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How To Watch Winter Olympics 2022 Online For Free In India


The 2022 winter Olympics begins this week some and only limited streaming platforms are offering live streaming services. But there are also a few more options available in India through which you can watch the whole event online for free of cost.

- Updated: 19th Nov 2022, 23:30 IST
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    How to Watch 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Online in India
    • 1. How To Watch Winter Olympics with official Olympics website
    • 2. How To Watch Winter Olympics with Sling TV (Requires VPN)
    • How to use VPN and which one to use
    • 3. How To Watch Winter Olympics with Hulu TV (Requires VPN)
    • 4. How To Watch Winter Olympics with Peacock TV (Requires VPN)

After a lot of uncertainty due to rising Omicron cases globally, the Winter Olympics 2022 is still happening. The Beijing Winter Olympics is all set to finally kick off in a grand opening ceremony on February 4. Winter Olympics is set to last for about 16 days and will conclude on February 20. That being said, the Olympics will still be the place to showcase the top talents that athletes from all around the world have to offer.

The organizers have announced that there will be only limited spectators allowed to watch the games. The spectators will be invited through selected special invites only. For the rest of the international spectators, attendance is completely forbidden. The opening ceremony is all set to take place inside Beijing National Stadium and the focus will be on environmental themes. It is directed by a renowned Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou; he was also responsible for directing the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in the same city.

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony will be held on February 4. Along with this, there are some events that will start prior to the ceremony. The events include ice hockey, freestyle skiing, and more are set to begin from February 2. Also, Beijing is more than 15 hours ahead of India so keep that in mind in case you want to watch your favourite events. You might have to wake up early or watch it at odd hours in the night.

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How to Watch 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Online in India

While popular providers such as NBC or CBC may not be available in India. But you can still enjoy other free services that stream the Olympics games. Some websites may work directly while some may require you to use a VPN connection as the content won’t be available in your country.

1. How To Watch Winter Olympics with official Olympics website

Watch Winter Olympics

The official website of the Olympics offers full streaming of the live event for free. It has multiple different channels available and you can try each one for the best streaming experience. As it is the official website you can also check the schedule for upcoming events, a list of athletes, highlights of the past events, and much more. You don’t need any VPN connection to access it, you can just go to the Official Olympics website. And click on the ‘Watch Now’ button showcased on the home screen.

2. How To Watch Winter Olympics with Sling TV (Requires VPN)

Watch Winter Olympics with Sling TV

Sling TV offers a Blue Plan that provides you access to stream the Olympics event live. While the plan starts at $25, currently the platform is offering a free trial for up to 7 days. Using this trial you can watch the Winter Olympics and even try the service out. 

The platform also offers a customizable plan which allows you to add or remove channels you like. So you get access to 30+ cable channels on top of the standard streaming of Olympic Games on cable. It is an online streaming platform which means you can watch on any of your portable devices like smartphones, laptops, or your smart TV. You can subscribe to the VPN or try out a free VPN app that has a server in the USA and enjoy Winter Olympics for Free.

How to use VPN and which one to use

VPN will provide you with a satisfactory experience of streaming the Winter Olympics in India. It keeps your online activity anonymous through secure tunnels. Also using VPN will free you from the limited bandwidth set by your internet service provider. This also allows you to access the content anywhere without any restrictions. As a result, you’ll be able to watch the Winter Olympics live in India with HD Video quality.

You can use any free VPN options available in the market to stream the Olympics live. One of the popular choices in India is the Avast SecureLine VPN. You can just download it from its official website, sign, and fire up the streaming platform the provide access to live Winter Olympics games. It is free of cost so you will notice a few ads but those are minimal and won’t put a damper on your streaming experience.

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3. How To Watch Winter Olympics with Hulu TV (Requires VPN)

Hulu TV

Another way that you can stream the 2022 Olympics live is through Hulu. It has a lot of original series and on-demand programs but you can also take advantage of the live TV streaming that will provide you access to all games. Through this you can watch the winter Olympics, live sports and more. Hulu allows you a 7-day free trial so you can use that to watch the Olympics without having to pay anything upfront. With a good VPN, you can enjoy the Olympics games without any hassle.

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4. How To Watch Winter Olympics with Peacock TV (Requires VPN)

How To Watch Winter Olympics with Peacock TV

As we mentioned earlier, Peacock is the official streaming partner of the winter Olympics. You can stream the event online through the Peacock app for free. Along with the winter Olympics, you will also get access to other live-in BC events. This includes upcoming live sports such as the Super Bowl and the WWE events of this year. 

The platform also offers 7 days of free trial which you can use to stream the Olympics games for free through any of your devices like smartphone, laptop, or Smart TV. If you have the budget and you can purchase a premium membership that would be great as peacock offers a wide range of content both original and on-demand.

Peacock for the first time has been offering premium subscribers a live stream of over 2,800 hours of coverage of the Winter Olympics Games. The platform offers two tiers for premium membership one will include ads and the other one is an ad-free plan. Irrespective of the plan you buy, using VPN you can get access to the complete coverage of Winter Olympic games. 

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  • There are a few streaming platforms through which you can watch the Olympic games for free.
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