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Mobile Repair Or Resell: What’s The Best Option For You?


Smartphones too age with time and as our device gets older, it becomes a victim of hardware failures, degrading battery life, poor performance, and inconsistent user interface. So, when is the correct time to upgrade to a new smartphone? Should you get it repaired or is it the time to bid a farewell?

- Updated: 2nd Nov 2022, 19:25 IST

As time passes by, our smartphone starts getting more and more difficult to use. This happens mostly due to hardware issues or poor software support from the manufacturer. We often cause damage to our device, further leading to more problems. The screen breaks, the speaker’s quality gets degraded, the back panel attracts scratches, and this list goes on. Moreover, your smartphone gets OTA updates for a limited amount of time, after which the device gets stuck on an old software version. This might lead to security and privacy breaches. 

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When and Why to Upgrade your smartphone? 

Smartphones have been evolving rapidly. With brands such as Xiaomi and Realme bringing flagship-level smartphones to the budget segment, people get appealed to upgrade their existing phones. 

Refresh Rate Explained Changing Refresh Rate

 Smartphone OEMs are bringing newer technologies to the masses. Due to this, you might feel that your current device is outdated. Take ‘High refresh rates’ for example. This trend brought a smoother experience to users by delivering more frames in a second and is currently available in budget devices too. This year, we saw fast charging technology upscaling to insane numbers such as 120W from Xiaomi and 65W from Realme. If your current device is too old, you might feel that your experience is being compromised. This is the time when there’s a need to upgrade to a new smartphone. 

Is Your Current Smartphone Repairable? 

Is Your Current Smartphone Repairable

Hardware issues that occur in our smartphones can be solved, but at what cost? Over some time, we face various issues with our smartphones, one of the most common issues being accidental display cracks. Other hardware malfunctions can include water damage, charging port issues, connectivity issues, the output from the audio jack /speakers, battery issues and many more.

hardware malfunctions

Official service centers take undue advantage of these problems and force you to pay hefty fees for repairs. Getting your device repaired might cost as much money as half the cost of the smartphone itself! 

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Here’s a list portraying screen repair costs from Cashify of some popular smartphones. 

S. NoSmartphoneActual Price of PhoneScreen Repair CostRepair Cost Percentage over Actual Cost
1.Redmi Note 7 Pro Rs. 10999Rs. 249922.7%
2.Redmi 5ARs. 3499 Rs. 189954.2%
3.iPhone XRs. 67500Rs. 1199917%
4.Vivo V9Rs. 9500Rs. 250027%
5.Xiaomi Redmi K20Rs. 19999Rs. 599930%
6.Realme 6Rs. 13999Rs. 380039%

As you can observe, getting the display repaired can cost as high as 50% of your phone’s actual cost. In such a scenario, it is highly recommended to avoid repairs. Instead, selling the smartphone at a good price on Cashify, and adding a little more amount of money can allow you to buy a new smartphone. This will not only help you to get rid of the issues of the older smartphone but will also let you buy the latest feature-loaded smartphone at almost the same price. 

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Reselling on Cashify 

Mobile Repair or Resell on cashify

As mentioned earlier, there are various instances when the repair costs are higher than the smartphone’s actual resell price. In this case, selling your smartphone on Cashify is a wise option. Cashify offers the best price for your current smartphone. Also, you get the amount on the spot through your desired payment method. Instead of using the same old device and repeatedly investing in its repairs, you can sell it on Cashify and buy a new smartphone. 

For example, the widely popular Redmi Note 7 Pro is still a decent smartphone to use. But, it lacks various modern-day features, such as a 90Hz display and fast charging, that make it outdated. By selling it on Cashify, you can get up to Rs. 8630. Investing thousands of bucks on its repairs will only lead to a deteriorating experience while adding that same amount to its reselling price will get you a brand new smartphone with tons of advancements. 

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Here’s another table highlighting the maximum resale value of some popular smartphones that you can get through Cashify. 

S. No. Smartphone MRPMaximum Resale Value 
1.Redmi Note 7 Pro Rs.10999Rs. 8630
2.Redmi 5ARs. 3499Rs. 3220
3.iPhone XRs. 67500Rs. 33100
4.Vivo V9Rs. 10000Rs. 7140
5.Xiaomi Redmi K20Rs. 19999Rs. 13270
6.Realme 6Rs. 13999Rs. 8940

Using this amount that you have got by selling your old smartphone on Cashify you can use this money to buy a new smartphone at a much-discounted price. For example, if you want to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. You can sell your old Galaxy S8 and buy the smartphone at a much-discounted price. Here’s how.

iPhone 8Galaxy S8OnePlus 7 Pro
Cashify Resale ValueRs. 23,000Rs. 11,000Rs. 33,000
Galaxy S20 FE MRPRs. 41,999Rs. 41,999Rs. 41,999
Final Price of Galaxy S20 FERs. 18,999Rs. 30,999Rs. 8,999
Resale ValueSell your iPhone 8Sell Your Galaxy S8Sell Your OnePlus 7 Pro

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Save Big With Cashify

If you want to take your saving on buying a smartphone to the next level, you can first sell your old smartphone at Cashify and use that amount to upgrade to a new refurbished smartphone. A refurbished smartphone is an unboxed smartphone that is available for sale at almost half the actual MRP of the device.

Mobile Repair or Resell and Save Big With Cashify

For example, you can sell an old Redmi Note 5 Pro for Rs. 5000 and then use this money to buy an iPhone 7 whose MRP is Rs. 50,000, but it is available in the refurbished store for Rs. 15,499 only and you get an overall deal of Rs. 15,000. Isn’t it really cost-effective?

iPhone 7 MRPRs. 50,000
Resale value Redmi Note 5 ProRs. 5,000
iPhone 7 Refurbished PriceRs. 15,499
iPhone 7 after BuybackRs (15,499 – 5,000) = Rs 10,499

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So, what’s better for you? Well, it depends upon your usage scenario.  If your current smartphone is unable to suffice your day-to-day needs, it is better to upgrade to a new one. 

Ultimately, choosing whether to repair or sell your cracked screen cell phone is your decision to make; when you analyze the pros and cons of each option you can make an educated choice that best fits your specific situation.

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If your phone is facing issues, then you can conveniently get phone repair online through Cashify. You can also sell old mobile to us if you’re planning on buying a new phone.


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Highlights of the Story

  • An average Indian smartphone user changes his smartphone every 2-3 years. 
  • Any damage to your smartphone does not always mean that you have to buy a new smartphone. 
  • In case your smartphone’s condition is not in a state to get repaired, you can sell it through Cashify to get the best possible price.

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