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How To Get iPhone 7 Battery Replaced For The Best Price

By Yeti - 
23rd Feb 2021

iPhone 7 is an old model by Apple because it has been in the market since September, 2016. The phone may have become old but is in popular demand even today. However, if your iPhone 7 battery starts acting weird, we are here to your rescue with two of the simplest ways for your iPhone 7’s battery repair and/or replacement purposes:

Get it repaired with Cashify!

The first and the most convenient way for your phone’s battery repair is visiting Cashify.

  • To visit Cashify, all you have to do is Login to
  • After you login into the website, you will be asked to follow a particular procedure for iPhone 7 battery repair. 
  • Cashify is the most convenient platform because we provide you doorstep services unlike service centres where you need to physically visit. 
  • Cashify provides you with the best quality parts at reasonable rates while service centres charge you a huge amount of money for the same. 
  • While we talk about rates, iPhone 7 battery repair price starts from Rs. 1,999 at Cashify. 
  • We offer you guarantee/ warranty offers as and when they are available while service centres may provide you with such services only if your phone is covered under AppleCare+ subscription.
  • The main plus point of Cashify is that your phone gets repaired in front of you maintaining complete transparency for privacy of your phone as well as instant repairs without having to wait for your phone for days. 

Get it repaired via an authorised service centre

The second alternative is visiting an authorized service centre to get your iPhone 7 battery repair and/or replacement done :

  • An authorized service centre assures quality parts but will obviously charge you hefty amounts for the same. 
  • On the other side, service centres keep your phone for days as they do not provide any instant repair services, though they may get your phone battery’s repair done in a week or so. 
  • Warranty/ Guarantee is always applicable at service centres only if your phone is included under AppleCare+ subscription. 
  • Apple service centre will charge you approximately Rs.3500.

We can summarize that iPhone 7 battery repair cost in India gives you the best value if you get it done from Cashify. 


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