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Cloud Gaming: Is It The Future Of Gaming In India?


Interested in cloud gaming? This comprehensive guide on the topic will provide you with all the information you need!

- Updated: 16th Dec 2022, 12:14 IST
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    What is cloud gaming?
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    How does cloud gaming work?
    • Compatible devices
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    What are the advantages of cloud gaming?
    • Continuity
    • Lower costs
    • Better gameplay experience
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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Summing up

With the introduction of 5G in India, cloud gaming in India is set to take off. While there are plenty of cloud gaming services, India’s homegrown JioGamesCloud is set to take centre stage. This also means that more cloud gaming services will likely be released in India. Moreover, Nvidia is set to partner with Jio through Nvidia GeForce Now integration with the JioGamesCloud. However, cloud gaming is a relatively new concept in India. So, in this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into what cloud gaming is and how it works. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions regarding the topic in the latter half of this blog.

Having said that, let’s jump right in and check out all that there is to know about cloud gaming!

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What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming is a process by which you’re able to play entire games without installing them on your smartphone, console, or PC. Essentially, the game’s data is stored in remote data centres. This data is then accessed by an app installed on your console or any other platform. The app takes advantage of high internet speeds to download and send information to the remote data centre continuously. Due to this process, you won’t require an expensive platform. All you need are the basic requirements to ensure that the app runs smoothly on your device. Moreover, no part of the game is rendered on your device. Instead, it’s rendered in the data centre and interacted with on your local platform.

In other words, cloud gaming works similarly to your OTT platforms. When you’re watching a movie on Netflix or Apple TV, the data is actually stored in remote centres. However, due to a fast internet connection, you can access the data easily. The only difference in cloud gaming is that the app you use for it can also pick up your inputs and send them the other way for processing, in real-time. Thanks to this technology, you won’t require an exceptional gaming rig.

Nonetheless, researchers and developers are still working hard to ensure that the technology develops fully. Although you might find plenty of cloud gaming services, the technology itself hasn’t reached the peak that’s predicted for it!

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How does cloud gaming work?

Cloud gaming working process

Similar to OTT platforms like Netflix, most cloud gaming services require you to pay a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee to access its data. Some gaming services might even require you to purchase the latest games to play them remotely. However, in the case of the JioGamesCloud, the beta version is free for people to access. Once a more stable version is released to the public, you can expect a subscription model to be added to the final build.

Essentially, when you’re using a cloud gaming setup, you’re using a supercomputer that’s stored remotely. Different cloud gaming services provide different levels of access to the cloud. If you take into account the Shadow cloud gaming service, you have access to a Windows desktop. In the case of the Microsoft Game Pass, you’ll have access to the Xbox One S consoles. Regardless of the level of access, cloud gaming gives you plenty of benefits at a fraction of the overall cost of an expensive gaming setup. Of course, to make this system work, you’ll need to have a very strong and stable internet connection. With the addition of 5G services in India, better internet connectivity has become a certainty. So, the introduction of cloud gaming at this point in time makes good sense!

Compatible devices

Cloud gaming consoles

Cloud gaming usually works through certain consoles, a web app on your computer, and even on your smartphone. Moreover, JioGamesCloud has also ensured compatibility with the Jio Set-Top Box. In terms of peripherals, you can play cloud games via a compatible wired or Bluetooth controller. The classic keyboard and mouse setup also work for cloud gaming.

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What are the advantages of cloud gaming?

It’s relatively easy to understand why cloud gaming is popular at the moment. On the face of it, the service doesn’t require you to download games or have an expensive gaming setup. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Let’s take a look at the advantages of cloud gaming more closely.


Continuity has been a major issue in gaming. Although cross-platform gaming has become a reality, developers are still struggling to develop games that work seamlessly across multiple devices. This is why you’ll hear of console games being ported to the PC and performing terribly. However, with cloud gaming, developers only need to focus on their game engine’s performance and a single platform’s optimisation. With cloud gaming, consumers can play the games on their devices, regardless of the game’s initial platform focus.

