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    5 Best Groza Skins In Free Fire For Amazing Attribute Boosts!


    We’ve listed the best Groza skins in Free Fire so that you don’t have to do the extra research. Use these weapon skins to improve the Groza drastically!

    By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
    Updated: 1st Jul 2022 10:39 IST

    Table Of Contents

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      Thunder Electrified
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      Golden Roar
    • 4
      Operano Sheng
    • 5
      Pharoah’s Wings
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      Summing up

    Highlights of the Story

    • The best Groza skins in Free Fire increase the range and damage, amongst other stats.
    • They also add a unique aesthetic to the gun as a personalisation option.
    • We’ve listed the best of these weapon skins!

    Garena Free Fire has a huge list of weapons. In fact, it has nine different sets of weapons, each with a certain number of weapons coming under them. When it comes to the basic assault rifles in the game, very few are better than the Groza. It’s an all-rounder firearm with excellent range, damage, and stability stats. However, it’s one of the rarer guns in the game. If you’re lucky enough to find a Groza, you should also take advantage of the different gun skins offered by the game. This article will show you the best Groza skins in Free Fire!

    Weapon skins work differently in Free Fire. In this game, it isn’t just about the cosmetic or aesthetic value of the skin. Each skin can be upgraded to provide better stats to the gun. Since the Groza is already a powerful gun in the game, you can be sure that adding skins to it will just make you unstoppable in almost every match.

    Let’s check out the entries.

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    Thunder Electrified

    Thunder Electrified

    Thunder Electrified is one of the four Groza skins you can get through the Incubator. While getting skins through the Incubator can be challenging, the rewards are worth the effort (most of the time). The Thunder Electrified skin is definitely one of the most expensive weapon skins that you can find in Garena Free Fire. However, it adds some extensive damage output and armour penetration to the gun. Moreover, the gun’s aesthetics change significantly, with a sleek, futuristic look. Unfortunately, one caveat of this skin is that your movement speed will be reduced.


    Winterlands skin

    If you’re someone who prefers close-range combat with the Groza, you need to get the Winterlands skin. This weapon skin not only gives it a cool winter camo aesthetic, but also lends a superior firing rate to the gun. This comes at a cost, though. The increased fire rate isn’t complemented by better stability. In fact, the gun’s stability sees a marked reduction. Nonetheless, the gun skin is excellent if you’re in maps that require close-range combat.

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    Golden Roar

    Golden roar skin best groza skins in free fire

    The Goldern Roar weapon skin for Groza was released through one of the Faded Wheel events. The skin is paired with an animation inspired by a roaring lion intimidating its surroundings. If that doesn’t convince you, the fact that this is a Legendary gun skin will. Thanks to its Legendary status, it comes with guaranteed upgrades to the Groza’s stats. The range, rate of fire, and damage output of the Groza are increased significantly when this skin is in use. However, you’ll have to compromise with slower reloading speeds.

    Operano Sheng

    Operano Sheng

    This weapon skin was introduced all the way back in August 2021 with the Weapon Royale event. Don’t be fooled by the colourful appearance of the skin. This is still one of the best Groza skins in Free Fire today. Its most distinguishing feature is the armour penetration. It sends the Groza’s armour penetration stats through the roof. No matter how armoured up your enemy is, the bullets from this Groza will always find their mark. There’s also a noteworthy increase in the gun’s damage output, thanks to the skin. Lastly, the reduction in weapon recoil helps you target your enemies efficiently. Our only issue with the weapon skin is that it slows down your movement speed by a noticeable margin.

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    Pharoah’s Wings

    Pharoah's Wings skin

    If you genuinely want to turn your Groza into a weapon fit for long-range combat, you need to get the Pharoah’s Wings Groza skin. This changes the gun’s aesthetics to look like it was a Mummy’s firearm, with bandages wrapped around most of the gun’s body. The gun’s stock also contains some Egyptian hieroglyphics with gold accents to lend more authority to the skin’s name. This weapon skin, while reducing the firing rate, drastically increases the range of your weapon. Moreover, since the Groza already has a good range and deadly accuracy, this Groza weapon skin can function as a makeshift sniper rifle.

    Summing up

    These are just a few weapon skins you can use on your Groza assault rifle. As you can see, unlike other battle royale games, Free Fire makes weapon skins worth the effort. Not only do you get to change the look of your favourite gun, but you also get significant stat boosts that cater to your gameplay preferences. Hopefully, Garena keeps putting out more weapon skins like these. If you’ve liked this list of the best Groza skins in Free Fire, share it with your Free Fire friends and ask them to get these skins as soon as possible!

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