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How Does Google Speed Test Work?


Do you have any idea how fast your internet connection should be? Do you know if you’re getting the download and upload speeds you paid for? It’s critical to ensure that we’re getting consistent and reliable results. The Google speed test is a quick and easy way to determine how fast your internet is. Let’s have a look at how Google speed test works.

- Updated: 16th Jun 2022, 12:01 IST
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    How speed tests work?
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    Google Speed Test
    • Google speed test: Pros
    • Google speed test: Cons
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    How can you get the most accurate results?

Internet speed testing can help you decide whether or not your Service Provider is delivering on its claims. Google is one of several technological corporations that conduct a speed test. Is this a genuine speed test, or should you look for another?

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How speed tests work?

Google speed test

When you begin a speed test, several things happen. The Google Speed test first calculates your location and the nearest test server to you—this is crucial. The Google Speed test sends a simple signal (a ping) to the test server when it has been set up, and the server responds. The roundtrip time is measured in milliseconds in this test.

The download test begins after the ping is completed. The client connects to the server numerous times and tries to download a small amount of data. Two factors are measured at this point: how long it took to grab the data fragment and how much of your network resources it consumed.

If the client finds that you have free space on your hard drive, it opens additional connections to the server and downloads additional material. The overall idea is to put a strain on your internet connection to discover how much it can handle at once.

After determining that it has the proper connections to test your internet service, the client downloads more chunks of data, calculates the quantity downloaded in the time permitted, and displays the download speed.

The upload test comes next. It’s effectively the same procedure as the download test, but it’s done backwards.

The client uploads data from your PC to the server instead of pulling data from the server.

Google Speed Test

Anyone seeking to test browser speed can use the google speed test, which is free, rapid, and accurate. You also don’t have to pay for Google’s Fiber service. Since Google is recognized for its efficiency and simplicity, you may be confident in the google speed test results.

The test is quick and accurate, taking approximately 15 seconds. You’ll get data on upload speed, download speed, and ping time.

In addition to other information, the Fiber Speedtest can tell you what server you’re utilizing. You can also see how your internet speed compares to that of Google Fiber.

Google speed test: Pros

The speed with which the Google internet speed test runs is one of our favourite features. This is one of the quickest speed tests we’ve ever seen, taking less than half the time to complete as many other tests. The exam is also quick to load and features a clear, straightforward interface that is free of adverts.

The results of the desktop version are very consistent, matching both our expectations and the findings of other competing performance tests. This speed test also shows the location of the testing, which is useful for judging dependability.

Google speed test: Cons

The main issue with the google speed test is that the results aren’t always accurate or consistent on the mobile version. Furthermore, this test does not reveal much in the way of extra information, such as your IP address or information about your internet provider.

Another issue is that both versions of the test use an insecure website, and the ping times are a little longer than what we’ve seen from several competitors’ tests. Finally, additional features such as the ability to specify your testing site or store and share your results are not available.

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How can you get the most accurate results?

Accurate test results are dependent on what you seek to measure. Do you want to see if your Internet service provider is delivering the stated speeds? Then aim for the best possible conditions. Use an ethernet-connected device, select the nearest test server, and turn off anything that could be demanding your internet connection.

Before doing a speed test, you might wish to restart your router. Instead of doing a browser test, see if your router has a built-in speed test. This eliminates some of the hurdles that the procedure must overcome.

Use a browser or app test instead if you want results that are more realistic. Bypassing the router test, you should be able to choose a server that is further away. If you have one or two video or audio streams running on a regular basis, start them before beginning the internet speed test.

At the end of the day, no matter what steps you take or how you measure, you won’t receive an exact outcome. However, you can achieve a good enough result to either pique your interest or verify your ISP’s advertised speeds.

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  • Google speed test offers a simple way to see how fast your internet is.
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