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ChatGPT vs Google Gemini: Best Free Version To Use!


Google has rebranded Bard as Gemini from Google, intending to take ChatGPT’s crown away when it comes to AI chatbots. Here’s a detailed comparison between ChatGPT vs Gemini and which one is the better bet for you.

- Updated: 30th Mar 2024, 17:29 IST
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    The Battle Of Dominance: ChatGPT vs Gemini
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    ChatGPT vs Gemini: What’s New?
    • Gemini Advanced (Google)
    • ChatGPT Plus (OpenAI)
    • Cloud Storage and Integration:
    • Structures:
    • User Experiences:
    • Why You Should Opt for Gemini?
    • Which One Should You Opt For ChatGPT vs Gemini?

Since last year we have seen a bunch of generative AI platforms that have emerged and have been part of our lives since then. The notable ones are ChatGPT by OpenAI and Google’s offering in the form of Bard.

Picking the user’s preferred platform is tough between the two and the comparison between ChatGPT vs Gemini is going to be a hard call for many reasons. In this article, we will take a closer look at both of these AI platforms, understanding their similarities and differences. Ultimately, it’s your call to decide whether you want to use any of these platforms or enjoy a specific variant of them.

The Battle Of Dominance: ChatGPT vs Gemini

Google Gemini was released just a few weeks ago and has potentially challenged ChatGPT’s dominance in the Generative AI space. Initially, Google released it under the name ‘Bard’ in 2023. Compared to ChatGPT, it was seen as a superior AI platform because Gemini is a suite of apps that integrates Google services and it also has access to Google Search registry that houses every information that we see on the internet. ChatGPT didn’t have broad access to a search engine at first. However, OpenAI noticed and gave ChatGPT access to Bing so it could improve its data set too.

Even though ChatGPT is seen as better for different language tasks compairing Chatgpt vs Gemini, Google is trying hard with Gemini. They’ve given it a new name and introduced a fancy version you can subscribe to for a price similar to ChatGPT’s. With a subscription cost for the premium version both ChatGPT Plus and Google’s Gemini Advanced are asking for $20 (Rs. 1700 approx) per month for other advanced features.

With all this being said, we shall be discussing what free features you get access to with both platforms. And if you are willing to splurge a few bucks on an AI platform, which one should you opt for? ChatGPT vs Gemini? Lets find out.

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ChatGPT vs Gemini: What’s New?


Before we begin, you need to remember that while both Gemini and ChatGPT offer free basic versions, their “Advanced” counterparts cater to specific needs for a Rs. 1700 monthly fee. For casual users, the free versions provide ample capability for tasks like asking specific questions, crafting emails and creative writing, which in my opinion is more than enough. 

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and not blindly trust chatbot outputs. These models can generate inaccurate or misleading information, highlighting the importance of responsible user verification. So its a good idea to not take any life advice from a AI platform. But the tool comes in handy to analyse research papers, write professional emails, discuss a potential business model and more.

Coming to the Premium versions of the applications, choosing between Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus depends on your specific needs. Let’s break down their offerings:

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Gemini Advanced (Google)

Price: Rs. 1950/month bundled with AI Premium plan

Core: Access to Gemini Ultra 1.0, Google’s most powerful AI model

Extras: 2TB cloud storage through Google One integration, expected future integration with Gmail and Docs, access to the upcoming Gemini Pro 1.5 (not yet available)

ChatGPT Plus (OpenAI)

chatgpt subscription plans

Price: $20/month (Rs. 1700 Approx)

Core: Access to advanced models like GPT-4 and Dall-E 3

Unique Feature: GPT Store allows building and sharing custom ChatGPT versions tailored for specific tasks. You get access to GPT-4 which is a major step up from GPT-3.5.

Other than these basic differences, here are some more noteworthy facts that are important for Chatgpt vs Gemini comparisons.

Cloud Storage and Integration:

If you need cloud storage and anticipate using Gemini with Gmai, Docs and suite of Google Apps, then Gemini Advanced offers a comprehensive package deal. On the other hand, if you prioritize having custom-built AI models for specific uses, ChatGPT Plus’s GPT Store provides this unique advantage.


