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FAU-G Release Delayed


FAU-G might have been delayed again as the expected launch date of November 26th has passed by. However, the game is up for pre-registration on Google Play Store.

By Yeti - 
30th Nov 2020

Highlights of the Story

  • FAU-G game was supposed to release on November 26th
  • The official launch date of the game is still unclear
  • FAU-G is up for pre-registration on Google Play Store now

FAU-G India launch is one of the most anticipated events of this year. There are multiple reasons to back the major hype behind this game. For starters, the game was announced soon after PUBG got banned in India. Secondly, people genuinely want to see how the game lives up to all the hype and promises made by the developers. However, the developers soon revealed that the game is not at all a copy of PUBG. Moreover, it is a third-person brawler and not a battle royale. At least when the game launches, there will not be a battle royale. We do not know if the developers will add a battle royale mode later on.

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nCore games, the Bengaluru-based developer of the game had revealed the game to launch on November. However, with the month coming to an end, we can only expect it to see the game launch next month. However, there are a lot of speculations about what will happen to the game when PUBG comes back to India. It will indeed be very hard for FAU-G to accumulate and retain an active player base upon PUBG’s comeback. It is kind of the need of the hour that they release the game as soon as possible at this point.

FAU-G Up For Pre-Registration On Play Store

FAU-G mobile game has finally appeared on the Google Play store. Although the game’s release date is still not clear, it is finally live on the Google Play Store. At least the game has now been listed on Play Store. For now, it seems that nCore Games is limiting the game to the Android platform. However, it might appear on the iOS store upon launch as well. For now, the iOS store does not have pre-registrations for the game listed.

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Furthermore, the Google Play Store listing reveals the story line a bit as well. FAU-G was announced exactly two days after PUBG was banned in India and people do have a lot of expectations from the game. Additionally, FAU-G as a game is heavily promoted as a patriotic one that highlights the contribution of the Indian armed forces.

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FAU-G launch date in India is actually right around the corner. The game being up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store indicates that. However, we do certainly hope to get an official launch date from the developers of the game.


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