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    Check These Best Websites For Freelancers To Double Your Earning


    Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money and is getting more and more acceptance in India. You must check these best websites for freelancers.

    By Surbhi Verma | 
    Updated: 4th Nov 2022 00:57 IST

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      9 Best Websites for Freelancers In India
      • 1. Upwork
      • 2. Fiverr
      • 3. Pepper Content
      • 4. Gigzoe
      • 5.
      • 6. Toptal
      • 7. Indeed
      • 8. PeoplePerHour
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    Highlights of the Story

    • Freelancing gives you the liberty to work from anywhere and anytime.
    • As a result, more Indians are shifting to freelancing job options.
    • These best websites for freelancers can help you land your next dream project.

    Let us face it- We all crave flexible working hours- The liberty to work from anywhere and anytime, the freedom to work as per our availability and preferences. And who would not love that? Imagine, your work location could be your favourite cafe or the balcony of a hill-top hotel; literally, any place of your choice. That is what can happen when you choose freelancing job options. Freelancing job options means you are your own boss. Not only can you earn a handsome amount of money, but you can also set your own working hours. But which are the best websites for freelancers?

    Finding work as a freelancer is the real challenge. While the well-established freelancers can easily land any project, it’s the people having less experience or who have just started out who are in a tough spot. But no need to worry! We are here to help. In this article, we have talked about the nine best websites for freelancers in India that are authentic and can pay you real high.

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    9 Best Websites for Freelancers In India

    There are plenty of websites that offer freelancing jobs in India. However, finding the ones which are authentic can be the real task here. And that being the reason, the freelancers fall prey to fraud sometimes. But to ease your job and help you make the most out of freelancing, we have listed here the best websites for freelancers in India. Some of these websites even have their own apps for freelancers.

    1. Upwork

    best websites for freelancers

    Talking about the best websites for freelancers and Upwork has to be on the top. It is the biggest freelancing platform in India. Upwork is best suited for all; no matter if you have just started out or are a pro player in the freelancing industry, the platform has something to offer to all. However, you need to make an impressive profile with all the relevant skills and your past experiences.

    Whether you are a full-stack developer, a content writer, website developer, graphic designer or anyone with amazing skills, Upwork is undoubtedly the best website for freelancers.

    Only authentic projects are uploadedUpwork charges a little fee for the projects you do
    You get some of the highest paying projectsIt might be frustrating to get the first client
    Freelancers are hired quickly
    Processing payment is faster and easier

    2. Fiverr

    best website for freelancers

    The second name on our list of best websites for freelancers is Fiverr. Being one of the most commonly used websites for freelancing, Fiverr offers plenty of part-time jobs like Graphic designing, writing jobs, website designing, SEO, Data entry, logo making, etc.

    You can upload your services along with your desired rates. The clients can select these projects and can also negotiate the price. Just make your account, make sure you are adding the relevant skills and showcasing your profile in a good light.

    The client will find you and ask for your service. You don’t need to bid.Payments might be less when compared to other best websites for freelancers.
    You can choose to work on as many projects as you want.Competition is tough for beginners as a lot of experienced freelancers are already working on the platform.

    3. Pepper Content

    best websites for freelancers

    Pepper Content is the #1 platform for all your content writing needs and services. Whether you are an Article writer or a Copywriter, a Resume writer or have an interest in writing Whitepaper, Pepper Content can help you with finding the perfect freelance writing job.

    You just need to sign up on the platform and add all the relevant skills and experiences. There is a test that you need to qualify for, and after that, your profile will be verified on the platform. Once you get past that, everything else will be taken care of by the platform- from sending you writing assignments to make regular payments.

    Regular assignments and paymentsTakes a bit of time to kick start your writing journey on the platform
    High-paying assignments as compared to other websites for freelancersIt might be frustrating to get the first client
    You can choose to write or pass any assignmentPayments are made till the mid of the month

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    4. Gigzoe

    best websites for freelancers

    One of the best websites for freelancers and the fastest-growing platform, Gigzoe is ideal for both long-term and short-term projects. You can find jobs in various niches here like Content writing, Web development, Graphic design, etc. When you are making a profile on the platform, you need to add proof of your work, which can be your past work experiences or the projects you have worked upon, you need to add a link to them when creating the profile.

    Besides, there are certain policies and SOPs made by Gigzoe that the freelancers need to follow. There is an option to chat, make calls with the clients, custom quotations, project tracking and payment tracking, etc.

    Decent payments made by the clientsChance of coming across fake clients
    Different in-app options like chat, calling, project tracking etc., make the process easierA small portion of the fee is charged by the platform


    best websites for freelancers is one of the fastest-growing platforms for freelancers in India. You can find decent jobs and new projects to work upon. It is ideal for those who are just starting out in the freelancing industry.

    Simple interface and is easy to usePayments might be low when compared to other best websites for freelancers
    On-page chat option to communicate with the clientsSome of the projects are not authentic
    Payment withdrawal options for freelancers

    6. Toptal

    best websites for freelancers

    If you are a developer, Toptal is one of the best websites for you. Freelancers can find excellent web development and designing projects here. Toptal is a bit pricey for the clients as the Toptal staff are involved in finding the relevant professionals for specific projects.

    High-paying projects and quality of work are high as wellNo job security for freelancers
    Several payment withdrawal options for the freelancersOnly 3% of the applicants are considered for the projects

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    7. Indeed

    best websites for freelancers

    Indeed is a platform for finding both full-time and part-time jobs. There is a filter option from which you can search for freelancing or remote jobs and apply for them. Look for the job and see if your skillset matches it, and then apply for the relevant jobs. However, you need to make a professional portfolio or CV to make your profile look more professional.

    Easier to find projects and clientsChances of getting fake clients
    The website is user-friendly and easy to use

    8. PeoplePerHour

    best websites for freelancers

    PeoplePerHour is again one of the best websites for freelancers who have just started out their careers. You can find a variety of jobs like web development, social media, copywriting, content writing, video editing, etc.

    You can find from both local and global clientsCompetition is high as a lot of freelancers are present on the platform
    Files can be shared quickly and safelyThe platform charges a slightly high fee from the freelancers


    best websites for freelancers is specially designed for IT professionals who are looking for remote and freelancing jobs. This best website for freelancers has plenty of jobs, including web development, game development, social media managing works, etc. However, some of the projects might not be remote.

    You can find clients easily through the siteThe website might be confusing to use
    Easy payment optionsYou need to build trust with the clients, and that might take some time

    What’s our say?

    When asked, out of all the best websites for freelancers, which one do we prefer the most? Our answer would be Upwork. It is a trusted platform with a huge number of authentic jobs and clients, and the pay scale is really well too. If you are looking for different sorts of freelancing jobs like web development, data entry, content writing, etc.- Upwork is definitely the best website for freelancers.

    However, if you are only looking for freelance content writing jobs, Pepper Content should be your #1 preference. The platform is easy to use and offers you regular assignments based on your preference.

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