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FIFA 23 World Cup Mode: Release Date, Leaks, And More!


With just a bit over a month left before the start of FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, FIFA 23 will also have a World Cup mode. Check out all that you need to know about FIFA 23 World Cup Mode!

- Updated: 2nd Nov 2022, 13:25 IST
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    FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Release Date
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    FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Leak
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The FIFA World Cup 2022 is slated to begin on November 20, 2022. With FIFA 23 released just over a month ago, the game is already being played by millions worldwide. Thankfully, EA has also confirmed that FIFA 23 will have a World Cup Mode. This time, the FIFA 23 World Cup Mode will go beyond just a separate mode and will be incorporated into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. As we all know, FIFA Ultimate Team is an online mode where players compete to be called the best players in the world. They can form their own teams and customise their formations based on how they play. So, with the addition of the World Cup Mode, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Here, we’ll be breaking down what we know about the FIFA 23 World Cup Mode so far. This includes the release dates, possible additions to the game, and also a look into the Women’s World Cup tournament next year. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

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FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Release Date

EA hasn’t announced an official date yet for the World Cup Mode. However, you can be sure to expect it alongside the actual tournament, which starts on November 20. So, you can expect the new mode to be launched during the FIFA World Cup week, or a week after.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup will also take place in July 2023. Expect the Women’s World Cup mode to be added to the game at that time as well. As we count down to the World Cup’s opening ceremony, EA is expected to announce more details in the coming weeks.

How will the World Cup Mode work?

FIFA 23 world cup mode screenshot

The World Cup Mode will include all the 32 teams that are slated to appear in the real-world competition in November. It will also have the stadiums and new kits issued by the national teams. All the player rosters will be accurate based on the squads the competing nations will bring to Qatar. The same applies to the Women’s World Cup, which will be held in Australia-New Zealand in July 2023.

Apart from this, FIFA Ultimate Team shall also see multiple FIFA World Cup Hero cards added to the game. These cards will be boosted editions of already existing FUT Hero cards in the game. Moreover, they’ll be based on special performances by Hero players in the World Cup. So, think along the lines of former Uruguay national player Diego Forlan’s performances in the FIFA World Cup 2010.

While FUT Hero cards are already quite expensive and feature significantly better stats compared to the other cards in the game, their World Cup editions will be on a whole new level. Additionally, other players from different national teams, such as Leon Goretzka of Germany or Christopher Nkunku of France, might receive unique FIFA World Cup edition cards in FIFA Ultimate Team. You can expect these cards to also have majorly boosted stats as compared to their base cards. EA has not notified yet if these will be live cards, however. For the uninitiated, live cards are those cards whose stats dynamically increase based on the real-life performances of the featured players.

It seems like we’ll have to wait for more information from EA regarding these additions to FIFA Ultimate Team. Nonetheless, you can expect the FUT Transfer Market to be highly dynamic and unpredictable during this time!

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What did previous World Cup modes include?

2014 fifa world cup brazil video game

Since the release of FIFA 23 was coinciding with the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, it didn’t come as a surprise when EA announced that they’d be bringing the mode to the game. Previous iterations of the game have also included the FIFA World Cup Mode, especially in 2014 and 2018.

In 2014, FIFA 14 included a World Cup Mode which was restricted to the Ultimate Team for that particular year. Moreover, EA had crafted an entirely new game, called the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, for the tournament. World Cup packs were also added into the Ultimate Team for players to use. Furthermore, players could also play against each other online in a World Cup tournament fashion. This mode was highly popular at the time of release. However, it doesn’t seem like EA will introduce an entirely new game this time for the World Cup. So, expect FIFA 23 to include post-launch content to celebrate the tournament.

In 2018, FIFA 18 included FIFA Ultimate Team additions such as ICONS and dynamic player items as well. Moreover, Squad Building Challenges centred around the tournament were included.

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FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Leak

As recently as Oct 14, 2022, EA made an untimely release of the upcoming World Cup Mode on FIFA 23 for PlayStation. The console received an update which allowed players to check the leaked World Cup Mode. Players had enough time on their hands to explore the mode to an extent. Moreover, the leaks suggest that there will be four modes for the World Cup add-on. These modes are FIFA World Cup 2022, FIFA World Cup Live, Online Tournament, and FIFA World Cup Kick-Off.

EA currently has the licensing for 48 national teams, although only 32 teams are slated to play in the upcoming tournament. At this moment, it’s unclear whether EA’s team selection has more information than what the public is privy to. Nonetheless, there’s not too much specific information about the World Cup Mode, even from the leak itself. Below, the unlicensed Brazil national team has also been made available to the public eye. Hopefully, EA will be able to get the relevant licenses for all the national teams before the World Cup starts on November 20. Although EA hasn’t announced a date for the FIFA 23 World Cup Mode, expect to see it a week before or after the tournament starts.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Schedule

FIFA 23’s current promos have been going strong so far. With the new Out Of Position (OOP) promo containing players in alternate positions and boosted stats, players have been trying their best to get hold of the new player cards. Other promos, such as Rulebreakers and Ones To Watch, have been quite successful.