While both Gemini and ChatGPT offer advanced capabilities powered by immense large language models (LLMs), it’s crucial to understand their underlying structures.

ChatGPT serves as the user interface for interacting with the actual language model, either GPT-4 (Only For ChatGPT Plus users) or GPT-3.5 (free). Similarly, Gemini (previously Bard) acts as the interface for Google’s LLM, also named Gemini (or Gemini Ultra in the paid Advanced version).

Technologically, LLM power is often measured by the number of parameters within the neural network. Reports suggest GPT-4 networks possess around a trillion parameters, while information regarding Gemini’s parameter count remains undisclosed.

User Experiences:

It’s important to distinguish Chatgpt vs Gemini intended user experiences. ChatGPT prioritizes facilitating conversations and problem-solving in a conversation-like manner, akin to interacting with a subject expert. Gemini, on the other hand, appears geared towards information processing and task automation, aiming to streamline user efforts.

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Why You Should Opt for Gemini?

Google Gemini

While Google’s AI platform, formerly known as Bard, faced criticism in the past, its renamed iteration, Gemini, demonstrates considerable progress. So let’s discuss the points that give Gemini an edge in the battle of Chatgpt vs Gemini.

1. Enhanced Performance

Gemini boasts faster response times compared to Copilot and the free version of ChatGPT, though it falls short of ChatGPT Plus in sheer speed. But if you compare the free tier of both platforms then Gemini wins the race. Additionally, its accuracy has noticeably improved, addressing issues prevalent in earlier versions.

2. Unrestricted Communication

Unlike Copilot’s limited response capacity and ChatGPT Plus’s message restrictions, Gemini facilitates extended conversations without constraints. THe GPT Plus has a word limit of 25,000 words while Gemini can process 700,000 words at once.

3. Richer User Experience

Google has integrated visual elements, image generation capabilities, and photo upload functionalities through Google Lens. This can come in handy to analyse images and get rich information about these images. Furthermore, extensions for various Google services like Workspace, YouTube, and Maps provide a more personalized and versatile experience.

4. Evolving into a Google Ecosystem Hub

Gemini is deeply integrated into the Google ecosystem of apps from Gmail, to Docs and Google search. The way Gemini works is as an extension to the existing suite of Google apps and services and works hand in hand improving the experience of these services. While ChatGPT is a standalone tool but it too features extensions that can be used to expand the functionality of the service.

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Don’t Skip ChatGPT Tho!

OpenAI’s ChatGPT garnered over 100 million users, attracting both widespread adoption. We see a ton of new users from students, employees, and content creators making their lives easy using these Generative AI tools. While its simplicity has remained consistent, the interface has seen improvements like a copy button, editing options, and easier account access.

Despite its popularity, ChatGPT, particularly the free version powered by GPT-3.5, exhibits limitations. Like other LLMs, it is susceptible to misinformation due to its training data limitations and can sometimes generate factual errors and deliver misinformed content.

For users seeking enhanced capabilities, the paid ChatGPT Plus version offers access to GPT-4, the largest LLM currently available. Trained with data up to April 2023 and internet access powered by Bing, GPT-4 boasts over 100 trillion parameters, significantly exceeding GPT-3.5’s 175 billion. This translates to improved accuracy and reduced irregularities in responses.

In conclusion, while ChatGPT offers a valuable AI tool, users should be aware of its potential for inaccuracies and consider the benefits of the upgraded GPT-4 model available through the paid Plus version.

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Which One Should You Opt For ChatGPT vs Gemini?

While both Gemini and ChatGPT have made considerable strides, neither is free from irregularities and things will improve over the coming months. Both can occasionally generate inaccurate information, and we have seen a ton of these instances.

If you’re trying to pick from the Chatgpt vs Gemini platforms, subscribing to ChatGPT Plus might be a smarter move right now. But if you are heavily tied into Google ecosystem, like using Search, Gmail, and Docs then Gemini’s deep integration with those services could be a big advantage.

However, for everyday tasks like writing, making documents, summarizing text, creating images, and researching, ChatGPT is the winner at the moment. It’s got a bigger user base and delivers detailed information with fewer limitations.

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