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Here’s How You Can Learn Yoga Online For Free!


If you’ve wanted to explore the world of yoga and didn’t know where to start, don’t worry. These five sources will help you learn yoga online for free and participate in this year’s iteration of International Yoga Day!

- Updated: 21st Jun 2022, 15:17 IST
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    Yoga Download
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    Vinyasa Flow Yoga
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    Yoga Journal
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    Yoga With Kassandra
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    Down Dog
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With June just around the corner, International Yoga Day is on the horizon. For the uninitiated, International Yoga Day is on June 21, 2022. The day celebrates the ancient fitness routine, aiming to spread awareness about yoga’s benefits and its holistic nature. If you’re someone who wants to start their fitness journey on this auspicious day, or if you’re looking to get back into your fitness routine in the comfort of your home, there are multiple sources that you can use. So, this article will go through the sources from where you can learn yoga online for free.

Let’s check the entries, shall we?

Yoga Download

Yoga Download

Yoga Download is one of the best online sources for yoga enthusiasts to get their yoga fix. This source offers you multiple yoga styles that you can experiment with, and the classes are provided by experienced yoga practitioners. Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether you have five minutes of time or an hour. Some courses and classes cater to specific time intervals to ensure that you don’t miss a day of movement and calm. Moreover, the website has hundreds of free videos for you to go through. Based on your style preferences and skillsets, you can even filter these videos according to your needs.

Check out Yoga Download through this link.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

This is a free beginner’s course on yoga through the EkhartYoga brand. The course is offered by Esther Ekhart, one of the biggest names in the modern era of yoga. If you’re unsure whether or not you should start practising yoga, this beginner’s course will give you a decent idea of what you can expect. It’s also great for people who have lacked movement for a long time and want to get back to their desired fitness levels.

The course has five parts and helps you synchronise your breathing and movement for better flexibility. For absolute beginners, you can try out the classes about four to five times a week.

Learn more about Vinyasa Flow Yoga here.

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Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal learn yoga online for free

Yoga Journal is an excellent place to start for people who want to switch to a more yogic lifestyle. This website will offer you plenty of free videos based on your skill level. The website also offers guided meditation to calm your mind and reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Moreover, you can go through pieces of yogic ideas that will help you better understand yourself and your surroundings. Overall, this is a great site to learn yoga online for free.

If you’re interested, check out the website here.

Yoga With Kassandra

From websites, we move on to the vast online world of YouTube. Nowadays, YouTube has courses for almost everything. Considering how famous and pervasive yoga is, you’ll find multiple sources for learning yoga. However, our favourite has to be Yoga With Kassandra. With a teacher as experienced as her, your foundational understanding of yoga will improve immensely.

Furthermore, Kassandra focuses on Yin Yoga. This form of yoga asks you to hold poses for longer instead of changing poses every few seconds. It isn’t strenuous as such and helps you increase your flexibility.

Yoga With Kassandra

For those who want to learn Yin Yoga, check out Kassandra’s channel here.

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Down Dog

Down Dog app learn yoga online for free

For our last entry, we are focussing on the app market. With health, well-being, and fitness becoming such massive industries, it wouldn’t take too much time for app developers to capitalise on their popularity. Down Dog is an app specifically catered to yogis and the yogic lifestyle. There are four different yoga styles that the app focuses on, which are Yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Restorative. Each school of yoga focuses on various aspects and benefits, so you can make your choice accordingly. Additionally, you can make adjustments to your sessions through skill levels, class lengths, background music, and the pacing of intervals. Overall, it’s a great app to learn yoga online for free.

DownloadAndroid iOS


As you can see, there are plenty of sources that you can use to learn yoga online for free. Whether these are video libraries, snippets of yogic wisdom, or apps, there’s a lot of accessibility on the internet. This is especially useful for beginners as they can also curate their likes and dislikes. On International Yoga Day 2022, let’s ensure that movement and calmer minds become the norm for the rest of the year!

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Highlights of the Story

  • International Yoga Day will be celebrated on June 21, 2022. This presents a perfect opportunity for beginners to understand the basics of the yogic lifestyle.
  • There are plenty of sources available on the internet for learning yoga, such as video libraries and articles.
  • We’ve curated five amazing sources for you to learn yoga online for free!