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New Anitta Character In Free Fire MAX: How To Get For Free?


Like collecting characters in Free Fire MAX? Check out all that you need to know about the new Anitta character in Free Fire MAX right here!

- Updated: 6th Jul 2022, 10:13 IST
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Garena has a tendency to collaborate with celebrities and bring out new characters based on them. Previously, the game has collaborated with stars such as K, DJ Alok, and even Cristiano Ronaldo. With the upcoming OB35 update for the game, Garena has teamed with yet another celebrity to bring the players a new character to use. This time, it’s a Brazilian singer by the name of Larissa de Macedo Machado, more popularly known as Anitta. This article will tell you all that you need to know about the new Anitta character in Free Fire MAX.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

About Anitta

Anitta screenshot

At the moment, Anitta is only available on Free Fire‘s Brazil server. However, her character will not be called Anitta in the game. In fact, her character’s name will be A-Patroa in the game. There’s a good chance that the name will be changed to make it compatible with the global English server, though.

Surprisingly, Brazil players received the character for absolutely free. All they had to do was log into the game between July 2 and July 3, receiving the character as a free login reward. There’s a good chance that the global release of the OB35 update will also provide Anitta for free to players worldwide. So, the good news here is that all you need to do to acquire her for free is wait for the character’s global release.

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Unlike most other characters in Free Fire MAX, Anitta does not have any special powers that are unique to her. Instead, you can put in any skills of your choice in her four skill slots. This allows players to customise her skills wholly based on their playing styles. In other words, she’s a character that’s meant to be used as a “base character”. Since she’s given away for free, it wouldn’t make sense for Garena to add a powerful skill to Anitta. Players would rather use her as a character that they can customise to their heart’s content!

A-Patroa Special bundle

Anitta special bundle

Every new celebrity character in the game usually comes with a special bundle. A-Patroa also comes with her own special bundle in the game. For her, you can get the Sound Crafter bundle. If you purchase diamonds from the in-game store, you can get the Sound Crafter bundle for free from the top-up event. There is no particular amount of diamonds that you need to purchase to get this bundle. All you need to do is buy the smallest amount of diamonds that you can.

Here’s what you will get with the Sound Crafter Bundle:

  • Sound Crafter (Bottom)
  • Sound Crafter (Mask)
  • Sound Crafter (Top)
  • Sound Crafter (Shoes)
  • 900x Universal Fragments

You can also get quite a few new gun skins with the Sound Crafter Bundle. A new emote, Twerk, is provided for free as well. However, this might change slightly in the case of the global release.

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A little about Anitta

Since a new celebrity character is being brought to Garena Free Fire MAX, it would be great to know a bit more about the celebrity. As stated earlier, Anitta’s real name is Larissa de Macedo Machado. She was born on March 30, 1993, and is a Brazilian businesswoman, TV presenter, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Her single, titled “Show das Poderosas”, released in 2013, propelled her to fame across Brazil.

She is one of the biggest names in Latin music, with awards and nominations on the big stages of the Latin Grammy Awards. She was also one of the first Brazilians to win the Best Latin American Act. Billboard also categorised her as one of the biggest social media influencers in 2017. As you can see, she’s quite a big name on the Brazilian music scene. Considering her popularity, it makes perfect sense for Garena to include her as a playable character in the new update and expand their reach in the Brazilian gaming market.

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Summing up

So, this is all that you need to know about the new Anitta character in Free Fire MAX. Although the OB34 server hasn’t closed down yet, we’re sure that more details about Anitta will surface once the release of the OB35 global server is inbound. Considering the fact that the Brazilian server players acquired the character for absolutely free, there’s a good chance that this will also be the case for players worldwide. Until the OB35 release, we’ll have to wait for further details.

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