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How Is The New iOS 17 Update Changing The Way We Communicate?


Apple has recently launched the all-new iOS 17 update. It has interesting features like a contact poster, live voicemail, private browsing, personalised dictation, and much more. In this article, learn about all of the features in detail.

- Updated: 15th Sep 2023, 16:06 IST
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    Interesting Features Of The iOS 17 Update
    • Say Hello To The Contact Poster
    • Live Voicemail: Finally!
    • Linked Notes: Cheers to a sorted life!
    • Improved Dictation: Talk More, Type Less!
    • Private Browsing Lock: No Peeking!
    • Work and Personal Tab Groups: Sorted!
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    Final Thoughts

iOS 17 update comes as a surprise for all Apple lovers with its astonishingly decent features in the current ecosystem provided by the technology giant. iOS 17 Beta update, the most recent one from Apple, was launched quite recently during July 2023 for developers and beta users. With its tagline of ‘Every day. More extraordinary‘ comes a slew of updates that were worth waiting for.

It has a lot of interesting features, especially when it comes to communication. We shall be discussing them all in this article so that you can stay updated on their interesting features.

Apple is now making it easier than ever to express yourself with this new update. In this article, I will talk about how Apple is slowly changing the communication game and enhancing how people communicate with each other.

Interesting Features Of The iOS 17 Update

Apple is known for changing the game, and it has surely done that with the iOS 17 update as well.

Let’s look at some of the most interesting features now so that you can decide for yourself which one got your eyes shining!

Say Hello To The Contact Poster

contact poster

With the Apple new iOS 17 update, you can now personalise your phone calls in the way you want them. With this, you can decide how people will see you when you call them. Interesting, isn’t it? Kudos to expressing yourself even more clearly! You can now set a larger preview of a contact’s profile photo when you view their contact card.

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Live Voicemail: Finally!

live voicemail

I have been waiting for this one since the moment the feature was leaked! Live voicemail! Only Apple could’ve thought of that! If you don’t know or haven’t heard of this feature, let me simplify it for you! With the new Apple iOS 17 update, you can now listen to voicemails as they are being recorded.

Linked Notes: Cheers to a sorted life!

linked notes

Are you someone who likes to keep things organised? With the Apple iOS17 update, you will be able to link notes together. This will allow you to build more detailed databases for all of your stuff. Cheers to a more organised life!

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Improved Dictation: Talk More, Type Less!

iOS 17 update live dictation

Dictation is now even more accurate with Apple’s new iOS 17 update. Apple has made some upgrades in this aspect, where it can now detect your speech now with greater accuracy. Now you can relax your fingers and let your voice do the talking!

Private Browsing Lock: No Peeking!

iOS 17 update private browsing lock

Are you somebody who is surrounded by people who have a habit of peeking? Well, Apple has got you covered now! With the new Apple iOS17 update, you will be able to lock your private browsing tabs. Now you can browse however you feel like and still won’t have to worry about privacy issues!

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Work and Personal Tab Groups: Sorted!

iOS 17 update work and personal group tabs

Are you somebody who likes to have a balance in your personal and work life? With the new Apple iOS17 update, you can separate your work and personal space in different tabs in Safari. This will help you achieve a better work-life balance.

You will also be able to depend on different sets of caches and cookies data for each. It will also let you have separate histories for both groups. Apple has really simplified things with this one, isn’t it?

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Final Thoughts

Finally, I can say that Apple has actually changed the game with the introduction of new iOS 17 updates. With them into play, you will be able to communicate better and express yourself even better.

My favourite feature from the new update is the Private Browsing and Live Voicemail, that’s going to increase the game of live communication and security to an altogether different level. Do let me know about your favourite features in the comment section below. If you know about more interesting features, let us know!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Apple has launched the all-new iOS 17 update (public beta) in India. It has some interesting features to upgrade your communication game.
  • Learn about all the features of this new update from Apple.

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