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5 Best ViewSonic Monitors In India May 2024


Want to know about the best Viewsonic monitors? Check out our informative listing article to learn about the best monitors from the brand.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:15 IST
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    Best ViewSonic Monitors You Can Buy Right Now
    • 1. ViewSonic VA2215-H 21.5 Inch 75Hz Full HD Monitor
    • 2. ViewSonic VA2932-MHD 29 Inch 21:9 Ultrawide Monitor
    • 3. Viewsonic Vx3219 32-Inch 240Hz Omni Curved Gaming Monitor
    • 4. ViewSonic Vx3276 32 Inch 2K Crossover Monitor
    • 5. ViewSonic XG270Q 27 Inch 2K Elite Gaming Monitor
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ViewSonic, the Taiwanese-American electronics brand has been making computer monitors for decades now. The company also provides the best specifications at really affordable prices and hence is really popular among consumers. If you’re looking for a computer monitor and are strongly considering a ViewSonic model, it stands to reason that you’re fascinated with its accurate colour quality and fast reaction time.

ViewSonic is a younger rival when compared to other tech titans. However, the corporate name has been linked with quality and competitive features, demonstrating why they are a significant contender for digital display technology. So, in this article, we will look at some of the best ViewSonic monitors you can buy right now. So, let’s begin.

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Best ViewSonic Monitors You Can Buy Right Now

Most of the ViewSonic monitors in India are priced under Rs. 50,000, and hence we have selected all the monitors in that price range only. the company is also known for its budget monitors that are priced aggressively. So, let us now take a look at all the best monitors from ViewSonic. We have also listed the monitors in ascending price order.

1. ViewSonic VA2215-H 21.5 Inch 75Hz Full HD Monitor

ViewSonic 21.5 inch

The ViewSonic VA2215-H is a 21.5-inch Full HD monitor with HDMI and VGA inputs that may be used in the office or home. This monitor has six ViewMode presets that optimise screen performance based on your demands, delivering outstanding visual quality with minimal power usage. Even when gaming, no tearing or stuttering is using FreeSync. It also has an eye care technology that helps to minimise eyestrain from prolonged viewing times. The 75Hz fast refresh rate also means browsing and scrolling on this monitor is pretty smooth. Its Full HD resolution means that the images are crisp and movie watching experience is also satisfactory. You can buy this monitor for less than Rs. 7,000 in India, which also makes it one of the cheapest fast refresh rate monitors.

Blue light filterSmall screen if you are watching from far off
HDMI port
75Hz refresh rate

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2. ViewSonic VA2932-MHD 29 Inch 21:9 Ultrawide Monitor

Viewsonic ultrawide monitor

Next, we have an ultrawide monitor from ViewSonic. The VA2932-MHD 29-inch monitor is a great monitor for multitaskers, as it features a wide 21:9 aspect ratio. Additionally, it also features a borderless design for seamless viewing and dual stereo speakers. This means that you also don’t need to plug in a separate speaker set for your entertainment or gaming needs. The VESA compatibility of this monitor also means that you can easily wall mount it to save space on your desk. Multiple ports like HDMI port and DP ports also mean that more machines like laptops or consoles can be attached to this monitor. This wonderful display is priced at less than Rs. 18,000 in India, which also makes it one of the cheapest ultrawide monitors in India.

Low energy consumptionNo fast refresh rate support
Ideal for multitaskers
Built-in speakers

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3. Viewsonic Vx3219 32-Inch 240Hz Omni Curved Gaming Monitor

Viewsonic 32 inch monitor

We now have a ViewSonic Omni Curved Gaming Series monitor from Viewsonic. The Vx3219 32-inch monitor is perfect for gamers, as it has whopping 240Hz refresh rate support. This monitor’s curved form will appeal to you. It offers a beautiful visual experience that is completely immersive, especially when viewed from the dead centre. You can view every detail in full, vibrant Full HD quality thanks to the panoramic experience. This implies that each hue will be rich, powerful, and vibrant.

Because of its many capabilities, including VESA Adaptive-Sync, this is a highly immersive solution, especially for gamers. This freeware automatically calibrates your frame rates, removing any screen tearing. In addition, it will offer you with very smooth transitions and eliminate any ghosting issues you may have had previously. You can mostly buy this monitor for less than Rs. 20,000 in India.

240Hz refesh rateOnly Full HD resolution support
Dual speakers
Curved display

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4. ViewSonic Vx3276 32 Inch 2K Crossover Monitor

Viewsonic 32 inch 60hz monitor

Next, we have a budget 2K Monitor from ViewSonic. The ViewSonic Vx3276 32-inch monitor has a 75Hz refresh rate. Because the frame takes up less space on the screen, the ultra-slim bezel design reduces distractions. The superior IPS panel offers a dazzling 2560 x 1440 resolution in 2K resolution. This will make your colours more vibrant, your blacks deeper, and your whites sharp. This display will constantly give you a stunning vision, whether you’re playing video games or streaming information. It also includes ViewSplit software, which allows you to split your screen automatically. This helps to steady your workflow and makes greater use of the monitor’s real estate. You can buy this monitor for less than Rs. 25,000 in India, which makes it a great buy if you specifically want a 2K monitor.

Premium 2K resolutionNot meant for gamers or streamers
Ultra slim profile
2x2W speakers

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5. ViewSonic XG270Q 27 Inch 2K Elite Gaming Monitor

Viewsonic 27 inch 2k monitor

Lastly, we have the ViewSonic XG270Q 2K monitor from the brand which has impeccable gaming features. Although the 165 Hz overclock feature adds no discernible improvement, the ViewSonic XG270Q is an excellent Ultra HD gaming monitor. Its gaming performance is excellent and it has one of the widest colour gamuts we have ever seen in this price range. And it offers superb HDR, it is a great addition to the premium category.

It also supports HDR10 signals and has a great RGB lighting setup, effectively matching most desktop gaming setups. The DCI-P3+ colour gamut is also really impressive. It is not enough to say that it should be the best monitor in this price range for most gamers; hence, it should be a number one priority for most gaming lovers. You can buy this monitor for less than Rs. 35,000 in India.

Height adjustment availableNo curves on the sides of the panel
1ms response time
2K 165Hz refresh rate support

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ViewSonic manufactures some of the most incredible displays available at a reasonable price. They are suitable for gaming due to their numerous functionalities, high visual quality, and little input lag. If you’re looking for a gaming monitor, the ViewSonic XG270Q should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. ViewSonic gaming monitors are an excellent choice for gamers due to several features. They also feature a high refresh rate, which reduces screen tearing and stuttering.

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ViewSonic has gained a reputation in the aesthetically minded community for producing displays with superior colour fidelity, even surpassing the top LG or Samsung monitors. All ViewSonic monitors come with a three-year limited warranty that covers parts, labour, and the LCD backlight. The warranty period begins on the day of purchase. Hence, you are covered regarding warranty as well.

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  • ViewSonic is a Chinese American electronics brand, that was inaugurated almost four decades ago.
  • The electronics manufacturer is mostly known for high-quality monitors.
  • Hence, we now take a look at some of the best monitors from ViewSonic, available in India right now.

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