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6 Best Gun Skins In Call of Duty: Mobile To Show Off Your Gunplay


Tired of sporting the same old gun in Call of Duty: Mobile? The best gun skins in Call of Duty: Mobile will ensure that you get to customise your loadout and get stat boosts for your weapon!

- Updated: 23rd Jun 2022, 10:51 IST
  • 1
    Type 25 Bloody Vengeance
  • 2
    MAC-10 Banana Blaster
  • 3
    Outlaw High Noon
  • 4
    AS VAL Tubular
  • 5
    Fennec Pure Fury
  • 6
    M4 Court Jester
  • 7
    The takeaway

Call of Duty: Mobile is still an immensely popular game today, despite all the competition it faces from other online shooters. It’s garnered over 250 million downloads worldwide, and there are good reasons for its popularity. One of the primary reasons is the content that the game offers to the players. These include weapons, events, characters, and exciting rewards such as gun skins. These gun skins help the player customise their loadout according to their personality and stand out from the crowd. Each gun in the game has unique skins that you can use, with some fantastic effects and stat boosts to go along with them. This article will provide you with a list of the best gun skins in Call of Duty: Mobile so that you can pick a gun skin that works best for you!

Let’s check out the gun skins below!

Type 25 Bloody Vengeance

Type 25 Bloody Vengeance best gun skins in call of duty mobile

The Type 25 is one of the best guns in the game if you’re someone who likes gunplay at close quarters. The Bloody Vengeance skin added to the gun gives the weapon a truly menacing appearance. You can acquire the gun skin through the Huntress Draw, and while it’s quite old now, current players can still be seen using the gun skin. The aggressive red and gun metal colour combination works wonders if you want to send a message to the opposition before the match has even started.

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MAC-10 Banana Blaster

MAC-10 Banana Blaster

Although you might laugh looking at the banana peel gun skin, this banana weapon skin definitely makes the gun a dangerous weapon. The MAC-10 is devastating enough as it is, especially in close-range combat. On top of this, if you add the Banana Blaster skin, it’ll be extra humiliating for your opponents to be gunned down by a banana gun. You’ll have to reach Level 50 in the Battle Pass to unlock this gun skin. Reaching the level will provide you with the gun skin automatically.

Outlaw High Noon

Outlaw High Noon best gun skins in call of duty mobile

The Outlaw itself is a difficult gun to unlock. You had to reach Tier 12 in the Battle Pass for season six. In case you’ve got this gun now, you should apply the High Noon gun skin on it. It gives the weapon an elegant finish and adds double the fun when you’re shooting the gun from long distances with the hit and kill effects. The gun skin is available with a bit of luck in the Frontier Justice Draw.

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AS VAL Tubular

AS VAL tubular

Season 3 had more of a 1980s vibe to it. Moreover, when you apply the Tubular skin to the AS VAL, you genuinely have a party scene that’s reminiscent of the 1980s. This gun skin is free if you reach Level 46 in the free Battle Pass. Don’t mind the colourful vibes the weapon skin provides to the gun. The AS VAL is still as dangerous a weapon as ever, and you shouldn’t take any player lightly if they have this gun skin. After all, reaching Level 46 of the Battle Pass requires patience and skill.

Fennec Pure Fury

Fennec Pure Fury

Out of all the gun skins listed here, the Pure Fury skin requires much more work on the player’s end. You’ll have to interact with Menendez in the Events tab and complete all the tasks he assigns you. Additionally, you’ll also have to make him feel wanted and seen by interacting with him every day. The more matches you win, the more reputation you gain with him. After a while, you’ll be able to unlock him as a temporary character. Use Menendez as your character and get 100 kills. Then, you’ll unlock the Fennec Pure Fury. The effort for the gun skin is justified if you look at how beautiful the weapon skin looks. Furthermore, the Fennec gun has excellent mobility and firing rate stats!

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M4 Court Jester

M4 Court Jester

The final entry in our list is the Court Jester for the M4. The gun skin looks absolutely mesmerising when you look at it for the first time. It’s got a chain around the barrel, molten lava for the grip and stock, and sinister, protruding blades from the rest of the ensemble. Moreover, the M4 is one of the best guns in the game. Combine all of it here, and you get a gun aesthetic that will tell your opponents not to mess with you. You can find this gun skin through the Wicked Trickster Draw. If you get the weapon skin, you’ll be one of the most menacing players on the field!

The takeaway

There are so many gun skins offered by Call of Duty: Mobile that it often becomes difficult to rank them. However, we’ve chosen what we consider to be some of the most coveted gun skins in the game. If your favourite gun skin isn’t listed here, post your thoughts in the comment section below about which weapon skin is your favourite and why. We’ll be sure to take a look at it. Until then, this is our list of the best gun skins in Call of Duty: Mobile!

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  • Call of Duty: Mobile has plenty of gun skins that can be unlocked throughout the seasons.
  • Some gun skins offer stat boosts and hit effects that give the gun its very own personality.
  • Check out the best gun skins in Call of Duty: Mobile for every loadout!

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