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    Best Party Games To Play With Your Friends On Android And iOS


    Playing some games with your friends is the best thing to do and can make the conversations more interesting, even if it isn’t crowded as usual. You can play anything through your smartphone without the need for traditional board or card games. If you’re confused between picking the best party game for your next party and make it more special. Here are some best options for you.

    By Tech Geek - 
    21st Jul 2021
    Best Party Games

    Highlights of the Story

    • Everyone loves to play games at parties, especially when you’re with your best buddies.
    • You can play trivia, card games, sing and dance, or even draw. There are games available for every type of group.
    • Check out this list of the best party games that you can play with your friends at your parties.

    Party games can make your gatherings even more interesting if you have the right game to play. Why get an arcade game board or keep shuffling a cards deck when you can just do the same things or even more through your smartphones. 

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a group of few people or a have a big gang, these games are always fun to play. You get to choose from several games out there. If you’re wondering what to play at your upcoming party with your friends or colleagues. Here is the list of best party games for Android and iPhones. 

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    1. Heads Up!

    Heads Up! | Best Party Games

    The first one on the list is Heads Up, a party game developed by Warner Bros. The game is available for free as well as in-app purchases options. It is one of the best word guessing games you can play now. 

    The game starts by choosing a card deck category. Deck theme includes Celebrities, Superstars, Movies, Songs, Animals, and much more. The guessing player has to hold the smartphone on their forehead. And the other player has to give clues related to the word that appears on the screen. 

    Other than this you also have an option to design your custom decks by doing in-app purchases. It also allows you to record the gameplay of your games and share them on any social media platform.

    Download Heads Up: Android | iOS

    2. Evil Apples

    Evil Apples

    Evil Apple is a party card game that includes interesting challenges to play with your friends. This game can be played both online and offline and a minimum requires 3 players. It comprises over 4000 Answer Cards and 1000 Question Cards.

    The players have to fill in the blanks in cards with some humorous, weirdy, or any statement they can think of. In each round, one player has to become a judge and read the question card. Now all the other players have to pick one of their answer cards. The judge has to give a point and the first player to reach 7 points win the game. 

    The game can also be played with players nearby your location by turning on the GPS. Although it is free to play, you can unlock some extra card packs by making an in-app purchase.

    Download Evil Apples: Android | iOS

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    3. Smule


    Smule is a very popular singing karaoke game that could be a great option for a party game. This app lets you easily sing and create music in no time. You can use your smartphone as a microphone and any Smart TV or Chromecast for the receiver, and put lyrics on the screen.

    Now sing Solo, Duet, Capella or with a group of friends including Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Country, etc. You can also record your song and add your own videos. It also allows you to add visual effects and filters to make your recording stand out.

    The Smule library consists of millions of songs from all over the world. Most of them are free but some might need in-app purchases.

    Download Smule: Android | iOS

    4. Mysterium


    Mysterium is a guessing game with a horror theme. It is the official adaption of the famous ghost game Mysterium, without the need of shuffling a deck of cards. A ghost helps the group of psychs and guides them to reach the murderer. The psych has to solve the crime through some visual clues.

    In every round, the player playing the ghost will give few cards that will have some clues of the killer, the weapon used, and the scene of the murder. The remaining players will have to play the roles of psychs who will try to interpret the ‘Vision Cards’ and find the murderer.

    You can play this game in campaign mode, with friends, or even solo. The game isn’t available for free and it also offers additional purchases to make more customization.

    Download Mysterium: Android | iOS

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    5. Triple Agent

    Triple Agent

    Triple Agent is another interesting party game. It can support from five to nine players at a time. The game is pretty simple, each player is given a role of Service Agent or a VIRUS double agent. And it’s not revealed to anyone other than the VIRUS agent who also knows about the teams.

    Now the players pass the device to their allegiance, and then the app provides a single operation to each player that also some clues about other players. In the last round of the game, every player has to vote on who to prison, after which the winner of the game is announced. The Triple agent is free to play in both Android and iOS with few in-app purchase options. 

    Download Triple Agent: Android | iOS

    6. Party Starter

    Party Starter

    Party Starter combines several popular parties games and combines them in a single app to make them more convenient to play. You can find games like Truth & Dare, Never Have I Ever, King’s Cup, etc with the rules in visual to make the play easier.

    The app offers a mode of the week and a list of all the games available. By making an in-app purchase you can unlock all of these and also remove the advertising. The free version does get some backlashes from the users because of boring and repetitive questions, so upgrading to premium does make sense. 

    Download Party Starter: Android | iOS

    7. Spaceteam


    Spaceteam is a cooperative party game dedicated to science fiction in which you and your friends play the role of starship bridger crew who are racing to control disasters. This game can support 2-8 players simultaneously.

    Coming to the gameplay, a random control panel will be assigned to each player with buttons, switches, sliders, and dials. The instructions will be on a timer. The same instructions will also be sent to your teammates and you all have to coordinate with each other before the time runs out. You can shout the instructions to others so that they can pay attention to their game. 

    Spaceteam is available on both platforms for absolutely free. And its cross-platform ability helps to play both Android and iOS devices together. 

    Download Spaceteam: Android | iOS

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    8. Psych! Outwit Your Friends

    Psych! Outwit Your Friends

    Psych is a pretty famous party game by the developer’s Warner Bros. It is a trivia-based game that consists of several card decks like Is that a Fact, Movie Bluff, Word Up, and many more. 

    You can choose any of these themes and start playing with your friends. In each round, a player has to answer a trivia with a fake answer but something that looks real at the same time. 

    After this, all the submissions will appear on the screen and the players try to select the right answer. If someone selects your submission, then you get a point, and if you choose the right answer then it too gives you a point.

    Download Psych: Android | iOS

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