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How To Get Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation Second Hand Online In India


It can be tricky to purchase a used iPhone or Android phone. However, you can learn how to buy a secure second hand mobile phone at a good price here!

- Updated: 6th Jul 2023, 11:18 IST
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    Second hand or Refurbished: Which one is better?
    • Second-hand devices
    • Refurbished devices
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    Buy Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation second hand Via Cashify
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    Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation Specs
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    Final thoughts

Purchasing a used smartphone could prove beneficial in many ways. Still, it’s crucial to know what you’re getting into and to consider important factors like security patches and many other factors. Moreover, this article covers how & where to get the ideal used phone.

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Second hand or Refurbished: Which one is better?

Some websites use the terms “used phone” and “refurbished phone” interchangeably, making it simple to make a mistake. There are important distinctions, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Second-hand devices

These are frequently bought directly from the prior owner, which increases the risk of the deal. Since there is no renewal when a phone is privately transferred between owners, keep in mind that the warranty is already expired. A used phone can be purchased at a fantastic deal because the seller might need to be made aware of the actual market value of the device.

Refurbished devices

Refurbished phones will either seem “as new” or be graded according to quality, allowing you to determine the state of the phone before making a purchase. Because a refurbished phone has been professionally inspected to guarantee it is in excellent functioning order and in good physical condition, the price of a refurbished phone is frequently more than that of a used phone. Since a reputable retailer typically offers refurbished phones, you should also obtain some form of guarantee or warranty.

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Buy Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation second hand Via Cashify

Nowadays, purchasing a used phone in India makes sense because new smartphones are becoming increasingly expensive. Also, it is always considered a decent deal if you can purchase a great phone with a hefty price tag for a reasonable sum. Furthermore, buying a second-hand phone via Cashify is an excellent deal, whether it’s online or offline mode.

  1. Install the app “Cashify” on your mobile phone.
  2. Next, Add your details for signing up.
  3. Visit Cashify’s Refurbished Smartphones page now.
  4. After picking the brand name, choose the model name.
  5. Type the model name here. Add the Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation second-hand in this instance.
  6. You will now be sent to the product page for the Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation refurbished.
  7. With a 6-month warranty, the second-hand Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation second-hand costs about ₹5,799.

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Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation Specs


Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation

Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation
Dual core, 1.84 GHzPowerVR GT7600
326 ppi, IPS LCD640 x 1136 pixels
3840x2160 @ 30 fps, 1920x1080 @ 120 fps, 1280x720 @ 240 fpsSingle, 1.2MP

The Apple iPhone SE 1st Generation is similar to the iPhone 5 in terms of appearance and design. But it has a contemporary power-packer A9 processor that keeps it blazingly quick.

Apple iPhone SE 1 Generation

Additionally, a powerful camera is included for taking detailed shots. Moreover, it is a great pick for those with a limited budget.

Final thoughts

The following advice and strategies for purchasing a secondhand phone from Cashify can help you save time and money. Make sure the phone is in good physical condition by checking the buttons, keys, and touch screen. Additionally, look for dents and scratches on the phone’s back. We hope the information we provided will assist you in selecting the best-in-condition used smartphone for your needs.

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It’s very safe to purchase a used smartphone on Cashify. All sellers go through a proper screening procedure before being approved by the organisation, and they always have the customer’s best interests in mind. In addition,  Cashify will provide you best services. In order to buy a phone, you can also go to the  Cashify store, perform a model search, and get to the product page for the phone. Finally, you can locate the used phone you’re hoping to purchase by clicking there.


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