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LG To Launch Phones Under Rs 15,000 In India


In addition to the upsurge of Boycott to the Chinese manufactured product, LG has seen a boost in sales for the last two months. The company aiming for six new  LG Mobile Launch Under Rs 15000.

By Lakshay Jain - 
8th Jul 2020
lg phones under 15000

Highlights of the Story

  1. The mid-range smartphones will be the next focus area for LG
  2. LG to make a comeback in India with new smartphone series within Rs 15000/-
  3. LG Mobiles under Rs 15000 will comprise six smartphones in this segment

Market researchers and business analysts have seen a remarkable switch in the buying pattern of mobile phone users in India. Making the most of this upsurge and knowing the fact that consumers in India do have a huge bent towards mid-range mobile phones which offer the most domestic use like social media apps, music, entertainment, and infotainment, etc., LG has come up with a new plan to launch budget phones around the Rs. 15,000 price mark.

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Phones priced under Rs 15,000 are usually from companies like Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, Oppo, and Vivo. Already witnessing a 10 times increase in sales, LG’s new budget mobile phones could drive the company’s profits up to 15 times more than now as predicted by LG itself.  

Adding value to the ‘Aatmanirbhar’ and ‘Go vocal for Local’ campaigns propagated by the government of India, LG has decided to stress upon local manufacturing, assembly, and expand distribution by Diwali this year. 

Advait Vaidya, Business head of mobile communication at LG, in his interview with the Economic Times says that this year LG – the South Korean major mobile manufacturing brand is preparing to bring an ‘India specific and India first’ product catalog to cater the demands of Indian consumers. 

He said, “So, this year, starting August, we will be launching six phones across all segments – starting from the sub-Rs 10,000 categories up to the flagship segment. We are ramping up distribution across channels, online and offline”.

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Reasons For LG Mobiles Under Rs 15000

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the market has switched more on the saving mode and is going to spend less on non-essential things. The company is targeting ‘Rs 15,000 smartphone buying’ audience. Besides this, LG Mobiles is also expanding its verticals to the tablet market by the end of 2020. 

As Vaidya said, “We are in advanced stages of discussions with one of the largest Indian contract manufacturers. Once we sign a formal agreement, we will make an announcement soon and shall apply for the scheme too”. This confirms that this exercise is surely going to boost country’s economy and will be a really good support for the buyers looking for ‘Made in India’ alternative to Chinese manufactured products.


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