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    8 Best WhatsApp Features You May Be Able To Use Soon!


    Ever thought about how cool there not being time limit on deleting WhatsApp messages or hiding your last seen from specific people would be!? That may soon turn into a reality!

    By Sagnik Das Gupta | 
    Updated: 18th Nov 2021 06:07 IST
    8 Best WhatsApp Features You May Be Able To Use Soon

    Highlights of the Story

    • There are precisely going to be eight WhatsApp features that will make into the app in 2022.
    • These include being able to hide your last seen from specific contacts, there being no time limit on deleting messages and more.
    • Here are the best upcoming WhatsApp features that you should look forward to!

    WhatsApp has been actively working towards introducing a lot of features. From WhatsApp Multi Device Support being tested out to the integration of Instagram reels into WhatsApp, the list of upcoming best WhatsApp features is interesting indeed. In the past couple of months, the popular social messaging application has definitely introduced quite a lot of features. However, they do not plan on ending the spree there. Next year is going to be one hell of a ride for WhatsApp users!

    To be precise, there are eight best WhatsApp features that will completely change the app forever. In terms of overall user experience, these features will most certainly take it to a whole new level. So, we have put together a list of the eight best WhatsApp features that you should look forward to in 2022!

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    8 Best WhatsApp Features to Look Forward to

    1. WhatsApp Delete For Everyone To Get Infinite Time Period

    Back in 2017, when WhatsApp Delete Messages feature was introduced, it only offered a time limit of 7 minutes. Later on, they upgraded the time limit to 4,096 seconds. So, basically this is the time for you to undo a huge mistake, or maybe not? Come on, we have all been there! This is hands down one of the best WhatsApp features and turns out, it is going to get even better.

    WhatsApp is reportedly going to take the time limit all the way up to, well, forever. Yes, we are soon going to get an infinite time period on the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature. This is known by the fact that there was no time limit on the feature during testing. However, it may take a while to roll out but, nevertheless, worth EVERY bit the wait!

    2. Hide Your WhatsApp Last Seen From Specific Contacts

    This is another one of those features which I’m pretty sure you must have wished WhatsApp had. I’M SURE! Well, yes, it is the ability to hide your WhatsApp Last Seen from ‘specific’ contacts. This feature is reportedly in the works right now and definitely one of the best WhatsApp features to look forward to in 2022.

    Good thing is the feature is already available on WhatsApp Beta. So, going by that, we will most likely get to see this feature make it to the stable version soon.

    3. WhatsApp Multi-Device Support

    The WhatsApp Multi Device Support is one of the most anticipated features on this list. You will be able to toggle into an offline WhatsApp experience. Yes, you heard that right and you will not have to depend on your smartphone’s cellular signal anymore when travelling.

    You can see that this feature is already up for testing on WhatsApp. The feature has been spotted across multiple WhatsApp Beta builds. Now, finally, the feature will be arriving to all devices soon!

    The Beta version allows you to use this feature on up to four devices. However, there are minor synchronisation and loading time issues. These are temporary issues and future versions of the app will most likely fix them.

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    4. Play Instagram Reels From WhatsApp

    It goes without saying that Instagram Reels is a HUGE thing now. You may not want to admit it but, it is addictive. I often times find myself surfing through Instagram reels when I have a truck load of work to complete. This addictive feature that you call Instagram Reels will soon be accessible via WhatsApp.

    What you can expect to see is most likely a different section in the application altogether for viewing Instagram Reels. With the increasing viewership of Instagram Reels by the second, it is understandable as to why Facebook-turned-Meta is working towards introducing this feature. This will definitely be a love-hate affair for the most part and easily one of the best WhatsApp features to arrive in hopefully 2022.

    5. WhatsApp Community Feature

    A new WhatsApp community feature is reportedly in the works. Now, this is where WhatsApp will come really close to the way Discord works currently. Nothing is better than chilling with friends while listening to music and playing games by the end of your day. It gives off a strong sense of community and that is exactly what WhatsApp is aiming to achieve with this feature.

    Admins of the WhatsApp Community groups will be able to make multiple groups within it. This is what Discord allows you to do. Moreover, the community chats will be end-to-end encrypted as well. For now, this is all that is known about the feature. Most certainly can’t wait to see what more the feature has in store for us!

    6. WhatsApp Archive Will Become Read Later

    The WhatsApp Archive feature will soon get enhanced and you will like it. Archive will turn into Read Later in the coming days and that definitely sounds better. When you mark a chat as ‘Read Later’, you will not be receiving notifications for this chat.

    In addition, there will also be a ‘Vacation Mode’ integrated within the WhatsApp Read Later feature. This will allow the feature to work similarly to the way Archive Chats work currently. Additional settings to customise this feature will also be present. Definitely one of the best upcoming WhatsApp features to look forward to next year.

    7. WhatsApp Logout

    Right now, if you decide to quit WhatsApp, you will be able to see the ‘Delete Account’ button in the settings. However, according to a report by WABetaInfo, this will soon be replaced by a logout button. We will finally get a logout option like you get to see on Facebook or Instagram. Besides, it will be replaced on both the iOS and Android versions of the app.

    That is definitely a good change in terms of user interface. Another great thing about this feature is that it will most likely allow you log out of one and log in on another device. This will allow you to use the application on two devices minus the hassle of setting up and restoring your WhatsApp all over again.

    8. WhatsApp Insurance

    YES, WhatsApp is soon going to be thing! Who would have thought that you would soon be able to buy Insurance in India through WhatsApp. Technology is indeed making life wayyyyy easier for us and this seems like a great example. From health insurance to micro-pension products, the popular messaging platform will soon roll out a lot of features.

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    The Facebook-owned messaging platform will start off WhatsApp Insurance with SBI General Sachet Health Insurance cover. In addition, we will also get to see HDFC Pension schemes on the platform. This is definitely one of the most convenient WhatsApp features and we could not help but put it on this list!

    These were the best WhatsApp features that shall change the way you use the app forever! Are you looking forward to these features just like we are? Let us know in the comments section what you think about it.


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