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Slash Your Bills With These Best Dining Apps


Here are some of the best dining apps that you can use to book your table and avail offers to slash your bills with discounts & rewards. Eazydiner and Swiggy Dineout are the top apps for dining out.

- Updated: 21st Mar 2024, 03:38 IST
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    Best Dining Apps To Slash Your Bills
    • 1. EazyDiner
    • 2. Zomato Dining 
    • 3. Swiggy Dineout 
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Eating out has evolved into an experience in the fast-paced world of today and Dining-out apps have become essential resources in today’s culinary scene, regardless of whether you’re a food fanatic searching for new culinary experiences or just looking for affordable ways to enjoy delicious meals.

In addition to providing a wide range of dining options, these cutting-edge platforms give customers the chance to reduce costs, try out new cuisines, and improve their overall dining experience.

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What are Dining out Apps and how are they Helpful?

Dining-out apps are digital platforms that provide a range of functions to improve the dining experience, including menu access, restaurant discovery, reservation booking, food ordering, and offering discounts and specials. Through the provision of discounts, cashback, incentives, and promotions that may be applied to lower the total cost of dining, these applications are essential in assisting users in saving money when dining out. 

While dining at restaurants, customers can take advantage of numerous cost-saving techniques, collect rewards points, get cash-back incentives, and access unique bargains by utilizing these applications. Popular apps such as EazyDiner, Dineout, Zomato, and others offer chances for customers to reduce costs and save money when dining out.

Best Dining Apps To Slash Your Bills

Here we’re checking out the best apps for eating out. We’ll show you the ones that make your food more exciting and your spending less. These apps offer you money back and special deals. From cashback rewards to exclusive deals, these apps leverage technology to revolutionize the way we dine, ensuring that every meal is not only satisfying but also budget-friendly.

List of Top 3 Best Dinning Apps that can reduce the cost of your food:

1. EazyDiner

Best Dining Apps EazyDiner

If you are looking for the smartest way to dine at the top restaurants in your city, then Eazydiner is the best option you can choose. EazyDiner provides the most fun, authentic, and frictionless table booking experience. You may now reserve more than 15,000 restaurants in more than 150 cities across India with an instant confirmation that takes less than 10-20 seconds. 

Every dinner reservation you make via EazyDiner comes with an amazing offer, which might save you up to 50% on your overall price or provide you with free alcoholic beverages. The nicest thing about these incredible offers is that they are valid for the whole table—there are no membership fees or booking costs! Every time you book a table, you even get EazyPoints. You can redeem these points for a bunch of yummy rewards. You get points when you make reservations with EazyDiner and also when you write reviews for restaurants. The more points you collect, the better and more exciting the rewards you can get.

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How to book a table and make a payment?

book a table using EazyDiner

Book a table at a PayEazy-enabled restaurant with the EazyDiner App. After eating, start the app. From the home screen, select Pay Bill under the “Upcoming Booking” section. To make a payment, enter the amount of your bill and select the appropriate payment option.

To upload your bill on the app, go to the “Upload your Bill” option and follow the steps from there. Make sure that the correct bill number, restaurant name, date, hour, and amount are displayed along with the bill images. Manual entry or handwritten bills will not be accepted through this app. 

2. Zomato Dining 

Best Dining Apps Zomato

Zomato Dining is one of the best mobile applications for dining. Users can book tables directly through the app without the need to call the restaurant, ensuring instant confirmation and accurate registration of date, time, and number of guests.

It offers promotions like first-order discounts, special meal bundles, free delivery on specific days, or discounts on the entire menu to attract new customers, improve customer retention, and motivate repeat orders.

However, you do not need a membership to pay for your dining bills using Zomato. But Zomato Gold is a feature of Zomato that can help you get additional benefits such as discounts of up to 30% off your bill. Zomato Gold can also help you filter to view the restaurants where you will get an additional offer when paying dining bills on Zomato. 

Even if you are not a member of Zomato Gold, you can still pay your dining bill using Zomato and get access to bank offers and the chance to win up to 100% cashback on your bill value. Zomate Dining will also provide you with exciting Zomato Credit every time you dine and you can also use your existing Zomato credits while paying your future dining bill or food delivery orders. 

How to book a table and make a payment?

book a table using Zomato Dining

To book a table by using Zomato, you have to follow the very basic steps. Firstly, open the Zomato application on your device and turn on the location. After that, search the name of your restaurant in the search box at the top to select the restaurant. Now select the more info option given at the top right corner of the screen and click on the Book a Table option. Your table is booked! 

To pay your dining bill at partner restaurants, you can use the “pay bill” option on the restaurant page itself or scan the Zomato QR code if it’s available at the restaurant. 

So, why wait when zomato is offering you exciting discounts and rewards to enhance your dining experience? Install the app now and enjoy its amazing features of dining. 

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3. Swiggy Dineout 

Best Dining Apps Swiggy Dineout 

Swiggy’s dining out feature, known as Swiggy Dineout, allows users to book tables at restaurants and enjoy seamless dining experiences. This feature is integrated into the Swiggy app, offering users the opportunity to get discounts while paying their restaurant bills offline. It offers you different options such as partying with friends, romantic dining, and fine dining. It also customised itself according to the trend and context such as any festival or event that is going on! 

With 1500 restaurants to explore for dining out, you can also get suggestions for special discounts in specific restaurants. Swiggy’s Dineout provides you with features like near-me restaurants, book tables, top-rated, pre-book offers, popular areas, top cuisines, etc.

When you pay with Dineout Pay at the selected restaurants in your city, you may save up to 50% on food, beverages, buffets, and your entire bill. Also, keep an eye out for the Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF) each year to elevate the demand for discounts and offers.

Additionally, Swiggy has recently introduced its “Dining Vouchers” feature. These are gift coupons in the form of vouchers that customers may use to order food online and receive extra points. With Swiggy’s dining vouchers, customers may get discounts on their food orders and save money on their eating expenses. Customers can make eating more affordable and fulfilling by using these online vouchers to pay for food orders placed through the Swiggy app.

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How to book a table and make a payment?

how to book a table using Swiggy Dineout 

To book a table on Swiggy Dineout, go to the Dineout section which is at the bottom. Then select the book table option and you will add choices like Today, Tomorrow, Weekend, and All. Choose according to your preference and select the restaurant which is best for you. 

To make the payment after having the meal, go to the “Pay Bill Now” option and enter the amount that is shown on your bill. Follow the steps to make the final payment and get the discount!


In conclusion, the dining-out apps we’ve talked about aren’t just for finding good eats; they’re also your ticket to saving money and discovering tasty food. These apps help you pick where to eat, book tables, and grab special deals, all while enjoying the foods you love. Whether you’re a food lover on the hunt for exciting eats or someone who likes to save money when dining out, these apps cover all for you. They’re packed with advantages like cashback rewards, exciting points for being regular, cut-price dishes, and exclusive offers.

So, next time you’ve got a hunger for something good or are planning to eat out with your pals or family, remember these handy apps. A couple of quick clicks on your phone can cut the cost and make your meal times even better. Enjoy your food!

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