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    How To Setup A VPN An Windows, Android, iOS, Or Chrome OS!


    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and offers a relay or a proxy for the data through another network allowing you to hide your personal location and some other details. A VPN can also enhance your privacy and security by preventing yourself from being tracked. The easiest way to set up a VPN on any platform is to use the app of the provider. Most major providers offer apps for different devices, you can easily sign in with your username, password, and other required details if any and you should be good to go.

    By Akhil Taneja - 
    14th May 2020
    How to Setup a VPN

    Highlights of the Story

    • VPN helps shield your true identity over the internet and enhances your privacy on a public network
    • VPN allows you to access region-restricted content by choosing the country and relaying your internet through it
    • VPN can also be used to safeguard the internet traffic when you connect to your organization services

    VPN is a virtual private network and works by offering a relay or by proxying data through another network and thus allowing you to hide your personal IP Address, location and some other details. A VPN can enhance your privacy and security by preventing your network usage being tracked by your ISP or other users. The easiest way to set up a VPN on most platforms is generally to use the app from the VPN provider, you can easily download it, log in with your username, password and other details and you will be good to go.

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    However, not all providers offer apps on every platform and there are times that a VPN provider has an app for Windows but not for Android or iOS. If you want to set up VPN manually there here’s how to do it on Android, Chrome OS, macOS, iOS, and Windows.

    How to set up a VPN on Android

    How to Setup VPN on Android

    Setting up a VPN on Android is easy, head to the Settings app and open the Wireless & Networks section, here select the more option and tap on the “+” icon to the top-right corner. Type in all the required info given by your VPN provider and hit the “Save” button to finish the setup. The settings menu might look a little different than the steps mentioned depending on the manufacturer and version of Android. The VPN option could be in a different folder, but you can always use the search option to find it easily.

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    Step-by-step Instructions:

    • Head to the Settings > Wireless & Networks > More
    • Tap on the “+” icon to the top right corner
    • Enter the VPN Credentials that you received from your provider
    • Hit the “save” button to finish the process

    How to set up VPN on Windows 10

    To set up VPN on Windows you will need to use PPTP protocol, go to the Network Settings then choose VPN, not click on Add a VPN connection. When the new windows pop up, choose the Windows (built-in) option from the VPN Provider drop-down menu and “Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP)” from the VPN type menu. Then fill out all the fields including username, password, server name, and others, you can easily get these details by contacting your VPN provider.

    How to Setup VPN on Windows

    You can select “Remember my sign-in info” option so that you do not have to log in each time, and you will be able to use VPN, now select Save. The last step is to choose your VPN connection from the list and click on the Connect button and then go ahead with your browsing.

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    Step-by-Step instructions:

    • Go to the Network Settings > VPN > Add a VPN connection
    • Enter all the required info in the window
      • Select Windows (built-in) from the VPN Provider drop-down menu
      • Select PPTP from the VPN type menu
    • Select the “Remember my sign-in info” option
    • Click save and then choose the VPN, then click the “Connect” button.

    How to set up VPN on iOS

    How to Setup VPN on iOS
    PC: How to Geek

    Setting up a VPN on iOS isn’t very difficult, go to the Settings app on the iOS device and then navigate to the General > VPN > Add VPN Configuration section. Now tap on the Type option and select PPTP protocol, now go back to the previous screen and fill up all the required details provided by your VPN provider. Then tap on the Done option and toggle the status switch on and you are ready to get started.

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    Step-by-step instructions:

    • Navigate to the General section of the Settings app and Select VPN
    • Choose Add VPN Configuration and select Type as PPTP Protocol
    • Then head back to the previous screen and enter the info including username, password and the server name that you received from your VPN provider
    • Click on “Done” and then toggle the status switch on to start using the VPN.

    How to setup VPN on Chrome OS

    To set up a VPN on Chrome OS, the first step is to import a CA certificate on the Chromebook if your VPN uses it. First, procure the certificate form your provider and store it on your computer, then head to chrome://settings/certificates by entering it in the address bar of the Chrome Browser. Then click on the “Authorities” tab to the top of the page and press on “Import”, then choose the CA certificate and follow the instructions on the screen.

    Step-by-step Instructions:

    • Procure the CA certificate from your VPN provider, store it on your computer
    • Then head to the Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/certificates into the address bar
    • Click on the “Authorities” tab to the top of the page
    • Now click on the “Import” option and choose the CA certificate downloaded, then follow the instructions displayed on-screen to complete the set up.

    After the above process, click on the account photo to the bottom right corner and open Settings, now select Add connection option under the Network section. Here select the Add OpenVPN/L2TP option and type in the required details given by your VPN provider and select Connect.


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