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Moto Razr 40 Vs Nothing Phone 2 – The Most Awaited Comparison!


The article highlights an in-depth analysis of the Moto Razr 40 vs Nothing Phone 2. Learn comprehensive specifications and a thorough comparison between the two devices, covering essential aspects such as build, camera, performance, display, and more. Gain valuable insights into their unique form factors before making an informed decision on your next tech purchase.

- Updated: 3rd Aug 2023, 13:08 IST
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    Moto Razr 40 Vs Nothing Phone 2: Similarities!
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    Full Phone Comparison: The Difference!
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    Final Verdict

Moto Razr 40 Vs Nothing Phone 2 both offer innovative design. While Nothing has taken the Tech world with its unique design, Motorola has made the much-awaited comeback in the market! But which one should you buy when it’s Moto Razr 40 Vs Nothing Phone 2? Read along as I will tell you all about the specifications.

I will also point out the differences and which one is better in what aspects. I hope by the end of reading this article, you will be able to decide which device is best suited for your needs and requirements.

Moto Razr 40 Vs Nothing Phone 2: Similarities!

Before we get started to talk in detail about both the device, here’s a quick table to help you understand the essential features of both devices.

SpecificationsMoto Razr 40Nothing Phone 2
Rear Camera64 MP + 13 MP Dual Camera Setup50 MP + 50 MP Dual Camera Setup
Colour OptionsSage Green, Vanilla Cream, Summer LilacWhite, Dark Gray
Display Size6.9 inches, 1080 x 2640 pixels, 144 Hz6.7 inches, 1080 x 2412 pixels, 120 Hz
Display TypeColour LTPO AMOLED (1B Colors)
Colour OLED (1B Colors)
3.5mm Audio JackNoNO
Specifications of Moto Razr 40 Vs Nothing Phone 2

Both the Moto Razr 40 vs Nothing Phone 2 come with Android 13 out of the box! When it comes to bloatware, both devices offer limited extra applications, and there is always the option to remove them on both devices. Motorola and Nothing are both known to give a smooth user experience, and here they both perform equally well.

Both devices offer 5G connectivity for a seamless multimedia and internet experience. They both ensure faster downloads and low latency with premium connectivity features like NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, and much more!


Nothing Phone 2

Nothing Phone 2
Octa core (3 GHz, Single core, Cortex X2 + 2.5 GHz, Tri core, Cortex A710 + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A510)Adreno 730
394 ppi, OLED1080 x 2412 pixels
3840x2160 @ 60 fps, 1920x1080 @ 60 fpsSingle, 32MP
Yes Charging Time: 130 minutesFast, 45W

One more thing which is good about both the devices is that they both are launched in 2023 and run on the latest software. You will get to enjoy all the latest features from their respective brands on these devices.

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Full Phone Comparison: The Difference!

Here are some of the things which I find one must know about both the device before buying them. I hope these things will help you choose the right device for yourself.


Motorola Moto Razr 40

Motorola Moto Razr 40
Octa core (2.4 GHz, Single core, Kryo + 2.36 GHz, Tri core, Kryo + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Kryo)Adreno
413 ppi, OLED1080 x 2640 pixels
3840x2160 @ 30 fps, 1920x1080 @ 30 fpsSingle, 32MP
Wireless ChargingTurbo Power, 33W

Update History

As a lot of people already know, Motorola is a bit slow in rolling out the latest Android updates. Whereas the Nothing Phone 2 will ensure a smooth rolling out of all the latest updates and features, you will witness a slight delay in Moto Razr 40. So if all the updates are a priority for you, then I would suggest you go with the Nothing Phone 2.

Nothing Phone 2


The Moto Razr 40 is more of a premium range when it comes to pricing. Nothing Phone 2 is more affordable if you compare the two. The pricing of the Moto Razr 40 is justified as it offers Top-tier features with a premium feel for those who seek a luxurious device from Motorola.

The Nothing Phone 2 is a more compelling option in terms of pricing. It combines affordability with interesting features and innovative design.

In-Hand Feel

If you buy a premium smartphone, the in-hand feel of the smartphone matters a lot. It is the same with Moto Razr 40 Vs Nothing Phone 2. Here, the clear winner is Moto Razr 40, as the in-hand feel is smooth with a sleek and light iconic flip design.

Moto Razr 40

The Moto Razr 40 is 7.3mm thick and weighs only 188g as compared to the Nothing Phone 2, which is 8.6mm thick and weighs 201g. The Nothing Phone 2 feels heavier and thick, as is clear from the specifications.

If you are looking for a device with a good in-hand feel and sleek design, you can surely opt for the Moto Razr 40 and can skip the Nothing Phone 2.

Battery Capacity

You might be thinking that the Moto Razr 40 is a clear winner here as the phone is more expensive compared to the Nothing Phone 2. But it’s the opposite here. The Nothing Phone 2, even though is priced less, offers a much better and bigger battery than the Moto Razr 40. This is one segment where the Moto Razr 40 has not performed well. They could have offered a bigger battery backup.

The Moto Razr 40 offers a 4,200mAh battery backup and the Nothing Phone 2 comes with a 4,700mAh battery capacity. One more thing which is good about the battery of the Nothing Phone 2 is that it comes with Reverse Charging capability. It is a new feature and is present on a limited set of phones out there, but it’s surely one of the most interesting features, in my opinion. Reverse Charging allows a user to charge other devices like the Nothing Earpods with your phone as well.

Final Verdict

In the end, there are a lot of things which are common between the Moto Razr 40 Vs Nothing Phone 2. They both offer innovative designs. While the Nothing Phone 2 comes with the interesting and popular Glyph Interface, Moto Razr 40 offers a flip design, which is trending in the market right now. They both have a different set of audiences, and it will all come down to what your preference is.

I won’t be wrong to say that no matter which phone you will buy between the two, people are going to stop and look.

Moto Razr 40 gives out premium performance and an ages-old Motorola iconic feel. At the same time, Nothing Phone 2 caters to people who prefer a unique design with a minimalistic appeal.

If you ask me personally, I would go for Moto Razr 40. Even though the updates are a bit slow, I like the premium feel that comes with a Motorola Phone.

Which phone would you choose for yourself? Let me know in the comment section below.

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