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How To Get Apple iPhone XS Max Battery Replaced?


Your smartphone battery may not be as efficient as it was when you bought it. This requires the replacement of the battery. Know details here.

- Updated: 25th Apr 2023, 13:11 IST
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    Method 1: Cashify Repair
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    Method 2: Apple Service Centre

If the performance of your Apple iPhone XS Max has started to suffer and you are unable to get a day’s worth of battery life. The Apple iPhone XS Max battery needs to be changed at that point. When using a smartphone, a damaged battery will reduce its performance and cause several problems. As you are aware, a smartphone’s battery is susceptible to damage for several reasons. Having a poor battery is not a good smartphone experience, regardless of whether the phone won’t charge, the battery has swollen, or there is external damage.

In this article, we have figured out the two best methods to help you get your Apple iPhone XS Max battery replaced as quickly as possible.

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Method 1: Cashify Repair

Cashify mobile repair is an excellent place to get your iPhone battery replaced at a reasonable price.  Follow these simple steps to get your smartphone’s battery replaced.

  1. Go to the Cashify app or website and signup for the Cashify battery repair service.
  2. Once on the dashboard, select your brand and the device model as Apple iPhone 8.
  3. Now, on the next Apple iPhone XS Max Battery Repair page, select the colour of the smartphone. Next, you’ll be able to see a repair dashboard where all the repair prices are mentioned.
  4. The Apple iPhone XS Max battery repair price in India is just Rs. 3,999. This affordable pricing is way cheaper than the Apple service centre.
  5. At Cashify, you will always get genuine parts for your smartphone. In addition, Cashify also provides six months guarantee on all their repair parts. So, if any issues occur, you can always get a new replacement instantaneously.
  6. Cashify offers doorstep delivery of service. This means that the service executive will repair your smartphone at your home, and you won’t have to go out to the service centre and submit your device.

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Method 2: Apple Service Centre

You can always go to the Apple service centre to get your Apple iPhone XS Max battery replaced. However, this might cost you a lot more than you think.

  1. Authorised apple spare parts come at a very high cost and wouldn’t be feasible for some people.
  2. The Apple service centre doesn’t have any doorstep repairing service, which means you’ll have to submit your smartphone for few days to get its battery replaced.
  3. Apple devices mostly get warranty benefits when Apple Care + is purchased as an extended warranty, and it can be expensive for people.
  4. The battery replacement at the Apple service centre will cost you approx. Rs. 5,000 to 8,000.

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The iPhone XS Max has a 3,174 mAh battery, which is larger than the 2,716 battery fitted in the iPhone X. It gives a high endurance and can run for one day without a problem. However, this replacement can be quickly done via Cashify at an affordable cost.

You can find detailed information about various smartphones on the Cashify product page. Explore specs, features, reviews, and related news about Apple iPhone XS Max. On the top, you’ll also find the latest and exclusive news about upcoming smartphones.


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