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Disappearing Safari Tabs on iPhone- 5 Easy Ways To Find Them


Safari tabs in your iPhone can sometimes go missing. As a result, you might lose some of your important information. Here’s how to find them.

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 17:50 IST
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    5 Ways to find disappearing Safari tabs on iPhone
    • 1. Show hidden tabs
    • 2. Show the Shelf
    • 3. Recently closed tabs
    • 4. Turn off Auto-close tabs.
    • 5. Bookmark all open tabs

Even though Apple tries its best to launch the operating systems without any bugs and glitches but sometimes, minute bugs do sustain in the ecosystem, causing frustration to the users later. Disappearing Safari tabs on iPhone is one such bug whose history is linked with the iOS 13 Update, however, the bug still appears in some instances.

So what happens- some of your Safari tabs would appear to just vanish, and you might think the tabs are gone now, while in reality, they are just hidden from the view. So, is there any permanent solution to fix the disappearing tabs on iPhone? Not really, we can’t guarantee the solution completely but some workarounds can help you get back those disappearing Safari tabs on iPhone.

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5 Ways to find disappearing Safari tabs on iPhone

These workarounds would serve your purpose of finding the disappearing tabs on iPhone. Here, have a look:

1. Show hidden tabs

  • In your iPadOS, you can see a four-square quadrant at the top-right corner of the Safari window.
  • When you click on it, a drop-down menu will appear with an option to “Merge all windows”.
  • Click on it, and all your tabs, including the hidden Safari tabs, will appear in the current window.

2. Show the Shelf

Another way to find disappearing tabs on iPhone is by pressing and holding the Safari icon in the Dock on your iPadOS.
A pop-up menu will appear, click on “Show all windows”.
Upon clicking on it, all the windows will be revealed above the Dock, and you can switch between the windows too.

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3. Recently closed tabs

disappearing Safari tabs on iPhone

If you feel like some of your tabs have ended abruptly, you can always view them in the Recently closed tabs. You can also re-open these windows from there.

Just open the tab view in the Safari and long-press the “+” icon.
You will be able to view all the tabs that are or were opened. Select the one that you want to open by tapping on it.

4. Turn off Auto-close tabs.

Sometimes, Safari closes the tabs on its own after a certain duration. However, you can change these settings.

  • Head to the Settings app on iPhone.
  • Now scroll down to find Safari. Then, tap on it.
  • Under the Tabs section, find the Close tabs options.
  • Make sure it is marked manually.

5. Bookmark all open tabs

If none of these tips worked for you, try bookmarking all the tabs after every session. This might look like a lot of hard work, but with the iOS 13 update, you can do it easily with the one-tap feature.

  • Open the Safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Make sure, you have some of the tabs opened.
  • Now, click on any of these tabs. You will find an open book-like icon, “Bookmark icon”, at the bottom of the screen.
  • Long press on the Bookmark icon, and a pop-up menu will appear.
  • Select Add Bookmarks for X Tabs. Here, X is the number of tabs opened.
  • When you tap this option, you will be asked to save the tabs in a new folder. Make sure to give it a prominent name so that you can spot it easily.
  • You can also choose a location from the existing folders to save the tabs.

You can access the Bookmark tabs anytime by clicking on the Bookmarks icon in the main browning interface. All the saved folders will be available there. Hold on to the bookmarks and select “Open in new tabs”, or you can also open them alternatively.

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