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Want Legendary Gun Skins In Garena Free Fire MAX? Use These Tips!


Tired of your old gun? Need something different? Check out how to get Legendary gun skins in Garena Free Fire MAX, right here. We’ve listed all the viable methods!

By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
Updated: 27th Jun 2022 22:06 IST

Highlights of the Story

  • Legendary gun skins not only change the look of your gun, but they also provide stat upgrades.
  • They are quite difficult to come by in Garena Free Fire MAX.
  • We’ve listed all the methods on how to get Legendary gun skins in Garena Free Fire MAX.

Garena Free Fire MAX, like any other battle royale game, has plenty to offer in terms of content. This content could be events, guns, maps, and cosmetic skins. While most other games don’t add too many in-game bonuses when you use a different character or gun skin, Garena Free Fire MAX does. In fact, not only do you get different kill announcements, hit effects, and kill effects, but the highest levels of gun skins also offer a serious damage upgrade. So, there are multiple reasons why you should get the gun skins in the game. This article will give you the lowdown on how to get Legendary gun skins in Garena Free Fire MAX, as they’re the best gun skins that the game has to offer.

Luck Royale

Luck Royale presents you with multiple rewards in terms of weapons, gun skins, diamonds, and other collectibles such as Carved Horns. However, to get into the Luck Royale pot, you’ll have to take your luck into account, quite literally. The items you get from the spins on Lucky Royale will range from good to excellent, depending on the drops. Moreover, you will also have to factor in how many diamonds you have.

Diamonds are an in-game currency that can be used to purchase various items and have a strike at a fortunate draw in Luck Royale. While the cost of each spin increases as you keep spinning, the items get better as well. If Legendary gun skins are up for grabs in the Lucky Royale, be prepared to spin and spend diamonds for your next fantastic weapon!

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Although most of the Luck Royale parts are easy enough to understand, Incubator can be problematic in the beginning. The game sometimes provides some amazing rare skins through the Incubator. However, you’ll need a bit more work than the Faded Wheel to unlock skins through this. Basically, you’ll have to collect materials from the Luck Royale and then put them in the Incubator to get the gun skins that you were looking for. It’s a more tedious method, but the skins are worth the effort!


The Garena Free Fire MAX store has an entire section on gun crates. These Weapon Loot Crates can be purchased anytime throughout the year, and some of them yield Legendary gun skins. However, you’re never quite sure if you will end up with a gun skin. So, be prepared for some level of disappointment before you get a good reward. Additionally, the gun skins could either be permanent or temporary.

Opening a Weapon Loot Crate can be an expensive affair. These loot crates will cost you 40 diamonds. Since diamonds are hard to come by as it is, you should wait for heavy discounts. You can also use redeem codes or vouchers to get a better deal on a Weapon Loot Crate.

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A simple method used by online games to maintain player engagement is releasing events. You can participate in these events and get some exciting rewards. These rewards often vary depending on what’s trending in the game and the world in general.

For example, Garena Free Fire MAX held events during Diwali celebrations to acquire more engagement through the Indian gamers. They offered a gun skin, completely free of charge. Ensure that you keep checking the Events section in the game periodically and check the rewards. These Event objectives can usually be completed quite easily, thereby granting you an easy gun skin. While Legendary gun skins can be difficult to acquire, they are offered through Events and will require you to grind a bit.


So, these were the best methods on how to get Legendary gun skins in Garena Free Fire MAX. As you can see, all the methods require a bit of grinding and some microtransactions. Nonetheless, the rewards that you get through these methods are definitely worth all the effort that you’re putting into them. Moreover, since the content keeps renewing itself frequently, you might even come across Legendary gun skins that are easier to acquire. Remember to follow these steps as best you can, and you’ll surely end up with an exciting Legendary gun skin in no time!

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