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Looking For The Best Google Pixel Back Cover? Here Are A Few Options


Back cover for Google Pixel devices is necessary as the devices are expensive and often are made up of materials that can be easily damaged. So we have created a list of a few websites that can help you choose the best protection for your Pixel devices.

- Updated: 14th Mar 2022, 17:55 IST
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    Best Google Pixel Back Cover
    • Coverscart
    • Spigen
    • Casemate
    • Stuffcool 
    • Rhinoshield

A back cover is of utmost importance for any device and Google Pixel devices are somewhat rare to find in India. So are the accessories including back covers, and it is hard to find a good variety of cases for Google Pixel devices.

The Google Pixel devices are not only considered the best Android phones with best in class cameras but also provide a stock Android experience. All this comes in with a hefty price tag and therefore you need to keep your smartphone secure from accidental damage. 

When it comes to choosing a smartphone cover we often focus on the price and miss out on protection. When you are using a smartphone as expensive as a Google Pixel 6 Pro you can’t skip out on protection in terms of the back cover for your Pixel phone. So here we have curated a list of a few popular websites through which you can buy Google Pixel back cover that best suits your style.

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Best Google Pixel Back Cover


coverscart for quirky google pixel back cover

Coverscart is a go-to website for everyone who is looking to get a quirky case for their device and is known for its amazing designs. The covers available here provides a unique look for your phone that also reflects your personality and your style statement. 

Except for the latest Google Pixel 6, the site provides quite a lot of options available in terms of Google Pixel Back Cover for all different Pixel models. It even offers the cover for ancient Google Nexus 6 and Google and Nexus 6P both of which are over 8-year-old devices. You will definitely find a suitable case on the site that will be worth your investment. They provide high-quality covers with premium print and glass design that provides all-around protection with its rubber edges. 

Unlike many of the other sites, this site is dedicated to providing only smartphone cases so irrespective of which Pixel device you are on you will definitely find a suitable cover for your smartphone. Above all that the site also offers free shipping with the fastest available courier services with live tracking which provides you with the option to track the whereabouts of your order. There are also lots of payment methods including net banking, credit card, debit card and cash on delivery.

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Spigen cases for Google Pixel

Spigen is one of the popular case manufacturers out there in the global market that has solidified its place as a premium case provider. It provides a good variety from ultrathin hardshell cases to rugged dual layer smartphone covers that protect your smartphone from accidental drops. It does have a little bit expensive price tag but the smartphone cover comes with great durability and perfect fit. 

In case of availability sadly the site does not directly cater to the Indian audience but you will find a Spigen case for all Pixel devices on the Amazon website. The smartphone covers are basically over of different price ranges based on their design ranging from Rs. 600 to Rs. 1500.

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casemate store

From covers to accessories like studio lighting Casemate has a lot to offer for any user out there. The site offers different types of cases for Pixel phones. From Google Pixel 4 to Pixel 6 Pro you’ll find cover for every Pixel phone released by Google. There is also a variety of different covers available as per your taste. 

Mainly many of the art enthusiasts would like the website’s offerings as the covers are very vibrant in colours and design. You get floral design as well as glitter type design if that is something that interests you. Apart from just cover you also get the toughened glass that provides protection for your Pixel phone in case you drop your phone screen first on the floor. But the most popular ones are the Pelican Proter cases as these are somewhat rugged cases and are built well to protect the smartphone for accidental drops.

Talking about the pricing, the site does have a premium price tag for its covers. For Pixel phones, the pricing starts from Rs. 2,000 and goes to around Rs. 3,500 and more. 

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stuffcool back covers for pixel

Stuffcool doesn’t offer as many accessories as Casemate but you’ll definitely find quality cover for your Pixel phone right here. The site was launched in 2011 and since then they have been providing quality smartphone covers to devices from various brands. It offers an unbeatable range of covers, screen protectors, chargers, cables and much more all handpicked by industry experts.

The site does not have cases for the latest Pixel 6 series but you’ll find cases for older models like Pixel 4A or Pixel 3. The case offered here are bulky and provides enough protection to your device so that it doesn’t break. While there is less offering in terms of design compared to sites like Spigen, you still have a really great collection to choose from. Being a well-known company you can rest assured that its products will be of good quality. The pricing is lower and might fit everyone’s budget. 

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If protection is the first thing in your mind then Rhinoshield is the website you should check out. It offers a great range of rugged covers for your Pixel phones. Apart from covers, you can also buy screen protectors and lens protectors for your smartphone cameras. 

The company claims that their cases provide drop protection from at least 11 feet. It is possible with their ShockSpread technology. Even with their screen protectors, they claim to offer 5 times more protection from impacts. The site offers customizable covers for Pixel devices where you can buy an extra set of buttons with different colours and replace them whenever you like.

You also get the option to choose from different types of cases like leather, wood, carbon fibre or classic case designs. Every single one of these cases offers military-grade drop protection. So you can rest assured that your expensive Pixel device is safe in Rhinoshield covers. The site delivers all over India and you can directly choose your favourite Google Pixel Back Cover and place the order from its official website only. 


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Highlights of the Story

  • Google Pixel devices are often made up of expensive glass or plastic so the chance is high that you might drop them and damage your device.
  • Therefore it is important to buy a back cover that provides decent protection to your Pixel device.
  • Here we have created a list of websites that provide an excellent range of options for Pixel users.

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