However, reliable source Insider Gaming has brought forward a new leak regarding the FIFA 23 World Cup Mode. According to this information, the schedule for the upcoming World Cup Mode has been leaked. Let’s see what we have so far:

  • The FIFA 23 World Cup Mode will start on November 9, 2022. This mode will be incorporated completely into FIFA Ultimate Team. Moreover, the mode will allow players to gather new and legendary player items for free by playing the game and completing objectives. This event will be present till January 3, 2023.
  • Following the start of the new Mode, the first major event, FIFA 23 “World Cup Path To Glory”, will start on November 11. It will be available to players until November 23. Additionally, this event will allow the players to acquire FUT Heroes (World Cup versions) for the entire duration of the event. These cards will be based on player performances in the past which have exceeded expectations. The cards will likely feature boosted stats and updated dynamic images.
  • The next event to start will be the FIFA 23 “Road to World Cup” in FIFA Ultimate Team. This event will start on November 25 and end on December 2. During this event, you’ll be able to get your hands on 35 World Cup Icons, which will be released through two squad releases. These World Cup Icons will feature player cards of legendary players who made their mark in older World Cup Tournaments. Considering how amazing Icon cards already are in game, these cards will be extremely popular and slightly difficult to attain.
  • Another event, the FIFA 23 “World Cup Stories”, will be added to FIFA Ultimate Team. The event is slated to start on December 2 and run till December 9. EA has kept quiet about this event, and no further details have been provided. However, we expect this event to feature the top stars of the upcoming World Cup who have performed excellently in previous matches.

There will likely be another event which will start on December 9 and run till December 18, until the end of this year’s World Cup. However, there’s very little information on this so far. At the least, you can expect to see four different events throughout the duration of the tournament. It’ll be interesting to see the different Squad Building Challenges, Player Releases, and Mini-Releases for this year’s edition of FIFA Ultimate Team. If you can acquire at least two or three of these amazing cards, you could be set for quite a while with your Ultimate Team.

Gameplay Trailer

The FIFA 23 World Cup gameplay trailer was revealed to the gaming world on November 1, 2022. You can check out the trailer below:

The Deep Dive trailer revealed plenty of information leading to this year’s World Cup content in both FIFA 23 and the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. This highly anticipated World Cup content will be added to the game from November 9 onwards. EA has stated that content will be uploaded to the game on a daily basis. Moreover, there will be a dedicated game mode for the World Cup. This will allow players to interact with the new content in various ways.

Firstly, the World Cup content will be accessed through its very own game menu. This game menu will allow you to play the World Cup games against both the AI and any other player in local multiplayer. You can play with any of the teams that have qualified for the World Cup, including the real group matches and standings. Moreover, you could also change the course of history and put your own spin on the World Cup by adding up to 15 national teams who failed to qualify for this year’s tournament.

Secondly, there will be a matchmaking mode which will enable you to play through all the matches in the World Cup against your friends or random opponents. EA has also added a FIFA World Cup: Live mode. In this Live mode, you’ll be able to play the matches as they unfold in real life. You can play through the upcoming matches on their dedicated dates or play past matches to change the course of a nation’s run in the World Cup Tournament.

World Cup Mode in Ultimate Team?

Unlike previous years’ World Cup Mode additions in Ultimate Team, EA has not featured a proper World Cup Mode in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. However, there will be various forms of content for all the players, based on the World Cup. There will be around six new World Cup Promos during the course of the event, considering EA’s reveal of the new card designs.

Special World Cup Player items will be available as well. These cards will feature existing players in the World Cup, along with boosted stats. You can use these cards in your Ultimate Team squad for a limited time and complete various in-game objectives with them. In fact, the more of these cards that you have in your squad, the more objectives you’ll complete. On January 4, 2023, these special player items will expire, and you’ll be provided with the End of Event rewards. Essentially, you’ll have to use these special player items to earn World Cup Swap Tokens. These Tokens can then be exchanged for some excellent rewards. You can start collecting Swap Tokens from November 11 onwards.

Special FUT Heroes (FUT Marvel Heroes) and FUT Icon items will be released based on past players’ performances in their respective teams. Think along the lines of Pele for Brazil and Gerd Muller for Germany. While some special cards will have a time limit for their usage, other cards could be released through Squad Building Challenges and Objectives in different promos.


EA has also revealed various presentation changes to add more flair to the World Cup Mode. Special World Cup-based commentary has been added to the game, as well as various post-match and pre-match cutscenes. These will feature nation-based celebrations and pre-match buildup before every World Cup match.

Apart from this, a few presentation changes and items have also been added to Ultimate Team. You’ll be able to customise your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team stadium with new items to reflect your favourite nations and their associated colours. Additionally, authentic World Cup kits for all nations will be released in the game. Whether it’s goal pyrotechnics, stadium chants, or special kits for your team, you’ll be able to bring in the World Cup feeling to your Ultimate Team stadium and squad.

EA hasn’t revealed the exact dates for the new promo content yet. However, considering the fact that they’ve stated content will be released daily, you can expect lots of new player items, SBCs, and objectives to be uploaded to Ultimate Team frequently. Although fans may not be happy about the exclusion of a dedicated World Cup Mode in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, good promo content and player rewards should be enough to salvage the mode.

Summing up

While there’s very little information out at this moment about the World Cup Mode in FIFA 23, we have some idea about what we can expect. Moreover, with the addition of Squad Building Challenges, Objectives, dynamic player items, and a whole new game mode, there’s plenty to watch out for. So, what do you think of the FIFA 23 World Cup Mode? Are you as excited about the new player items as we are? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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  • Check out all that you need to know about FIFA 23 World Cup Mode right here!

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