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How To Start A YouTube Channel On Your Phone? Use These 5 Best Apps!


Apps are essential if you want to know how to start a YouTube channel on your phone. Check out the apps we’ve listed here and get going on your content creation journey!

- Updated: 22nd Sep 2022, 17:40 IST
  • 1
    Open Camera – Record Professional Videos
  • 2
    InShot – Video editor for beginners
  • 3
    CapCut – Video editor with cool effects
  • 4
    Canva – Excellent for thumbnails, intros, and banners
  • 5
    YouTube Studio – For analytics
  • 6
    Summing up

For the past decade, the YouTube space has been a safe haven for content creators. Whether you’re talking about tech or fashion or want to start a podcast, YouTube gives you the freedom to put out your content for the world to see. Of course, with monetisation, the platform has become an excellent solution to the problems of budding content creators. If you’ve always wanted to start a YouTube channel but never knew how, you’re in luck. You don’t need fancy equipment either – just a smartphone would be more than enough to start your YouTube journey. So, this article will tell you how to start a YouTube channel on your phone using a few essential apps. These apps provide you with enough tools to edit your content how you see fit and have some form of social media integration.

So, without any further ado, let’s check them out!

Open Camera – Record Professional Videos

Open Camera

Although smartphone camera systems have gotten more advanced recently, the camera software isn’t up to the mark. This is especially true for a host of Android smartphones whose camera software doesn’t allow you to utilise the camera to its full potential. Whether you want to click better pictures or record videos with professional tools, the default camera apps often disappoint. If this is the case with you, then Open Camera is your solution. The app is highly rated on the Play Store, and for a good reason. This free camera app provides a range of functionality that far surpasses the capabilities of a default camera app.

Moreover, it unlocks your phone camera’s true potential, allowing you to adjust the most minute details for photos and videos. From HDR capability to unlocking Camera2 API, the app is perfect if you want to record professional videos for YouTube. Now, starting a YouTube Channel on your phone and uploading professional-quality videos will be easier than ever!


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InShot – Video editor for beginners


If you want to know how to start a YouTube channel on your phone, you need to know how to edit your videos. Whether you plan on posting full-length videos of YouTube Shorts, proper editing goes a long way in catching the viewer’s attention. However, most editing apps and software you find online will either need full payment or require you to learn advanced tools. Not everyone has the time to experiment for days on end with editing tools to find their own style. So, with InShot, you can edit your videos with multiple options without the hassle of learning the minute aspects of editing just yet. InShot features both Video Cutters and Video Splitters.

You can also merge videos and pictures to create a unique video. Moreover, the app allows you to add viral and trending songs to your videos. You don’t have to worry about copyright claims either, as InShot can also remove the watermark from the video. With total social media integration, InShot is the app beginners need to find their style on YouTube!


CapCut – Video editor with cool effects

CapCut how to start a youtube channel on your phone

While beginner-friendly video editing apps such as InShot are great if you don’t have much of an idea about video editing, they’re not the best for advanced effects and tools. If you’re looking for a more advanced app that will help you give the flair to your video that you need, CapCut is an excellent choice. The video editor has all the basic tools, such as trimming and merging videos. You can also freeze the videos to showcase exceptional moments or provide cool effects such as rewind.

Apart from this, the video editor also provides special features and advanced tools such as optical flow and speed curve changes. You can also use the stabilising video feature to steady the shot even if the original shot is a bit clumsy. CapCut also ensures that all the trending and viral styles are at your disposal as soon as possible, and you can remove backgrounds to add more flexibility to your editing. Overall, for those of you who want to know how to start a YouTube channel on your phone, CapCut is one of the video editing tools you should keep handy!


Canva – Excellent for thumbnails, intros, and banners


In recent years, photography, videography, and content creation enthusiasts have become massive fans of Canva. The app is essentially anything and everything you need for content creation. In fact, it’s so good that professionals often use it for covering brand-based projects. Surprisingly, despite being this high-profile an app, it’s also remarkably accessible to anyone outside the editing domain. You’ll find plenty of people exploring and having fun with Canva by imprinting their creations and imaginations onto digital paper.

Additionally, no YouTube video works without a little bit of clickbait. While titles can be clickbait, the thumbnails are the true heroes of garnering attention. So, to edit the best thumbnails, intros, and banners for your YouTube channel, Canva is a must. Apart from the extensive photo and video editors, you also get access to a huge stock photo library which you can use royalty-free. Finally, with the level of social media integration that comes with Canva, starting your YouTube channel on your phone will be a piece of cake!


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YouTube Studio – For analytics

YouTube Studio how to start a youtube channel on your phone

Just like any other content creation service, analytics is an essential factor in determining the growth of your channel. Although you can constantly put out content, you won’t be able to understand what the audience wants without a thorough analysis. This is what YouTube Studio provides. Apart from monitoring performance, you can also schedule your videos through the app. Replying to comments becomes much easier with the app at your fingertips. Other adjustment options include monetisation settings and managing playlists.

Moreover, the app is straightforward to use. Thanks to the extensive monitoring data, you can also check the views to subscription ratio. Additionally, this data provided by the app will indicate which types of videos work better for your viewers. After all, the right content at the right time can boost your profile’s reach exponentially. So, the basics of how to start a YouTube channel on your phone won’t be complete without YouTube Studio!


Summing up

Next time you want to know the essentials of how to start a YouTube channel on your phone, you can return to this post. With all these fantastic apps at your disposal, finding the right audience and content balance will become much more manageable. We’d recommend you download apps such as CapCut and YouTube Studio immediately. These apps are often the best way to edit your videos and understand what your audience requires from you. Let us know if there are any other apps you recommend for starting a YouTube channel in the comment section below!

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