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Google Wallet Vs Google Pay: Difference, Uses, Features Explained!


Are you wondering what could be the Google Wallet Vs Google Pay factors? Which of these platforms will be better for you? Find all details in te article about their features, benefits, user experience and much more!

- Updated: 10th May 2024, 15:10 IST
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    What To Know About Google Wallet?
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    What To Know About Google Pay?
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    Main Differences
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    Google Wallet Vs Google Pay: User Experience
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    Final Verdict

Now that Google Wallet has launched in India, it would be a good time to analyse Google Wallet Vs Google Pay. While we are already acquainted with the popular Google Pay app for making any kind of money transactions, Google Wallet is still an unventured place for most of us. Let us explore the features, their similarities and their differences here today. So that it’s easier to decide which one would be more convenient to use for specific needs. Let’s begin!

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What To Know About Google Wallet?

Google Wallet Vs Google pay

Google Wallet is just like a digital wallet that stores everything important to you while you are on the go. Just like the things you would usually carry in a physical wallet, like your payment cards, bills, Identity cards, etc. Only here, you don’t have to carry one as everything is available in Google Wallet of your phone itself. Here are a few things you can store digitally on Google Wallet:

  • Payment cards: Credit, debit, and loyalty cards can be added for contactless payments at stores.
  • Passes: Boarding passes, movie tickets, and event tickets can be easily accessed and presented electronically.
  • Keys: Some car models and smart locks allow you to store digital keys in Google Wallet for convenient access.
  • IDs: While not yet widely adopted, Google Wallet may eventually store digital IDs for age verification or identification purposes.

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What To Know About Google Pay?

Google Wallet Vs Google pay

Google Pay came from a hybrid version of Android Pay and Google Wallet. It is an online platform for peer-to-peer payments. It allows contactless bill or money transfer payments among friends and family using only their contact number or scanning the QR code generated by the app and using a UPI pin. While paying the money is directly debited from your linked bank account instead of a debit or credit card. Here are a few benefits of Google Pay:

  • The payments via Google Pay happen within seconds.
  • You can enjoy rewards and cashback programs with various popular merchants and brands as part of their promotional activity
  • You will be able to view your monthly spending and balance and track your finances with a detailed transaction history.
  • Google Pay gives monthly reminders to pay your recurring bills like electricity, gas, mobile recharge, etc.
  • You can conveniently split bills with groups.
  • It is widely accepted and completely free to use.

Main Differences

Below we have discussed the main differences that separate the two platforms from each other.

FeatureGoogle WalletGoogle Pay
Primary FocusComprehensive digital walletContactless payments and peer-to-peer transactions
FeaturesStore credit and debit cards, contactless payments, digitize cards and IDs, NFC paymentsCard storage, passes, tickets, memberships
Scope of FunctionalityWide range of functionalities beyond paymentsStreamlined focus on payments, but integrates various cards, passes, tickets, and memberships
EvolutionGoogle’s latest digital wallet attemptEvolved from Android Pay and Google Wallet
Target AudienceUsers seeking versatile digital wallet solutionUsers interested in convenient payment options
Chrome IntegrationLimitedIntegration for online purchases with Chrome
Reward ProgramLoyalty cards and membership cardsA bunch of reward programs available

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Google Wallet Vs Google Pay: User Experience

If you are keen to know which of the apps would be better for you to use, here are a few things I have listed. These factors come under consideration when choosing a money transaction platform like Google Pay or Google Wallet.

FactorsGoogle WalletGoogle Pay
Payment ConvenienceGood – tap to pay where Google Pay is acceptedExcellent – tap to pay in stores, online, and send money to contacts
Payment Speed (Success)Potentially slower Faster due to offline transaction processing
Payment Speed (Failure)Requires troubleshooting or alternative payment methodMay retry transaction automatically or offer alternative payment methods
SecurityExcellent – inherits security from Google PayExcellent – multi-layered security features
UI (User Interface)Comprehensive – manages various cards and passesSimple and intuitive
Sending Money (no QR code)NoPotentially slower if an internet connection needed
Offers & RewardsPotentially in the future (integrations planned)Yes – through partner programs
Transaction HistoryAccessible through Google PayDetailed transaction history
Tracking FinancesMore comprehensive budgeting tools (planned)Limited – basic insights
Add Note While PayingNoYes

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Final Verdict

Both Google Wallet and Google Pay offer valuable tools for managing finances and more. By understanding their strengths, you can choose the app that best suits your needs. Both have their own functionalities. To think which one would be better for money transactions in Google Wallet Vs Google Pay, it clearly depends upon your personal preference.

If you would want to pay directly from the bank or not. As technology evolves, keep an eye out for how these services might further integrate and simplify the way you carry and access your essentials.

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Highlights of the Story

  •  Google offers the most trustworthy and secure online payment platforms like Google Wallet and Google Pay.
  • Both are built to digitalise payments, be it bills or sending money to friends.
  • In Google Wallet Vs Google Pay, we explore the main differences and the user experience offered by both.

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