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    Here’s How To Buy iPhone 13 For Rs. 45,990 Right Now!


    If you are here, you must be contemplating whether you should buy a second hand iPhone 13. Buying second hand devices is environmentally as well as wallet-friendly. Here’s how you can shop smartly using cashify without jeopardising your security.

    By Abantika De | 
    Updated: 19th Nov 2022 01:57 IST

    Table Of Contents

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      Refurbished device
    • 2
      Apple iPhone 13 specifications
    • 3
      Buy refurbished iPhone 13 via Cashify
    • 4
      Is Cashify trustworthy?
    • 5
      Benefits of purchasing refurbished iPhone 13 from Cashify
    • 6
      Final Words

    Highlights of the Story

    • Are you planning on purchasing a refurbished iphone 13?
    • Cashify is the best and the most reliable platform to buy a refurbished iPhone 13.
    • You will also get steal deals for all Apple iPhones as a part of Cashify’s iPhone Dhamaka Sale, which begins on 14th October 2022.

    Should I purchase a refurbished iPhone 13 or not? For those of us who are budget-conscious, the answer to the question should be very obvious: old phones are less expensive, making them the better deal. iPhones are quite expensive, and not everyone has the resources to shell out a lot of cash for the handset of their dreams. This is when second-hand iPhones from cashify are at the rescue! Continue reading to find out how you can buy the second-hand iPhone 13 now. 

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    Refurbished device

    Many smartphone-savvy customers could claim that the thrill of buying a used phone pales in comparison to the excitement of opening a brand-new mobile device that is jam-packed with the newest features and technology and looks utterly enticing with its scratch-free and shiny body smartly housed in a fashionable box!

    However, purchasing a new phone might not always be an option, especially if you consider yourself a self-described gadget fanatic who is constantly searching for the newest models making waves in the mobile phone industry.

    Indeed, there are occasions when purchasing a second-hand phone is much more cost-effective than going with a new one, especially if you don’t plan to spend a lot of money on high-end mobile devices. This may be because you are strapped for funds or because you know it’s just a matter of time before you get your hands on yet another cutting-edge product that creates a buzz in the market.

    Additionally, you ought to be aware of when it’s time to switch to a new smartphone. Whatever your motivations for choosing a used smartphone, you should remember that doing so might be challenging, given the market’s abundance of malfunctioning and counterfeit devices.

    Due diligence of the used smartphones becomes non-negotiable if you do not want to bring home a device that is nothing but a rip-off, given that second-hand mobile phones can also have their fair share of wear and tear and sometimes do not boast any warranty cover.

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    Apple iPhone 13 specifications


    Apple iPhone 13

    Apple A15 BionicHexa Core (3.23 GHz, Dual core, Avalanche + 1.82 GHz, Quad core, Blizzard)Apple GPU (four-core graphics)
    Apple A15 Bionic
    6.1 inches457 ppi, OLED1170 x 2532 pixels
    6.1 inches
    Dual, 12MP + 12MP3840x2160 @ 24 fps, 1920x1080 @ 30 fps, 1280x720 @ 30 fpsSingle, 12MP
    Dual, 12MP + 12MP
    3227 mAh, Li-ionWireless ChargingFast, 20W
    3227 mAhLi-ion

    Launched in September 2021, the Apple iPhone 13 comes with a 6.1-inch display. A crisp OLED Super Retina display offers improved brightness of up to 800nits in regular use and 1200nits with HDR content. The Apple A15 Bionic SoC is the highlight. Both 5G and LTE are supported.

    Buy refurbished iPhone 13 via Cashify

    refurbished iPhone 13

    Cashify is the safest and most reliable place to buy a second-hand Apple iPhone 13. Use Cashify to purchase a second-hand Apple iPhone 6 by following these three simple steps.

    1. To begin with, visit the Cashify’s store page.
    2. Next, select the brand and model name of the device you wish to buy; in this case, type Apple iPhone 13, and you’ll be redirected to the Apple iPhone 13 refurbished website.
    3. You are finally prepared to get an Apple iPhone 13 for the lowest price, i.e., ₹49,990.
    4. Customers will receive a warranty of six months starting from the date of purchase.
    5. As part of Cashify’s iPhone Dhamaka Sale, starting on October 14, 2022, it lets you get an Apple iPhone 13 for just Rs. 44,990 (refurbished superb) and Rs. 45,990 (refurbished good).

    Is Cashify trustworthy?

    Yes, Cashify is completely trustworthy and buying and selling phones is effortless. Both a physical and online presence for Cashify is being established in the city. Cashify guarantees that it will never attempt to recover the user’s data and that any data it purchases will be totally erased. Therefore, anyone who purchases one of these used phones will be unable to read any data.

    Therefore, make ensure that the information on your old phone is completely deleted before selling it through Cashify.

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    Benefits of purchasing refurbished iPhone 13 from Cashify

    There are several benefits to buying a used phone, some of which are described here:

    • Cashify is the most reliable and trustworthy marketplace for buying and selling second-hand cell phones and other electronic devices.
    • Besides, you’ll get paid right away for the items you sell on Cashify. Moreover, there is no need to pay extra for pick up.
    • If you are experiencing issues with your gadgets, Cashify also offers you the best repair services and has your equipment repaired at a low cost.

    Moreover, if you buy the phone during the sale starting from 14th October 2022 as a part of the Cashify iPhone Dhamaka Sale. Do note that stocks will be limited. The first 1000 buyers will also get Ekko Bluetooth Headsets worth Rs. 2,999. Additionally, a six-month warranty will be provided to the customers from the date of purchase. 

    Final Words

    Although there are certain advantages to purchasing a second-hand smartphone, buyers should exercise caution. Users are frequently taken advantage of by a bogus device, and in some cases, they buy a stolen phone. There are a lot of stories online about people who bought old phones just to find out the seller lied to them. Examine the condition of the second-hand iPhone 13, but don’t be fooled by cheaper rates.

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    All smartphones worldwide are covered by Cashify’s most recent information. For more details about the Apple iPhone 13, please visit our product page.


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