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5 Best Snapchat Filters To Make Your Snaps More Special


Snapchat filters can be a lot of fun. Do you want to know which are the best filters on Snapchat? Find here.

- Updated: 12th Apr 2023, 10:29 IST
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    What are Snapchat filters?
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    5 Best filters on Snapchat
    • 1. Vogue Noir
    • 2. Polaroid Frame
    • 3. Cartoon 3D Style
    • 4. Pecan
    • 5. My Twin- One of the best Snapchat filters

“A little bit of Snapchat filters have never caused harm to anyone”,- And every day, almost 293 million users use the platform to share snaps. These snaps are nothing but images, texts, or videos that you can share with your family and friends. However, to double the fun, the platform offers a lot of filters that can help you enhance your pictures.

Snapchat filters have become a new way to express yourself, and the variety that it comes in can really keep you entertained throughout. So, without talking much, let’s begin with talking about the best filters on Snapchat.

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What are Snapchat filters?

Snapchat terminologies can be really confusing, especially when you are new to the platform. But don’t worry, we are here to help. Snapchat filters are the effects that you can add after taking a snap, i.e., a picture or video. These filters can add more beauty to your snaps. You can swipe through a lot of options to see what’s available.

5 Best filters on Snapchat

Although a lot of Snapchat filters are offered by the platform, you can explore them all. We thought, why not share some of the best filters available on Snapchat? You might differ here, but we recommend you, try these filters at least once as they can be super fun.

1. Vogue Noir

vogue noir snapchat filter

Who would not love to be on the cover of Vogue magazine? While getting there takes a lot of hard work but to experience it, you can simply use one of the best Snapchat filters- Vogue Noir. It is amongst the most popular and best filters on Snapchat in 2022 as it lets the users experience their dream come true. You can apply this filter to the snap you take from the app or to the already-taken picture in your gallery. Either way, it is fun to use this Snapchat filter.


  • Trending social media filter
  • Can be easily found within the app


  • Works best with just black and white images

2. Polaroid Frame

Polaroid Frame

The Polaroid frame is a simple and old-school Snapchat filter. If you love simple things, you will highly adore this Snapchat filter. This is one of the best Snapchat filters for those people who do not like to put much effort into doing makeup. It softens the face and adds appropriate brightness to the photos. This filter even takes care of the texture of the skin and makes your photos look more glamorous.


  • Autocompletes the results
  • Easy-to-use


  • Some frames do not match every photo

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3. Cartoon 3D Style

cartoon 3d style snapchat filter

Remember as a kid how we wanted to transform into Disney characters? Won’t lie, at least I felt so. However, there was no such option back then. Luckily, today we have the option in the form of these Snapchat filters. Yes, the Cartoon 3D Style lets you transform yourself into a Disney character. The filter uses AI to transform your image into a character from the Disney movie Frozen. Women can use this filter to look like Anna, and men can look like Kristoff. The filter has been viewed 1.7 billion times till now.


  • You can add music to your video using this filter.


  • The filter works on only one person in the frame

4. Pecan

 Pecan Snapchat filter

The next name on our list of best filters on Snapchat is Pecan. This filter is perfect for giving you a tan effect. We can’t always go to the Salon for tanning appointments or beaches to get the tans, and therefore, this Snapchat filter is the best substitute for that. You can even control the effects by tweaking the settings a bit. The filter also lets you add texture and graining effect, and if you don’t like the graining effect, you can remove it with just a tap.


  • Best substitute to give you a tan look


  • The graining effect can sometimes look over

5. My Twin- One of the best Snapchat filters

my twin snapchat filter

Imagine having your twin? How cool would that be? Well, we can’t make them in reality, but in the world of Snapchat filters, it is possible. My twin creates a replica of your face but with the opposite gender. The filter changes the eyes, hairstyle, skin texture, etc., to transform your face into the other gender.


  • A creative filter
  • Lets you know how your twin might look


  • It might not be of interest to some people

So, these were some of the best filters on Snapchat. Hopefully, you will try them and share the results with your friends for more fun. Do let us know in the comments section which Snapchat filter you use the most.

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