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Best Guns in PUBG New State: Best AR, SMG and Sniper


We’ve put together a list of the best guns in PUBG: New State so you know what to look for in this futuristic take on the traditional PUBG gameplay.

- Updated: 16th Nov 2021, 12:05 IST
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    Best Guns in PUBG: New State
    • AKM
    • Groza
    • M416
    • Vector
    • Grenade Launcher
    • M24
    • S12K
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    PUBG: New State Best Gun

Are you ready for a new battle royale experience? We’ve put together a list of the best guns in PUBG: New State so you know what to look for in this futuristic take on the traditional PUBG gameplay. We’re going over the best guns in each weapon class, so no matter how you like to play PUBG: New State, you’ll find something useful here. Find out which guns in PUBG New State are the most lethal, from shotguns and submachine guns to crossbows, grenade launchers, and assault rifles.

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Best Guns in PUBG: New State


Best Guns in PUBG: New State AKM

Start with the AKM rifle, an enhanced variant of the ever-reliable AK-47, if a player wants to mow down the operatives with an assault rifle. The huge bullet shell inflicts a maximum mid-range damage rate of 7.62mm ammo, which can take out an enemy battle group with a single round.

The AKM has a fast rate of fire (.100 seconds per round) and can be improved with silencers, sights, and extended magazines despite its heavy recoil and kickback. Because the weapon’s damage rate begins to diminish at longer ranges, it’s best employed within 50 metres of an enemy.


Best Guns in PUBG: New State Groza

Because of its high damage output, little recoil, and pinpoint laser accuracy, the Groza is one of the best guns to wield in PUBG: New State. Despite being identical to the AKM, the Groza is one of the best guns in PUBG: New State because of its superior handling.

As a result, the Groza is appropriate for new players to go out and slaughter enemies in the game. The Groza is perfect for almost any combat, and its sole drawback is its very slow reload time, which is offset by its fantastic damage range. However, given all of its advantages, this is a minor flaw that can easily be overlooked.

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Best Guns in PUBG: New State M416

The M416 tactical assault rifle is the best choice if the AKM becomes too hefty. The military-grade M416 is one of the easiest weapons to handle while delivering maximum pain, making it ideal for beginners who struggle with severe recoil. It fires bullets at a high rate at near and mid-range using 5.66mm ammo.

The M416 is a versatile weapon with five attachment points that you can improve with three different muzzles, seven scopes, three magazines, and a tactical stock when used within 60 metres of an enemy.


Best Guns in PUBG: New State Vector

If you’re looking for a devastating, rapid-fire gun to wreak havoc in PUBG: New State, the Vector SMG is the weapon for you. This short-range weapon has a rapid fire rate and does a lot of damage. Most importantly, the Vector is extremely mobile, making it ideal for peeking around corners or charging down enemies in close quarters.

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Grenade Launcher

Best Guns in PUBG: New State Grenade Launcher

While the throwable weapons in PUBG New State are deadly on their own, they pale in comparison to the heavy artillery’s overwhelming strength. A Grenade Launcher, however, is a new element to the game that completely transforms the game. Throwing a single grenade is one thing; being able to discharge as many as six grenades at once and demolish large groups of enemies from a long distance is quite another. The Grenade Launcher enables such a brutal and manoeuvrable military attack.


Best Guns in PUBG: New State M24

The bolt-action M24 is the greatest snipe rifle to use in PUBG: New State. This weapon has incredible damage, capable of destroying a level three helmet in a single shot. The M24, of course, is most lethal at long ranges and may be modified with a variety of modifications to increase its damage.

The M24 spawns at random in PUBG: New State, thus players will have no trouble finding it. Before shooting, make sure you have a sound suppressor on to keep attackers at distance. The M24 is a powerful gun in PUBG: New State, with a maximum damage rate of 88 and a 7.5 base shooting spread.

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Best Guns in PUBG: New State S12K

Unlike the other shotguns in PUBG: New State, the S12K is semi-automatic, making it a great pick. The S12K is certainly worth keeping if you come across one. It’s good in taking down a close-knit team of opponents at close combats or just as a backup weapon in case they swarm you.

PUBG: New State Best Gun

More weapons are expected to be added in the future, and some existing weapons may be nerfed or enhanced. However, these are the best guns available right now in PUBG: New State. Players can increase the items on this list even more by customising weapons, a feature that is sure to impress those who are trying to rack up the wins.

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