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Easy Ways To Fix WhatsApp Verification Code Problem!


No access to your chats because of the annoying WhatsApp verification code problem? In this article, we will tell you the whys and hows of this common problem so that you can get back to your chats as soon as you can. For that, please keep reading.

- Updated: 17th Jun 2024, 12:54 IST
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    Reasons For WhatsApp Verification Code Not Received
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    Here’s How To Fix WhatsApp Verification Code Problem
    • Wait for the SMS or Call:
    • Check Your Phone Number:
    • Clear WhatsApp Cache:
    • Use Wi-Fi or Mobile Data:
    • Restart Your Phone:
    • Check For System Updates:
    • Contact WhatsApp Support:
    • Check WhatsApp App Activity:
    • Check Spam Messages
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    Pro Tip: Activating WhatsApp Without Your Phone Number
  • 4
    FAQ: Answering Your Burning Questions!
    • What Should You Do If You Receive A Fake WhatsApp Verification Code?
    • How To Check If Your Phone Number Is Blocked By WhatsApp?
    • Why Can’t I Verify My Number On WhatsApp?
    • What Should I Do If WhatsApp Code Not Received?
    • Why Am I Not Getting A WhatsApp Verification Code?
    • How do I get my 6 digit code for WhatsApp?
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    Summing Up

WhatsApp has more than 500 million active users in India, but many of them have faced the WhatsApp verification code problem at least once. At times, when one needs to transition to a new phone or number, or re-installing the app, they complain about WhatsApp verification code not received. If this is bothering you as well and you are seeking a solution, this article is for you.

Not being able to open WhatsApp is frustrating, isn’t it? But worry not; in this post, we will talk about this very problem and why it occurs, and we have also provided their solution in this article. Take a ride through all the useful tips for troubleshooting now!

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Reasons For WhatsApp Verification Code Not Received

Whatsapp verification code problem message

There are a lot of reasons for the WhatsApp Verification Code not received. Let’s understand these reasons:

  • You have entered the wrong mobile number.
  • Build up WhatsApp Cache; hence, the app is not responding on time.
  • The WhatsApp team has not received your Code request. This can be because WhatsApp is down in your country.
  • You have a weak internet connection.
  • You are using an older version of WhatsApp.
  • This can also be because of downloading the app from a third-party source.
  • The problem can occur when switching from an old to a new one.
  • You are using a beta app that has some bugs.

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Here’s How To Fix WhatsApp Verification Code Problem

If you are facing a WhatsApp Verification code issue, this simple app can become the most complex one in a blink. Imagine wanting to access that important photo or video. But since you are getting this error, you won’t be able to access it until you solve the issue once and for all. Below are some of the majors you can take in an attempt to solve the problem of not receiving a WhatsApp verification code

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whatsapp verification code problem

Wait for the SMS or Call:

Sometimes, the delay in receiving the WhatsApp verification code can be due to network issues or service provider delays. Wait for some time, or request the code again via phone if the SMS option isn’t working.

Please note that you should not request too many SMS or Calls and avoid clicking multiple times on them, as this can result in a server issue from your end.

Check Your Phone Number:

Ensure that the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account is correct. Minor typos can also lead to the problem of not receiving a WhatsApp verification code.

So, always double-check before entering your mobile number.

Clear WhatsApp Cache:

On Android, you can try clearing the WhatsApp cache.

Go to “Settings” > “Apps” > “WhatsApp” > “Storage” > “Clear Cache.”

whatsapp cache clear

This may help if the app is facing a temporary WhatsApp verification code problem.

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Use Wi-Fi or Mobile Data:

If connections are faulty, switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data may help you receive the verification code. You can also try toggling on ‘aeroplane mode’ and then back.

Once you are sure that you are now getting good internet connection, try again.

Restart Your Phone:

A simple restart can fix many issues. Power off and then power on your phone to refresh your network settings.

Check For System Updates:

Check that your operating system is up to date with the latest one, as outdated software can sometimes cause verification problems.

Also, make sure you are using the latest WhatsApp version. Always download the version from official sources like the website or Play Store. Avoid downloading apps like GBWhatsApp that can cause this problem to arise and even ban your account in future.

Contact WhatsApp Support:

If none of the above solutions work to solve the WhatsApp verification code problem, you can contact WhatsApp’s support team for assistance. You can select ‘Help‘ from the top right corner of the WhatsApp code verification page. You can also report your complaint Here.

Give all the details as requested. They will send an email confirming that they have resolved your issue. Once you receive this, you can attempt to verify the WhatsApp code again.

Check WhatsApp App Activity:

You might ask why there is a need to check WhatsApp App Activity! Sometimes, we switch to a new device and there can be chances that we receive the code in our old device where the Pause App Activity is turned ON. This can lead to your mobile pausing the app because it has been unused for a while now.

