtube Video Link}

Fortunately, most English-language YouTube content features captions which can be wither auto-generated to uploaded by the uploader. So, the next time you encounter a long video, consider asking Gemini to transform it into a summarize text.

6. Analysis Tasks Made Easier, with Gemini

Large Language Models (LLMs) excel at transforming complex information into readily understandable pieces. However, Google’s Gemini takes this a step further by fostering a conversational approach, making the information not just understandable but clear and easy to apply. It even delves deeper, uncovering analysis and insights that might not be readily apparent upon initial review.

Imagine you’re a freelancer managing multiple projects and receive a lengthy client report demanding an action plan. Extracting key findings swiftly becomes crucial. Gemini condences the available information and suggests plan of action in reference to the data the is being fed. This can come in handy to get intelligent analysis and you can even regenerate the analysis to get different perspective on every promopt. In essence, Gemini acts as your intelligent business partner, helping you navigate complex information and extract actionable strategies.

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7. Get Those Boring Emails Out of the Way with Gemini!

Most freshers face difficulty in crafting a professional email for their cleint or respoding to emails at work. Fortunately, Google’s Gemini excels at crafting emails that strike the perfect balance between professionalism and personality.

Imagine you’re a freelancer seeking to connect with a potential client, but composing an pitch draft is something that you are struggling with. Or you are applying for a new job and can;t get any ideas to showcase you talent. This is where Gemini comes in handy and can help you generate a professional looking email in a few seconds.

Gemini helps eliminate concerns about typos or grammatical errors. And Gemini makes sure to maintain a decent structire for the email and helps you convay in a professional way.

8. Researcher Gemini!

You can even use Gemini when it comes to researching any topic at hand, be it for your assignments in College or for more important tasks at your workplace. 

The LLM model allows for the AI tool to be an immensely useful of help when it comes to researching for any task. You can simply put in a prompt and rest as Gemini compiles data and reference articles for you to cite or refer to when it comes to the task at hand. For instance you are starting a new business in your area, you can sk Gemini to help you research the demographic, the business feasibility and other aspects.

9. Stories by Google

Google Gemini Prompt to create stories

Wondering what to do on a Sunday night? Want to lay down and read a book but don’t have one on you? You can ask Gemini to frame a story, and it will do its best to provide you with a good read. You can set the prompt for a specific theme or purpose and, with greater detail it is more likely that the story ends up being better.

10. Writing Research Papers

Are you a student burdened by the tasks of weekly submissions or analysing research papers? To tackle this, Gemini can help you write a research paper and also help you with drafting submissions.

Now, it is not perfect and you may need to make some edits, but, it is an invaluable tool to reduce loads off of the minds of students overburdened by their tasks.

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