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FIFA 23 Lengthy Players: Meta Explained And Best Lengthy Players!


Heard a lot about FIFA 23 Lengthy players and the new meta, but don’t know what it is or how it works? This comprehensive guide will help you out!

- Updated: 19th Oct 2022, 18:41 IST
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    What are Lengthy Players in FIFA 23?
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    Explosive AcceleRATE
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    Lengthy AcceleRATE
  • 4
    Other points to remember
  • 5
    What makes FIFA 23 lengthy players so valuable?
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    List of FIFA 23 Lengthy Defenders
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    FIFA 23 Lengthy Attackers
  • 8
    FIFA 23 Lengthy Midfielders
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    Summing up

FIFA and its online component, Ultimate Team, is one of the most extensive sporting additions each year. With new players, tactics, and metas, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is replete with new features this year. However, FIFA 23 lengthy players are the game’s aspect that has caught everyone’s attention this year. In fact, ‘Lengthy’ has become a new buzzword among FIFA 23 players. You’ll find that the FIFA Transfer Market is also quite comfortable with Lengthy meta players. Their prices are often higher than their higher-rated counterparts, who aren’t lengthy. Now, you must be wondering what Lengthy is and why has it become so important this year. Which players are Lengthy and need to be in your FIFA Ultimate Team? We’ll be answering all of these questions in this blog.

Without any further delay, let’s know everything there is to know about FIFA 23 Lengthy Players!

What are Lengthy Players in FIFA 23?

EA introduced multiple new mechanics on FIFA 23 in the next-generation consoles. One of these mechanics is the realistic AcceleRATE system. Depending on their stats and body type, this mechanic dictates how your player accelerates or sprints. So, if you’re playing FIFA 23 on PC, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X/S, this is extremely important for gameplay. For the owners of other consoles, your players won’t be affected by this system.

FIFA 23 provides three different AcceleRATE types to players. Let’s check them out below:

  • Explosive – Explosive acceleration is used by short, lean, and agile players. They’re able to have a massive burst of speed at the initial stages, but usually lack a top sprint speed. This implies that they slow down considerably after their short burst of pace and can only sprint fast over short distances.
  • Controlled – Players with Controlled acceleration have the default acceleration system. They have a decent balance between acceleration and speed.
  • Lengthy – Lengthy acceleration is usually applicable to taller and stronger players. These players may not be the fastest over long distances and take time to accelerate. However, once they reach their top speeds, they’re almost unstoppable. This type of acceleration is prevalent primarily in defenders.

Although EA has made this an important part of the gameplay, the acceleration types are not mentioned on the player cards. So, you’ll have to pause the game and check the player items mid-match to determine their acceleration types. FIFA Ultimate Team database sites such as Futbin or Futwiz also have the acceleration types listed on the player items.

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Explosive AcceleRATE

In case you’re unable to check either the database or find out the AcceleRATE type mid-match, there’s a way to work them out. We’ll check out the requirements for Explosive AcceleRATE first.

Players with Explosive acceleration need to have the following:

  • Agility – 65 or greater
  • [Agility minus Strength] – 15 or greater
  • Acceleration – 74 or greater
  • Height – Not more than 5’11”

Lengthy AcceleRATE

For the Lengthy players, here’s what they need to fill the Lengthy meta.

  • Strength – 65 or greater
  • [Strength minus Agility] – 15 or greater
  • Acceleration – 55 or greater
  • Height – 5’9″ or more

Other points to remember

Apart from the above calculations, there are a few things you still need to remember about the game. After all, AcceleRATE is just a tiny part of a much bigger game.

  • A Lengthy player will not be able to catch up to a Controlled or Explosive player if the difference in their speed and acceleration is too high.
  • Using the right Chemistry styles, you can change a Controlled AcceleRATE type player to a Lengthy AcceleRATE player. This is especially popular among defenders and holding midfielders.
  • Promo cards can change AcceleRATE styles as these promo cards have boosted stats. For example, the Rulebreakers promo increases some stats from the base card while decreasing others. Of course, this will result in a meta change, and the AcceleRATE style may change from the base card.

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What makes FIFA 23 lengthy players so valuable?

So, now that you’ve understood the different types of AcceleRATE in FIFA 23, you have to understand why players prefer Lengthy body types. Although overall pace and stats matter, Lengthy players reach their peak sprint speed slightly later than Controlled and Explosive players. This is useful in two cases:

  • When the defender is Lengthy – If you’re using your defender to catch up to an opponent, your defender will reach his peak slightly later than the opponent. This means that while the opponent has already reached their peak sprint speed, they won’t be able to move any faster. On the other hand, your defender will reach their peak pace slightly later, thereby catching up to the opposition player relatively quickly.
  • When the attacker is Lengthy – If your attacker is Lengthy and is trying to catch up to a through ball, they’ll be reaching their peak pace slightly later than the defender trying to catch them. So, while the defender has already reached their best acceleration curve, the attacker is yet to achieve it. In this situation, the attacker will be able to outrun the defender, who is also chasing the ball.

