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    How To Connect Huawei Smartwatch Or Fitness Tracker To Smartphone


    Huawei has a good range of smartwatches and fitness trackers including the Watch GT 2e, there are also a few smartwatches and fitness trackers made by the sub-brand Honor. While the devices itself are pretty good and work pretty well, there was a recent change in how you connect these wearables to your smartphone, and this has made the prospect of buying Huawei fitness trackers and smartwatches less appealing. While most Android Wear-based smartwatches offer seamless connectivity, the offerings from Huawei have a few additional steps involved, this article will guide you through the process.

    By Akhil Taneja | 
    Updated: 8th Sep 2020 15:30 IST

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      How to Connect Huawei Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker to Smartphone
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      • Huawei Smartwatch Review

    Highlights of the Story

    • Huawei is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers and also produces smartphones and accessories under the sub-brand Honor
    • The brand manufactures and sells smartwatches and fitness trackers under the name of Huawei and Honor
    • While Android wear devices offer a very simple connection to the smartwatch, the offerings from Honor have a different process to follow

    Huawei manufactures and sells a good range of smartphones, smartwatches, and smart fitness trackers including the Watch GT2e and more devices manufactured under the sub-brand Honor. However, in recent times there was a change in how to connect these wearables to your smartphone and this made the prospect of owning and using these devices a little less appealing.

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    The process was rather simple before with a streamlined flow, the current process requires the users to download as many as three apps on the Android phone and the worst part is that not all of these apps are available on the Google Play Store.

    This small change certainly does make other companies and their offerings more tempting for many users as people are generally looking for extreme convenience while buying these wearables and these additional steps do add to the discomfort and length of the setup process.

    If you already own a Huawei smartwatch or fitness tracker and intend to use it for the near future, then you are forced to go through this tedious process for setup. To improve clarity and reduce confusion we’ve compiled a guide for you on how to connect your Huawei smartwatch or fitness tracker to your smartphone.

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    How to Connect Huawei Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker to Smartphone

    The first step involves that you have the wearable and phone in hand, head to the Google Play Store on the smartphone, and download the Huawei Health app. While most fitness trackers and smartwatches just require one client app on the smartphone, this is just the beginning of the ordeal if you are dealing with a Huawei smartwatch.

    How To Pair Huawei Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker To Smartphone
    • Once you have the Huawei Health app installed you will need to download Huawei Mobile Services for it to work, you can luckily find this app on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, this variant of the Huawei Mobile Services doesn’t work completely well and the only reasonable way to get it to work is by downloading a third app on your smartphone
    • This third app is the Huawei AppGallery and this application is not available on the Google Play Store. This app is essentially a replacement for the Google Play Store on their smartphones given the Huawei ban restricts the company from using Google Play Store on their smartphones. You will need this app to download other apps on a Huawei smartphone and this app will also be needed to connect your smartwatch or fitness tracker from Huawei.
    • To download the AppGallery you can go to Huawei’s website and click on the Install Now option, your web browser should now seek permission to download files if you haven’t already. Once the apk for the AppGallery is downloaded then you can install it on your smartphone, you will also need to agree to the permissions during this installation.
    • Once the app is set up, use the search option to find ‘HMS Core’ and update it, this should take a short while to process and when it is done the Huawei Mobile Services that you previously downloaded will now be updated and you can use the Huawei Health app without an issue.
    • Open the Huawei Health app and sign in with your Huawei ID, you can either create a new account or sign in via SMS to save time.
    • Once you are in the Huawei Health app you can set up your wearable by going to the Devices section in the bottom menu and tapping on the Add option and following the instructions you see on screen.

    How To Pair Huawei Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker To Smartphone

    With this step, you should be able to set up your Huawei smartwatch or fitness tracker and have it connected to your smartphone. It does feel like multiple steps just to get your wearable device to work compared to other similar processes of Apple Watch or a Wear OS smartwatch and we hope that Huawei simplifies the process soon. If you have a Huawei smartwatch then you have no choice but to follow the tedious process outlined above to connect the smartwatch or fitness tracker to work on your smartphone.

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    While Huawei does offer good smartwatches for the price, we are increasingly seeing other options in the budget segment including offerings from Amazfit, Realme, and more that are easier to set up compared to this multiple step process from Huawei. The convenience is generally of prime importance for most users when they are in search of a smartwatch or wearable to track their fitness. This puts the Huawei smartwatches and fitness trackers in a bad spot as the process is extremely complicated when compared to most others setup instructions of other watch manufacturers.


    Huawei Smartwatch Review

    The Huawei Watch GT in general has a screen that looks incredible with a dazzling battery power. The smartwatch functions admirably but takes a step back when it comes to offering app support. It is quite disappointing that it cannot be connected to many of the online services, has no 4G option, does not support wireless charging and is not stuffed with amazing features like the smartwatches from other premium brands like Apple. On the bright side, it is waterproof and the health tracker works well through the continuous heart-rate monitoring and tracking the count of daily steps. Along with GPS tracking the most incredible factor that makes this smartwatch the best gadget that offers value for money is the presence of a battery that lasts for days. Unlike the other sports watches, this one is stylish with four straps, comes with a decent OLED display and is slimmer. The screen transition is a bit off but the activity tracking is good for the price range.



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