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You May Not be Able to Buy a Sony PS5 in 2022; Here’s Why

- Updated: 11th Nov 2021, 08:37 IST
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    Sony PS5 Shortage

The Sony PS5 is quite literally the most high-end console that gamers can quite possibly get their hands on. The console has been getting sold out in seconds during PS5 restock updates. If you are someone who did not go for the PS5 Restock 2021 updates, there’s bad news for you.

2022 is probably not the year you should be looking forward to in terms of buying a PS5. According to a report by Bloomberg, Sony has decreased its internal production forecasts of the PlayStation 5. This is primarily because of the massive global chip shortage currently.

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Sony PS5 Shortage


Sony was expecting to see the production of a staggering 16 million PlayStation 5 units in between April and March of 2022. However, this particular figure has now reportedly dropped down by a whopping million units. Then again, these are the number of units Sony was planning on selling in 2022 anyway. So, where does the main problem lie?

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Previously, the company had stated that it would most probably sell 14.8 million Sony PS5 units during 2022. This basically means that 15 million units of the PlayStation 5 would be making the cut when it comes to revenues and profits. Then again, that also means that potential buyers may not be getting a chance to get their hands on the next-gen console. Moreover, there is a chance that the change in production numbers may directly affect the company’s PS5 stock.

Now, if you are someone who is not in that much of a hurry, you may be able to bag a Sony PS5 after April of 2022. Going by the Bloomberg report, we also get to know that Sony’s internal forecasts are predicting to see 22.6 million units during the next financial year. The 2022 financial year kicks off from basically April.

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However, it has also come to light that although Sony is targeting to see that many units, its manufacturing partners are not exactly as optimistic. The global chip shortage issue is a huge problem right now and nothing can be surely said beforehand.


Highlights of the Story

  • Getting PS5 during Sony’s PS5 restock updates may get significantly harder.
  • Sony has reportedly decreased internal production of PS5.
  • Primary cause of this is due to the global chip shortage.
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