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Clubhouse App Launched On Android

- Updated: 12th May 2021, 10:35 IST

We heard about Clubhouse being tested for Android in a beta version recently. Clubhouse gained its popularity when Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, actor Aston Kutcher, entertainer Kevin Hart, rapper Drake and many others started taking part in it.

Clubhouse has recorded 10 million weekly active users on iOS. And now this audio chat platform Clubhouse is not iOS exclusive anymore!

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If you were waiting eagerly to use Clubhouse on Android, there is good news for you. After more than a year of being available only to iOS users, Clubhouse has finally announced that it is now available to Android users. The beta version of the Android app has been made available in the US. 

In a statement, the company announced that after the US, they would move to other English-speaking countries first with the beta version and then expand to other countries, and this will complete in the coming days. But if you want, you can pre-register this app for Android.

Clubhouse android app

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“With Android, we believe that Clubhouse will feel more complete. We are so grateful to all the Android users out there for their patience,”

the company said in its blog post.

The main attraction of the platform is that its audio-only streams. That lets you participate without pausing everything, whatever you that you’re doing.

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The company will roll out a new features like Payments once they obtain stability, but it will be featured only in the US.

Whatever happens, we will keep you updated. Stay Tuned!