This seemingly extra burst of pace which is slightly delayed, seems to suit Lengthy players in FIFA 23. It gives them an edge over the opposition player when chasing through balls. However, you must remember that this extra burst of pace is entirely situational. For example, if the gap between the defender and the attacker, in either situation, is too much, there’s very little chance of the Lengthy player catching up to the opposition. This mechanic, while quite functional, doesn’t seem to be “overpowered (OP)” as such. This is why there’s very little chance of EA making any changes to the system through future patches. At this moment in time, it seems like Lengthy players will have a contextual advantage for the rest of the game’s duration.

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List of FIFA 23 Lengthy Defenders

FIFA 23 Lengthy Defenders

Since there are quite a few players who have the Lengthy AcceleRATE type in the game, we’re also providing a list of them to use in FIFA 23. Of course, some players aren’t Lengthy, and you’ll have to use the relevant Chemistry styles to ensure that the Lengthy AcceleRATE type is activated. Let’s check them out below:

PlayersPositionsAcceleRATE type
Virgil Van DijkCBLengthy
Fikayo Tomori (Gold Rare, TOTW)CBLengthy (use Architect, Backbone, Sentinel, Anchor)
Niklas Sule (RTTK)CB, RBLengthy
Kyle WalkerRB, RWBLengthy
Raphael VaraneCBLengthy
Theo HernandezLB, LWBLengthy (use Architect)
Reece JamesRWB, RBLengthy (use Architect, Backbone, Sentinel, Anchor)
Ferland MendyLB, LWBLengthy (use Architect)
Kalidou KoulibalyCBLengthy
Ruben DiasCBLengthy
Ronald AraujoCBLengthy
Bremer (RTTK)CBLengthy
Antonio Rudiger (Gold Rare, OTW)CBLengthy
Robin Gosens (RTTK)LWB, LB, LMLengthy (use Architect)
Presnel KimpempeCBLengthy
Diego CarlosCBLengthy

You can use these defenders in your team to ensure that almost nothing gets past you. However, be aware of their original pace and acceleration stats. You might face some difficulty with Lengthy Attackers, but these players will keep your defence solid.

FIFA 23 Lengthy Attackers

FIFA 23 Lengthy Attackers

Just like defenders, there are a few attacking players in the game who are almost unstoppable when their Lengthy AcceleRATE type is activated. We’ve listed these FIFA 23 Lengthy players here as well. Take a look at them below:

PlayersPositionsAcceleRATE type
Karim BenzemaST, CFLengthy (use Architect)
Cristiano RonaldoST, CFLengthy (use Architect)
Harry KaneST, CFLengthy
Robert LewandowskiST, CFLengthy (use Architect, Hawk, Marksman, Sniper)
Erling HaalandST, CFLengthy
Ciro ImmobileST, CFLengthy (use Architect)
Rafael LeaoLW, LMLengthy (use Architect)
Alexander SorlothST, CFLengthy
Niclas FullkrugST, CFLengthy
Mario GomezST, CFLengthy
Eldor ShomurodovST, CFLengthy (use Architect)

FIFA 23 Lengthy Midfielders

FIFA 23 Lengthy midfielders

EA has ensured that even tall and robust midfielders have access to the Lengthy AcceleRATE type. So, you’ll find a list of compatible midfielders in the game who can make a difference on the pitch, thanks to their body types and Lengthy AcceleRATE meta.

PlayersPositionsAcceleRATE type
Leon GoretzkaCDM, CMLengthy (use Anchor, Backbone, Hawk, Sentinel, Sniper, Marksman, or Architect)
FabinhoCDM, CBLengthy
Paul PogbaCDM, CM, LMLengthy
Emre CanCDM, CM, CBLengthy
RodriCDMLengthy (use Anchor, Hawk, Catalyst, Shadow, Hunter, or Engine)
Federico Valverde (Gold Rare, POTM, TOTW, RTTK)RW, CM, RM (depends on card)Lengthy (use Architect)
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Gold Rare, TOTW)CMLengthy
Franck Kessie (Gold Rare, OTW)CDM, CMLengthy
Denis ZakariaCDM, CMLengthy

However, with these FIFA 23 best Lengthy midfielders, you’ll have to keep a certain point in mind. Midfielders often have different roles based on their position, the formation, or the overall team tactics. So, having Lengthy midfielders in FIFA 23 isn’t as important as it may be for defenders or attackers. Ensure that whichever Chemistry style you use for the midfielder suits your team’s tactics. There’s no reason for all midfielders to be Lengthy if you cannot catch the initial fast passes in the midfield, thanks to the lack of an Explosive or Controlled player.

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Summing up

Now that you have a better idea of the Lengthy AcceleRATE meta in FIFA 23, you should be able to work these players around your team. Of course, ensure that all the players listed here suit your team and custom tactics beforehand. Otherwise, these Lengthy players could be pretty underwhelming. Hopefully, you’ll be able to create a better team now with these FIFA 23 Lengthy players. For more such insights on FIFA 23, keep your eye on Cashify Techbyte!

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