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7 Best Workout Apps For Android And iOS In 2024


If you don’t want to hit the gym but are concerned about your fitness, try these best fitness and workout apps to keep yourself healthy right from your home.

- Updated: 2nd Jan 2024, 16:26 IST
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    Best Workout Apps For You
    • 1. Nike Training Club
    • 2. Workout Trainer
    • 3. Simply Yoga
    • 4. Adidas Runtastic
    • 5. 7 Minute Workout
    • 6. Beachbody on Demand
    • 7. Peloton App
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    Conclusion – Best Workout Apps

Let’s admit it- Not every one of us is comfortable going to the gym, but most of us want to stay healthy and fit. And that is where we can turn to the best workout and fitness apps available out there. A good workout app is like your personal trainer- it can motivate you to follow your fitness routine, push you harder and help you eat better. But with so many fitness and workout apps present, choosing the best one can be a real challenge.

So, to save your time and help you find the best companion for your fitness, we have curated a list of the best workout and fitness apps. Find more about them in detail here.

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Best Workout Apps For You

You need to find a workout app that can help you accomplish your fitness goals easily. And when the workout app is free to use- can it get any better? Whether you are looking for fitness sessions, cycling workouts or running sessions, these best workout apps can surely help you.

1. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is undoubtedly the best workout app, with a number of short exercises and self-paced workouts. This fitness app is available for both Android and iOS and is free to use. You can pair it with your Apple Watch and can easily access it from your iPhone, too. There is also a section for paid content. However, Yoga, exercises, abs workouts, etc., are free to access. Nike Training Club has smart features like a run tracker, workout reminders, voiceover features, workout saving options, etc. All of these together make it the best workout app.

2. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer: best workout apps

Workout Trainer is one of the best fitness apps if you like to work out using minimal equipment or just your body weight. The app is free for both Android and iOS users and offers thousands of workouts and custom training programs from expert coaches. Besides, you can explore the app to try some new exercises every day. Each exercise is guided by step-by-step photos and videos, and there is also an option to adjust the difficulty level. You can connect the app with your smartwatch or Apple watch to keep track of your heart rate and monitor your health better.

3. Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga

The next one on our list is Simply Yoga. This workout app comes with the best yoga videos. These videos are of different lengths, making it easy for you to follow along. You don’t need any heavy gym equipment to follow this fitness app- just a yoga mat and a yoga towel would do. Simply Yoga is free to use for both Android and iOS users.

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4. Adidas Runtastic

Adidas Runtastic: best workout apps

If you are someone who loves running to keep yourself fit and healthy, Addidas Runtastic is the best workout app for you. It is like your personal trainer who keeps track of all your running metrics- how long you have run, what is your mile pace, and what is your heart rate (in case you are wearing a smartwatch or Apple watch). Simply connect the app to your smartwatch and leave your phone behind. The app will show progress based on the data it receives from your smartwatch. You can also make your profile public to let others know about your progress. Besides, there is also an option to customize the profile by changing the background image and trying out challenges present on the challenge screen.

5. 7 Minute Workout

best workout apps: 7 Minute Workout

Like the name, this workout app offers you short videos but effective ones. You can easily do these exercises anytime you feel like it. Each exercise has a dedicated video for it and a voiceover to help you do the exercises easily. The app’s latest update shows how many exercises you have completed, and you can also set the number of seconds you take to do an exercise. Furthermore, you can adjust the speed of the voice of the video as per your preference.

These are the best workout and fitness apps that you can easily download from the Play Store and App Store. So now, you can easily start your fitness journey with any of these workout apps. Getting fit is not that hard too, you just need to follow a routine and be dedicated to it.

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6. Beachbody on Demand

beachbody on demand - best workout apps

Beachbody On Demand left a strong impression on our experts due to its vibrant and energizing classes and programs, all guided by top-tier instructors. Testers awarded it high marks for its impressive offerings, encompassing everything from challenging boot camps to Pilates sessions.

The user-friendly app interface enhances the experience, making exploring and finding classes and programs tailored to your needs and interests a breeze. You can kickstart your fitness journey by selecting from a diverse range of programs, including options like a six-week cardio regimen, a two-month hip hop program with a focus on core strength, or even opt for a quick and convenient BODi Camp workout streamed right from your living room.

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7. Peloton App

peloton - best workout apps

Peloton extends its appeal beyond those who own the brand’s bike or treadmill. You can fully harness the benefits of the Peloton app without either of these devices, thanks to its extensive selection of live and on-demand classes. The app offers an impressive range of workout options, including spinning, running, yoga, barre, HIIT classes, strength training, stretching, and more.

Testers were particularly enthusiastic about the diverse workout categories, class durations, motivating trainers, and the strong sense of community fostered by the app. Some even felt they were right in the studio, as certain instructors addressed them by their leaderboard names. Notably, our experts commend Peloton for continuously adding fresh content to the app, such as a new boxing program, prenatal and postnatal classes, and more, keeping users engaged and motivated.

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Conclusion – Best Workout Apps

In conclusion, the best workout apps for Android offer diverse fitness options to cater to various preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for high-energy cardio sessions, calming yoga practices, or strength-building routines, these apps provide accessible and engaging ways to stay active. With user-friendly interfaces, motivating trainers, and evolving content, they empower users to achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle right from their Android devices.

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  • The best workout and fitness apps can keep you healthy while monitoring your progress.
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