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How To Get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile


Read on to learn how to get free skins in PUBG.

- Updated: 7th Dec 2020, 20:46 IST
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    How to get free skins in PUBG Mobile:

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds offers players a multitude of skins or cosmetic unlockables to allow players to personalize their weapons. In addition, you can also personalize other items to give them a bit more flair on the battlefield by using these free skins. 

While a lot of cosmetic upgrades in the game require money to be spent, not all do. Players are always looking for ways in which they can get some free outfits or gun skins in the title. In this article, we look at all the ways PUBG Mobile offers its players free skins.

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How to get free skins in PUBG Mobile:

Redeem Section:

A player looking to acquire some new attire for their closet can visit the redeem section in the shop. Subsequently, the game allows players to purchase lots of rare and epic outfits with the help of silver fragments. These rewards are refreshed at the start of every new season in the game. Moreover, players can get both outfits and weapon skins from this section.

Free Royale Pass Rewards:

Another option is to get some free outfits and weapon skins are from the Royale Pass. The developers release a new Royale Pass at the start of each new season in the game. For players unable to purchase the Elite Royale Pass, there is always an inclusion of some weapon skins and outfits in the free Royale Pass rewards. 

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Unboxing Crates:

PUBG Mobile releases lots of stunning outfits and weapon skins as rewards in crates. There are three types of crates Premium, Classic, and Supply crates. This is where players have a chance of getting a permanent outfit or weapon skins for themselves. Additionally, do try to open lots of these crates to get mythic or legendary costumes for your in-game character.


There are lots of daily events and limited-time events that reward players. It rewards you with permanent or temporary outfits and even cool-looking weapon finishes. However, players need to complete the required missions to get their hands on these rewards and redeem free skins for themselves.

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Using Redeem Codes:

Redeem codes are also a significant way to get some free outfits and other skins. A player can visit the official PUBG Mobile Redeem website to redeem codes and get the item directly into their account.

The only catch is that most of them are limited-time codes or have a usage limit. So players need to look out for these codes and use them as soon as possible.

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