Lower costs

Ever since the pandemic, the global semiconductor chip shortage has caused a price hike in gaming consoles and other hardware parts (such as GPUs). This was most evident with the increased costs of Nvidia GPUs and the lack of availability for the PlayStation 5 console. Basically, if you’re into gaming, you’ll have to invest a significant amount of money into a gaming setup. Even then, several compatibility issues have been plaguing the gaming industry for years. The overall cost of being a gamer has been reduced drastically through cloud gaming. All you need for a cloud gaming service are compatible controllers and a streaming receiver, such as a Smart TV. This ensures that no matter how recent the game may be, you’ll have a decent chance of playing it.

Better gameplay experience

When you download and play a game locally, the game’s engine has to consider your console’s power and hardware. Older hardware will not be able to play games at the highest settings or run the latest updates. Through cloud gaming, developers will only have to update the game on their end for better artificial intelligence. On the players’ end, they will not have to buy the latest GPU to run the game at the highest settings. In other words, it’ll lead to a better gaming experience. You’ll be able to play the game at the highest settings and with the most advanced artificial intelligence.


Nowadays, the sizes of games have increased to the range of 150GB. Without a doubt, this puts an immense amount of pressure on your HDD or SSD. Moreover, you’ll also have to engage in space management to play the game. Some games, such as the unoptimised, developer’s version of RAGE (2011), consumed up to 1TB in storage space. For a casual gamer, this isn’t sustainable. Fortunately, cloud gaming can be a solution. Since you don’t have to manage your console or desktop’s space for downloading the game, you’ll be able to access the latest games without any hassle. Of course, this point is only valid if you’ve got a decent and stable internet connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find the answers to some frequently asked questions on cloud gaming. These answers should clear any doubts you have regarding the topic!

Can cloud games be played offline?

The simple answer is – no. Cloud gaming requires you to be connected to the internet at all times. Moreover, you need to have a strong and stable internet connection, so that you don’t face any issues in gameplay, such as latency or textures not loading.

Does cloud gaming save your progress?

Yes. Since you’re connected to the game, and the client’s servers, your progress will be saved. Regardless of your device, if the account is synced across other devices, you’ll be able to access your saved games.

Does cloud gaming use a lot of data?

Yes. Cloud gaming consumes a lot of data, as the games have to be streamed in their entirety. To be precise, for Standard Definition (SD), cloud gaming will consume around 0.7GB per hour. If you’re streaming in 4K quality, you’ll be using up to 7GB of data per hour.

Will cloud gaming replace consoles?

Cloud gaming is a piece of technology that hasn’t been refined to its full extent, yet. Moreover, there are a few consoles, such as Google Stadia, which utilise cloud gaming. So, it’ll be difficult to state whether cloud gaming will replace consoles or not. At the very least, it’ll provide more options for users to choose which platform they will use to play their games.

Is cloud gaming safe?

Yes. Cloud gaming is safer than games that have been downloaded onto your console. Since the data for these games are stored in remote servers, they will offer a higher level of cybersecurity and protection.

Which cloud gaming service is available in India?

There are a few cloud gaming services that can be used in India. Most notably, Jio has joined the ranks of cloud gaming services in India through the JioGamesCloud. Other services include Ant Ware, The Gaming Project, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

Is cloud gaming available on Xbox One?

Yes. Xbox has its own cloud gaming service called Xbox Cloud Gaming. If you purchase the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, you’ll be entitled to use Xbox Cloud Gaming. This service is available in 28 countries. Additionally, it shall work with Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles.

Summing up

Cloud gaming may not be the most refined gaming project yet. Moreover, cloud gaming services might take some time to settle themselves in countries such as India, where 5G is yet to penetrate. However, it’s difficult to deny the merits of the service, as it can save plenty of space on your console, and is relatively cheap in the long run. Additionally, all you need is a compatible console and other peripherals to play your favourite games. We’re pretty excited to see how the introduction of 5G helps with the growth of cloud gaming in India. If you want to know more about the topic, keep an eye on this space!

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