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Debate Sparked After A Reddit Post On Uses for Excess Rare Candy!

- Updated: 24th Jan 2024, 13:10 IST
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    What Is The Actual Debate On Rare Candy?

A Pokemon Go trainer has scintillated variance on rare candy uses. After fans asked about the best way to use leftover candy. The original Pokemon is a role-playing game where you bring together a small team of monsters to battle other monsters and become the strongest. Pokemon are divided into types, such as fire and water, and each type has different strengths. The fight between them can be likened to a simple game of rock-paper-scissors.

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What Is The Actual Debate On Rare Candy?

This post comes from a user named _ChrisRiot. Who asked on the Pokemon GO subreddit, “Running out of space, what should I do with my rare candy?”. He also includes screenshots showing that we saved a whopping x1,111 Rare Candies and x191 Rare Candies XL.

Rare candies are like a wild card. You can turn it into any Pokemon candy. The first two of his methods do not allow you to obtain candy, making it extremely valuable for legendary and mythical Pokemon.


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“Go to pvppoke. Check ML, UL, and GL rankings. Find good IV mons you have (15/15/15 for ML, 0/15/15 for UL and GL) for each league. Max them out. Go destroy everyone in battles.” one of the users commented.

“Just put them into legendaries. You don’t have to power them up right away. They’ll stay in legendaries forever until you do. Always put normal rare candy into legendaries. Literally, nothing else is worth it. The XL rare candy I would save.” one of the fans reacted to it.

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One fan quipped and wrote, “Don’t dump too much candy in one Pokemon. They can get Diabetes.”

So, some fans suggested using them to level up your favourite Pokemon or evolve the Pokemon you need to complete your collection. On the other hand, some fans made funny and silly comments on the post.

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