To avoid this, you can check whether the app is paused or not. If yes:

Follow these steps to OFF Pause App Activity:

  • Go to your Phone Settings.
  • Scroll down to Apps and click on it.
  • Find WhatsApp from your App list and open it.
  • The WhatsApp app info will appear on the next page.
  • Scroll down to Unused app settings.
  • Toggle ‘OFF’ the ‘Pause app activity if unused’.

After you follow these steps, you can try for re-registration by requesting the WhatsApp verification code or OTP again. This might chuck out the WhatsApp verify code problem altogether.

Check Spam Messages

Sometimes, if you are using a high-end smartphone, your device can automatically add many SMS as Spam and you may not receive it in your Primary Inbox. This can be a reason for not getting the WhatsApp Verification Code. Hence, the WhatsApp verification code problem may arise.

To solve this, you might want to check the spam folder of your SMS app.

For Android:

Messages App > Menu Icon > Spam & Blocked.

For iPhone

Message App > Filter Option > Select Junk from the Menu.

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Pro Tip: Activating WhatsApp Without Your Phone Number

I know it’s quite frustrating to try everything and still face the WhatsApp verification code problem. In that case, there’s a trick you can apply if you have tried all the other major solutions mentioned above. You can use a temporary phone number, like one from Google Voice, to activate WhatsApp without using your real phone number. 

So this is how it works: 

Create Your New Number With Google Voice

  • Download the Google Voice app from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). 
  • Sign up with your Google account.
  • Tap “Search” to find available numbers near you, or enter a city name. It will show you a bunch of made-up numbers.
  • Select and accept a phone number you want.

Remember that this is only a temporary number which you can choose to discard later once the purpose is served.

Link Your Device:

  • Tap “Next” to link your device to Google Voice and enter your real phone number to receive a verification code.
  • Verify by entering the received code.

Complete Setup:

  • Choose how to use this number that will come as a question ‘Do you want to use your Google Voice Number when calling from this device’s phone app?’. You can select ‘No’, if you are using it temporarily.
  • Tap “Next” and then “Finish” to complete the setup.

Get The Code In Google Voice Number:

  • Now, use this new Google Voice number to receive the verification code for WhatsApp. Switch to the Google Voice app once you’ve entered your Google Voice number in WhatsApp and requested the verification code.
  • Check the “Messages” section for a text message from WhatsApp with the verification code.
  • Enter this code in your WhatsApp for verification.

This method allows you to activate WhatsApp without using your personal phone number.

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FAQ: Answering Your Burning Questions!

Here are some of the most asked questions to get a clear understanding about some issues:

What Should You Do If You Receive A Fake WhatsApp Verification Code?

If you receive a fake WhatsApp verification code, avoid sharing it to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Report suspicious messages within WhatsApp, enabling two-step verification in your settings for added security. Block the sender to prevent potential phishing attempts.

How To Check If Your Phone Number Is Blocked By WhatsApp?

ALook for signs like the absence of last seen and online status, inability to view the contact’s profile picture or status changes, messages showing only one check mark, and unsuccessful call attempts. While these indicators may suggest being blocked, they aren’t absolute confirmation.

Why Can’t I Verify My Number On WhatsApp?

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the app. Please note that you should always register your own number to ensure that you can receive the code via call or SMS. Also, if there are any call-blocking or task killers, disable them.

What Should I Do If WhatsApp Code Not Received?

You can clear WhatsApp cache and restart your phone to solve the WhatsApp code not received problem. If you are still not receiving WhatsApp verification code, you should immediately contact WhatsApp Support to resolve your issue in no time.

Why Am I Not Getting A WhatsApp Verification Code?

There can be reasons for entering the wrong mobile number, facing network issues, or trying to enter the wrong code. Make sure that you have an active internet connection and double-check to enter the correct information when required.

How do I get my 6 digit code for WhatsApp?

If you have previously set up two-step verification on WhatsApp with an email address, you can also get the code on your email address. This is helpful if you are facing WhatsApp verification code problem not received on SMS or Call.

Summing Up

Dealing with the WhatsApp verification code problem can be frustrating, but the good news is that it is a common issue with readily available solutions. By following the easy fixes mentioned above, you can get back to using WhatsApp without much hassle. Always ensure that you have a reliable internet connection and that your phone number is correct, and don’t hesitate to reach out to WhatsApp support if you continue to face issues. That can be the best possible option at the end of the day.

Once you try out these solutions, you will successfully resolve the WhatsApp verification code problem. Don’t keep your special ones waiting too long for your text message!

Let me know what you think about the solutions or if you are still facing it in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you! I would also encourage my readers to share their own experiences as well regarding the problem.

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  • In this article, we have discussed the WhatsApp verification code problem in-depth, including the reasons and types.
  • Explore all the troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue easily from this article.

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