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Facebook Smartwatch To Come With Two Cameras

- Updated: 10th Jun 2021, 16:07 IST
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    Facebook Smartwatch: What More?

Facebook is reportedly gearing up for its first smartwatch with two cameras. Moreover, one of the cameras will come at the front of the smartwatch. This means that this particular camera will come in handy for video calls. The other one will be used in capturing footage. This can be done after removing it from the stainless steel frame. Additionally, the particular captured footage can be directly posted to Facebook. Rather, it can be posted directly on any of Facebook’s apps including Instagram.

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Earlier this year, another report revealed that Facebook is working on an Android smartwatch. This might just be it. Another report stated that Facebook is gearing up to launch this particular smartwatch next year. However, nothing has been confirmed from the company’s side of things.

Furthermore, two anonymous employees of Facebook have revealed certain details about the company’s plans. They have revealed that the giant is partnering with other companies for the creation of camera hub accessories.

Facebook Smartwatch: What More?

According to reports, Facebook is also planning to partner with US network carriers. This is to provide the upcoming watch with 4G LTE connectivity. This will allow it to function without pairing to a smartwatch. Additionally, the Facebook smartwatch will reportedly come in three color options namely Black, Gold and White.

Furthermore, the smartphone will reportedly come with a heart rate monitor feature. This hints at a fitness tracker kind of marketing strategy for the device. The giant is also planning for the future versions of the smartwatch to play a role in its AR glasses tech.

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Facebook has been looking forward to using this tech since the CTRL lab acquisition. Moreover, the social media giant is also planning to partner with RayBan for the AR glasses project.

Additionally, the company is reportedly planning to launch the smartwatch next year. The development of its second and third generations have also begun, reportedly. Anonymous Facebook employees have also stated that the smartwatch could come with a price tag of $400. This converts to roughly Rs. 29,000 in India.

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