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Top 5 Websites To Buy Mobile Back Covers


Smartphones have become an essential part of our ensemble and it is necessary to protect them with a good mobile back cover. So to save your time we have shortlisted some of the website to buy mobile back cover that you can visit to select a good back cover for your smartphone.

- Updated: 3rd Feb 2023, 16:43 IST
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    Websites To Buy Mobile Back Covers
    • 1. DailyObjects
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    • 3. CaseDodo
    • 4. Bewakoof
    • 5. Be Young
    • 6. BeAwara

Today smartphones are expensive and having a back cover is absolutely necessary that can protect your smartphones from accidental drops. When it comes to choosing the best smartphone cover you don’t want to compromise at any point. So for buying a cover, you don’t have to resort to only Amazon or Flipkart, there are a lot of websites that offer great mobile back covers that are stylish as well as functional.

Websites To Buy Mobile Back Covers

To save you time going through different websites and deciding which one is the best, we have created a list of the best websites to buy mobile back covers.

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1. DailyObjects


DailyObjects is a popular website and doesn’t need an introduction. It is one of the most recognized brands in India and you may have seen its ad on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The site offers really aesthetic and eye-pleasing smartphone covers that provide great protection for your device. The covers are specially designed to maintain the aesthetic look of your smartphone while also providing protection from accidental drops.

The mobile covers sold by DailyObjects are thoroughly tested for protection against drops and they offer good shock-absorbing materials to resist impacts. The pricing is a little bit on the premium side but once you buy a case from DailyObjects you will surely return to the site for buying more.

2. Coverscart


Launched in 2013 Coverscart provided much-needed innovation and creativity within the mobile accessories market. The site understands that your mobile cover reflects your personality and your style and therefore provides amazing designs for all types of smartphones. With a wide variety of different designs, you will definitely find a suitable case that will match your personality and be worth your investment as well.

The covers provided by the company are high quality and premium but also carry a very affordable price tag. Another USP of the covers cart is they offer an anti-scratch matte finish, precise side cutouts for buttons and raised front bezel for extra protection.

While many websites on the list also sell other smartphone accessories but Coverscart is entirely dedicated to providing smartphone cases only. Whether you are trying to find the case for Realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone, or some other company you will find a lot of different types of good quality cases for your device. Also, the website provides free shipping through the fastest courier service available and you can also track your package in real time.

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3. CaseDodo


CaseDodo is the best website to buy mobile back cover to go for if you own an iPhone and need a minimal case without any hassle. The website offers a wide variety of cases for iPhone only. Their most popular product is their thin cases which don’t add much weight to your device and provide a minimalistic look to your iPhone. The cases are very thin so they don’t provide any protection from drops but they are good at avoiding any kind of scratches on the glass back cover of your iPhone. The aim behind making certain cases is to showcase the iPhone’s design aesthetics. They also offer leather and silicone cases so if you are looking to buy a minimalistic cover for your smartphone CaseDodo is the place.

4. Bewakoof


Next on the list, we have Bewakoof which is already a popular brand among youngsters for providing quirky products. If you are trying to find some superhero mobile covers for your smartphone this is the right place to get all the patterns from Marvel Avengers and other such designs. Bewakoof too provides thin cases that look great in terms of design but they don’t offer much protection in case you drop your phone quite often.

Also, the site focuses more on clothes and other accessories so you will also specifically look for the mobile covers section. Also, the mobile back cases collection is quite limited. But it is an Indian brand and you will get easily all the trendy and contemporary covers with different styles at a very affordable price.

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5. Be Young

Be Young

Be Young was launched in 2017 with the idea to establish an eCommerce brand that represents the common Indian youth when it comes to fashion and accessories. The company provides distinctive and out-of-box designs in its t-shirts and mobile cover offerings.

Be Young offers mobile covers for almost every brand right? It includes cover for Apple to Samsung, Redmi to Realme, HTC, Oppo, Vivo, and many others. It has more than 200 designs that today’s youth can relate to and offers amazing deals. Not only designs but the site also offers customizable covers. So you can surprise your partner with a picture on the back cover of your mobile. You can totally customize the design of the cover based on your personal preference without any compromise.

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6. BeAwara

BeAwara is quite similar to Bewakoof. Here you will find great mobile cases although they also offer a number of other products as well. Many of the mobile cases have excellent designs but don’t offer much in terms of protection. Also if you purchase mobile cases the site offers you another case for free. BeAwara offers cases for 11 smartphone brands which is pretty limited. About from smartphone covers, you will also find t-shirts, printed mugs, gifts, and other things.

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  • Smartphone covers are essential as they provide protection from accidental slips and also reflect your personality.
  • There are a lot of website to buy mobile back cover out there, but only some are legit
  • So we have a guide with the best sites from which you can select the mobile cover that protects your device as well as suits your style.