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    How To Remove Virus From Android Phone – 3 Easy Steps!


    While Android makes Smartphones more accessible to people, it is claimed to be more vulnerable to attacks and viruses. If you own an Android phone and feel that your smartphone is acting abnormally then there is a chance that it is infected by a virus or malware that is resulting in unexpected behavior. Most users tend to factory reset their smartphones when such situations arise, and this results in massive data loss. However, there are multiple other ways of dealing with this problem and you can effectively remove viruses from your Android smartphone without performing a Factory Reset and this article shows you how to do it.

    By Akhil Taneja | 
    Updated: 21st Jan 2022 10:47 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      How to Remove Viruses from android Phone?
      • Malwarebytes
      • Bitdefender Antivirus
    • 2
      What can malware and viruses do to Android phones?
    • 3
      Manual Remove of Malware on Android using Safe Mode
    • 4

    Highlights of the Story

    • Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems and is backed by the software giant Google
    • While Android offers more freedom to users and customization, it is believed to be less secure than iOS and more vulnerable to virus and other attacks
    • Luckily, even if your smartphone gets infected by a virus, there are some ways of removing the virus without performing a factory reset

    Android smartphones have evolved a lot in the past few years and are not worth the competition with the iPhones; however, despite all the security improvements, Android is still more vulnerable to viruses and malware than iOS smartphones. The most common reason behind this is the openness of Android and its customization ability that unknowingly leaves more room for attacks from 3rd party software.

    The apps from Google Play Store are generally safe due to the multiple levels of inspection that they go through before getting approval for distribution. However, if you download an application from a 3rd part source then you let go of this safety net and are more vulnerable to remove viruses from Android. In this guide, we talk about the different ways you can remove viruses from your Android smartphone. That too, without having to perform a factory reset.

    If you get rid of viruses from Android on your smartphone, you may undertake a factory reset. But that means that you’d lose all your data including photos, saved games, text messages, and almost everything else. When an Android phone crashes/cannot download apps from the Play Store, it is assume to be under virus attack. If you have such issues check for the below questions

    • Have you recently sideloaded an app from a source other than the official Google Play Store?
    • Did you tap on an ad that downloaded a file or app that you did not intend to download?
    • Does the error or problem occur only in a particular app on your smartphone?

    If any of the above is true, you may have malware on your system. Luckily, there are simple ways to fix this without a factory reset.

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    How to Remove Viruses from android Phone?

    The Google Play Store has several dozens of apps to remove viruses from Android, however, most of them require you to pay for these features which you might not even need. There are a few good options that offer value and we have listed them below for your convenience. If you think your smartphone is on an Android malware attack, then it might be a good idea to install one of the apps below to scan your smartphone and then remove the malware.


    How to Remove Virus from Android Phone malwarebytes

    Malwarebytes is one of the most trusted software in the desktop security space, Malwarebytes also comes as an Android app for your smartphone and has Android or mobile-specific malware definitions. The free version of the Malwarebytes app scans and removes threats that it finds. There is also an option to audit app permissions so you can see what apps have access to what.

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    The free version doesn’t come with ads either, however, the Premium version adds real-time detection of Malware on your smartphone and offers other features that most users might not need. Malwarebytes is undoubtedly one of the best virus scanners to remove viruses Android on the Google Play Store.

    Download: Malwarebytes Security 

    Bitdefender Antivirus

    How to Remove Virus from Android Phone bitdefender

    Bitdefender is the best app to remove viruses from Android. It is a solid virus removal tool for Android due to its lightweight nature. There is also support for Cloud scanning which is an extremely optimizing way of dealing to remove viruses Android by scanning and greatly reduces the impact in performance on your device. The app comes with core features and not many unwanted features making it a simple choice for most users.

    The free variant of the app comes with ads in the software, you can upgrade to the premium version to remove the ads, overall, with or without the premium offering, Bitdefender is an amazing choice to run a scan and remove viruses Android on your smartphone. This was a simple way of how to remove viruses from your Android.

    Download: Bitdefender Antivirus 

    What can malware and viruses do to Android phones?

    • Malware can steal your personal information, force you to view websites or install apps by forcing you to send Sms to premium rate message services.
    • In order for cybercriminals to make money, malware is to do things that make money.
    • It’s possible for information thieves to get your contact list and other personal information. As well as your location and passwords.
    • To get into your computer or laptop, cybercriminals can use malware to get into your computer or laptop. And steal your personal information for their personal use or to sell on the dark web,
    • There are other ways hackers can use ransomware, such as locking devices and encrypting people’s data. To get their files back, they can then ask for a ransom from the person who has their files taken.

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    Manual Remove of Malware on Android using Safe Mode

    For most users, the above-mentioned options are generally a good choice to find and remove malware on an Android device. However, if they do not work, or if you wish to get the work done manually then you can follow this section of the guide.

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    Similar to Windows Safe mode, Android has its own safe mode and if you believe that your system has a virus then you can use this system to check your system. Safe Mode loads the operating system without any third-party software installed, this means that you can find out if an app is causing an issue and then remove it safely.

    What is Safe Mode in Android safe mode

    Once you are in Safe Mode, go to the Settings app and open the Apps section, now open the Downloaded tab. Here go through the listed apps and try locating the malicious app. Try recollecting when the when the issues arose and remove any apps that you installed around that time and check if an app you did not install is in the list.

    Select the app that you wish to uninstall and then choose to Uninstall on the info page to remove the app and then remove your phone our of safe mode to see if the virus is gone.



    Nox Security guarantees protection against all types of viruses, malwares and the other different dangers on the web. It is equipped in such a way that it can easily handle all the dreadful security concerns. In addition to that, it is a free virus cleaner that can also clean junk documents and ensures wifi security and message security. It also acts as a  notification blocker, app locker, call blocker and is excellent in file encryption. It stops power-draining applications and shields your smartphone from network attacks.

    Key Features:

    • Ensures that your smartphone keeps far away from viruses and malware. 
    • Ensure and lock your applications to prevent security penetrations.
    • Blocks spam and other dubious calls.
    • Prevent others from peeping into your notification preview.
    • Blocks annoying useless notifications.
    • Protects apps and guards privacy.
    • Protects your gadget from any sort of network attacks.
    • Stop power-draining apps with simply only one tap.
    • Free up and get more storage space.


    This Antivirus software ensures peace of mind by ensuring safe web browsing, PC optimization and password manager with VPN. McAfee is a premium antivirus software that provides protection from latest viruses, malwares, spywares and ransomware attacks. It also safeguards the identity and privacy of the individual. With comprehensive internet security, multi-faceted privacy protection and on-the-go secure wifi, this is one of the best antivirus softwares out there. You are provided with 3 plans – Individual, Multi-Device and Family, to choose from. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices.

    Key Features

    • Complete privacy protection while browsing
    • Permanently deletes sensitive digital files
    • Protects up to 10 devices
    • An easy to use web-based console
    • 30-day money back guarantee


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