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PUBG New State May be Risky to Download on Android Devices; Here’s Why

- Updated: 11th Nov 2021, 10:26 IST
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    PUBG New State Bricking Android Devices
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    The Takeaway

PUBG New State was officially released earlier today for both Android and iOS devices. However, immediately the game got taken down for maintenance because of server issues. The PUBG New State unable to connect to server error started getting widely reported. Then, we got to see an official delay notice from the makers themselves. Now, something major has popped up and it may pose a serious threat to your Android device.

Noted tipster Mukul Sharma took to Twitter to reveal that the game bricked his OPPO Find X2 Pro. Shortly after, other users started reporting their devices getting bricked by the game. Sharma tried the game on two devices and unfortunately, nothing good came out of it. While the game soft bricked one device, the other one was hard bricked.

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For those wondering, when a device is bricked, it gets stuck in a bootloop. However, in the case of a soft brick, the device can be recovered. If your device is hard bricked, then basically it will only serve as a paper weight. In other words, hard bricked device cannot be recovered easily.

PUBG New State Bricking Android Devices

PUBG New State for iOS

Sharma reports that the problem arose when you tap on either of the three sign in options in the game. You can either log in as a guest or using Google and Facebook credentials. However, when he tapped on either of these options, the device entered boot loop. After going through a boot loop for a couple of minutes, the device reportedly froze completely. This particular device has now been reported to be hard bricked by Sharma. He also reports that the device ran on Android 12.

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Thinking maybe Android 12 is the primary issue here, Sharma tests it on the OPPO Find X2 Pro. This particular device ran on Android 10 OS. However, the issue still persisted and the device got soft bricked by PUBG New State. Moreover, in this case as well, on tapping either of the login options, the device entered boot loop.

The Takeaway

It is indeed difficult to say anything for sure without concrete evidence and more such reported cases. However, one thing that can be said is that yes, PUBG New State does has a tendency to brick devices. Players using devices running on Android 12 especially, not to keep a look out and be cautious. Hard bricked devices are basically non-recoverable and that will definitely not be a good time for users.

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