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3 New Features You Must Know About iMessage


iMessage with iOS 16 is improving significantly. In the Texts app for iMessage, the company is adding new features. Let’s look at the significant iMessage upgrades announced at WWDC 2022.

- Updated: 8th Jun 2022, 03:38 IST
  • 1
    1. You can now edit and undo iMessages easily
  • 2
    2. SharePlay integration in iMessage
  • 3
    3. New updates on dictation in iMessage

Apple introduced a slew of new features for its software platforms during its WWDC 2022 event, including the ability to edit messages you’ve already sent in the iMessage app. Users will be able to unsend messages and mark threads unread to conveniently return them later, according to Apple software engineering senior VP Craig Federighi, who announced the changes while discussing iOS 16 updates. This covers three of the most important features of iMessage users.

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1. You can now edit and undo iMessages easily

Apple’s Messages app, iMessage, will get a new Delete and Edit functionality in iOS 16, the Apple announced on Monday at its WWDC 2022 conference.

iMessage that is edited after the fact is denoted by an ‘Edited’ subtitle next to their delivery status, so the recipient knows the message has been changed. A message can be edited for up to fifteen minutes are it has been sent.

You may modify and unsend the messages on iMessage that have already been sent, thereby avoiding awkward situations. You may now mark threads and individual messages as unread, making it easier to remember to respond to them later.

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2. SharePlay integration in iMessage

SharePlay will also be available in the app, allowing users to watch content together, such as movies and songs, and share playback controls while chatting. For instance, this feature will allow you to launch SharePlay from within the iMessage, allowing you to watch shows or movies while chatting with a buddy,

SharePlay, which debuted with iOS 15.1, allows Apple consumers to share real-time experiences across various devices. The Share Sheet is where you may start sharing content.

The new features enable even more social interactions across the software industry.

3. New updates on dictation in iMessage

You may now switch between speech and text in Dictation thanks to new upgrades. While speaking, the keyboard remains open, and you may select text with your fingers and replace it with dictation. Punctuation and emojis will be automatically terminated by dictation.

Dictation on the iPhone allows you to enter text simply by speaking. By merging voice and text input, the newest iOS version makes the work even easier for you. It lets you dictate the text, then manually put in a word that the iPhone won’t recognise, and then finish the phrase with your voice.

Another AI-powered innovation is on the way, which will take care of the punctuation for you. With the latest Dictation improvement integrated into iOS 16, you won’t have to enter punctuation in your text. You may also use the voice-recognition feature to add emoji dictation. For instance, you say “mind-blown emoji” and the emoji will be added to your text message.

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Aren’t these new features of iMessage overwhelming? Well, it certainly was for me. What are your thoughts on the new upgrade that comes with iOS 16? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.


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  • Apple revealed multiple upgrades for various software platforms at WWDC 2022.
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  • Here are three of the most important features of iMessage.

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