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Best ChatGPT Games To Enjoy In 2024


Discover the top 10 games to play using ChatGPT from classic favourites like 20 Questions and Hangman to creative challenges like Rock Paper Scissors and Chess to unleash your creativity and have endless fun with AI as your gaming companion. Let the games begin.

- Updated: 28th Dec 2023, 17:09 IST
  • 1
    Best ChatGPT Games To Enjoy
    • 1. 20 Questions
    • 2. Would You Rather
    • 3. Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • 4. Word Chain
    • 5. Hangman
    • 6. Two Truths and a Lie
    • 7. Chess
    • 8. Trivia Quiz
    • 9. Crossword Puzzles
    • 10. Infocom text adventure

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling gaming adventure with ChatGPT? As an AI-powered language model, ChatGPT offers more than just insightful conversations. It can also be your perfect partner for a wide range of interactive and engaging games. Whether you’re looking to challenge your deductive skills, engage in thoughtful discussions, or simply have fun, the possibilities are endless with ChatGPT.

Here we’ll explore the top 10 games to play using ChatGPT. From classic favourites to creative wordplay, these games will not only entertain you but also showcase the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where AI becomes your gaming companion as we unveil the best games to play using ChatGPT.

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Best ChatGPT Games To Enjoy

1. 20 Questions

20 Questions

The classic game of 20 Questions took on a whole new dimension with ChatGPT. We were genuinely impressed by its ability to ask intelligent yes-or-no questions, often leading it to accurately guess the object or concept we were thinking of within the stipulated 20 questionsa. This game truly showcased the AI’s deductive reasoning capabilities, making each round a thrilling mental exercise.

2. Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Our gaming sessions with ChatGPT got particularly interesting when we played “Would You Rather”. We presented two different scenarios and asked ChatGPT to choose one. The AI’s choices often sparked interesting discussions, prompting us to think about our own preferences too. It was a fascinating exploration of hypothetical situations that offered insights into the AI’s decision-making process.

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3. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors ChatGPT

Who would have thought that this timeless, simple game could be so fun with an AI? ChatGPT randomly picks its choice in each round, making the game unpredictable and adding a layer of excitement. Our scores were pretty evenly matched, which kept the competitive spirit alive and added to the overall thrill of the game.

4. Word Chain

Word Chain

This vocabulary-based game turned out to be a delightful way to engage with ChatGPT. We created long word chains that kept us on our toes, making the game both challenging and engaging. It was a testament to ChatGPT’s extensive vocabulary and its ability to process language rules effectively.

5. Hangman


ChatGPT proved to be a formidable opponent in Hangman, a classic word-guessing game. Its guesses were often spot-on, and it was able to decipher the word quicker than expected. The suspense of waiting for the AI’s next guess made each round a nail-biting experience. Hangman is not just a game, but an opportunity to improve your deduction and problem-solving abilities. Take on the challenge and see if you can outsmart ChatGPT in this ultimate test of wit.

6. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie

This popular icebreaker game was another interesting one to play with ChatGPT. Its knack for identifying the false statement among two truths was surprisingly accurate, leading to some entertaining moments. It was a fun way to test the AI’s logical reasoning and truth-detection capabilities. ChatGPT can participate by guessing which statement is a lie. It’s a game that offers insights into the lives of the players while providing engaging entertainment.

7. Chess

Chess ChatGPT

After investing numerous hours in this virtual duel of minds, we can confidently say that it’s an incredibly engaging and challenging endeavour to play chess with ChatGPT.

To get started, all you need to do is express your desire to play chess with ChatGPT and state your preferred colour. As simple as that, you’re ready to make your first move. But what sets this AI opponent apart is its ability to provide explanations and strategic advice as you play, making it not just a competitor, but also a teacher.

But don’t let this friendly assistance fool you. ChatGPT is a formidable adversary. From our experience, we would advise informing the AI that you’re a beginner, unless you’re ready for a merciless match. If you choose to go head-to-head without any concession. Well, all we can say is, best of luck! You’re going to need it!

8. Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz best chatgpt games

Armed with a vast knowledge base, ChatGPT turned the trivia quiz into a stimulating and educational experience. We quizzed the AI on various categories, and more often than not, it was able to provide the correct answer. This game was not only fun but also turned out to be a great learning opportunity. Challenge yourself to answer as many questions correctly as possible within a given time limit. Trivia quizzes with ChatGPT can be played individually or in teams, making it a fun and educational experience for all.

9. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles best chatgpt games

You can harness the power of artificial intelligence to craft crossword puzzles for you. While you’ll need to transcribe them onto your own paper or digital document, that’s the straightforward part. The complex task of creating the puzzles is where ChatGPT shines, accomplishing it in mere seconds.

All you need to do is initiate the process with a simple command: “Let’s play a crossword puzzle game. Can you create one for me please?”

10. Infocom text adventure

Infocom text adventure

In the early days of gaming, many games relied heavily on text-based interfaces, especially those in the adventure genre. A prime example of this is the Infocom text adventures.

These games presented players with brief narrative scenarios and asked them to type out their actions in response. For instance, you might instruct your character to “go north” or “pick up item.” Your progress through the game hinged entirely on these textual commands.


Modern AI like ChatGPT can recreate text-based adventures, offering a nostalgic gaming experience for players. While it crafts engaging narratives, its games may lack the complexity of original titles, as it doesn’t include puzzle-solving elements. Nonetheless, it allows players to revisit a part of gaming history with a modern touch. 

These games offer a wide range of challenges and entertainment for individuals or groups. With ChatGPT as your virtual companion, you can engage in exciting games that test deductive skills, provide opportunities for creative discussions, and entertain you with interactive experiences. So, gather your friends and family, dive into the world of ChatGPT games, and create memorable moments of fun and friendly competition!

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