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Everything New In COD Mobile Season 11 Anniversary Update


Call Of Duty: Mobile is all set to release their Season 11 Anniversary update on October 14, which is tomorrow. The update will roll out on 5pm PT which converts to 5:30am IST.

- Updated: 22nd Feb 2023, 21:00 IST
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    Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11: Battle Pass
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    Call Of Duty: Mobile Ranked Series 7 Rewards
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    What More?

Call Of Duty: Mobile is all set to release their Anniversary update and this is more exhilarating for old players. Seeing the game grow a year old is not only nostalgic but makes the game even more special to old players. This is why Call Of Duty: Mobile will come up with a bunch of different things in the game tomorrow to celebrate it.

Moreover, many people have stated that the Season 10 update has been very underwhelming. Call Of Duty: Mobile is definitely all set to hit the redemption station with Season 11. The battle pass is one of those things in Season 11 which looks very promising. Not only does the Season 11 battle pass provide players with unique character skins but, amazing gun skins as well. Moreover, these gun skins are based on guns which are big time fan favorites. This makes the battle pass even more value for money.

Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11: Battle Pass

The Call Of Duty: Mobile battle pass includes the following character skins and gun skins.

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Character Skins

  • Spectre-Pixel Spy
  • Reaper- Premium
  • Zero- Nebula
  • Scylla- Future Vice
cod season 11 character skins

Weapon Skins

  • DL Q33- Neon Burst
  • QQ9- Neon Grunge
  • AK117- Neon Lotus
  • KRM-262- Point And Click
  • Fennec- Verdant

Call Of Duty: Mobile Ranked Series 7 Rewards

cod season 11 ranked rewards

Ranked rewards in the game are pretty straightforward. Players can get their hands on these rewards by just progressing through the various ranks and climbing up their way into legendary tier. Moreover, the ranked rewards of Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11 brings two of the most anticipated things in the game. These are the baseball bat melee weapon and the T.E.D.D character skin. However, these ranked rewards can be gotten through playing battle royale and the multiplayer has different rewards.

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Battle Royale Ranked Rewards

  • Baseball Bat- Royal Flush
  • Character- T.E.D.D- Where To Sir?
  • Avatar- Hero
  • Epic Calling Card- High Roller
ranked series 7 rewards

Multiplayer Ranked Rewards

  • Charm- Series 7
  • Echo-Royal Flush
  • Kilo Bolt-Action – Dealer
  • Legendary Reward- Steeled Frame

What More?

Apart from all of this, Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11 also brings two new perks to the game. These two perks are namely the Launcher Plus and Tactician.

cod season 11 perks

The Launcher Plus perk allows players to have extra ammo for their launchers.

cod season 11 perks

On the other hand, the Tactician perk allows players to have an extra piece of tactical equipment.

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Moreover, the fan favorite gunfight map from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will be landing on COD Mobile. Furthermore, this is the King multiplayer map and will focus mainly on 1v1 and 2v2 gunfight matches.

cod mobile season 11

Additionally, COD Mobile has also released a new game mode to keep players preoccupied till the final update arrives. This is the new Cranked mode where players will have to kill players within a specific amount of time. Failure to do so will end up in the player exploding and dying. Moreover, with ever kill you bag, there is a big boost in mobility. Also, this is a mode where your movement and reflexes are the most important.


This is the most awaited season of Call Of Duty: Mobile and we can’t wait for the update to roll out. Moreover, the availability of so much free stuff in the game makes it more insanely exciting for players. The rank rewards of Season 11 are also something to look up to. All-in-all, Call Of Duty: Season 11 definitely seems like it will strum the right strings and be a massive hit!


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Highlights of the Story

  • COD Mobile Season 11 battle pass lands tomorrow
  • The AK47 and HVK have gotten a new attachment
  • The long awaited baseball bat will be a rank reward

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