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Get Your OnePlus 6T Charging Jack Replaced At Your Home


Prolonged use and carelessness can malfunction the OnePlus 6 T’s charging jack. To avoid panic, book Cashify doorstep service to fix it at an affordable price.

- Updated: 25th Apr 2022, 20:55 IST
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    First method: Cashify repair service
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    The second method: OnePlus service centre

There is no doubt that OnePlus delivers a tremendous performance, their millions of users are the best example of its success. However, as any ordinary device is prone to technical issues, the OnePlus 6T is no exception. A simple charging jack issue may cause your device to underperform. Here we have mentioned two methods to avoid such an issue; let’s begin!

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First method: Cashify repair service

Here is the first option, Cashify mobile repair service to fix the OnePlus 6T charging jack; follow these simple steps.

  1. Firstly, you have to create a Cashify account and provide your location and phone details.
  2. After registration, find the OnePlus mobile repair section and select your brand as OnePlus.
  3. After the procedure, select your smartphone model name, and you’ll be taken to the OnePlus 6T charging jack repair page. You will see the cost of repairing the charging jack. Then book your appointment; after that, our professional executive will reach out as soon to fix it right in front of you.
  4. The cost of making a OnePlus 6T charging jack here is 1,049. In comparison, the service centres charge a lot more than that.
  5. You don’t have to worry about parts; Cashify always uses original parts for repair and gives you up to three months of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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The second method: OnePlus service centre

Your second option is to visit your nearest OnePlus service centre to fix the charging jack.

  1. The authorised OnePlus service centres charge you more than you expect.
  2. In addition, it might cost you approx 2,000 to 2,500 for your OnePlus 6T charging jack without any warranty.
  3. Also, you will have to go to a service centre physically for a charging jack, and it might be time taking task. In contrast, Cashify is offering you better service at a lower price.

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OnePlus 6T gives its users a good performance, and its battery life is good. This mobile is good in almost every field. But due to overuse or any other reason, you may face a malfunction in the charging jack. So the best way for you is to turn to Cashify for a quick, excellent and affordable repair service.

You can turn to the product page to learn more about the OnePlus 6T at Cashify. In addition, Cashify has more informative pages like compare phones, latest phones, videos, reviews, etc. If you have decided to sell your old phone, you can sell it at a reasonable price on Cashify.


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